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Adur. Then I am freed.
Mal. May style your friend your servant.
Mart. Now all that's mine is theirs.

Adur. But let me add
An offering to the altar of this peace.

[Gives her money. Aur. How likes Spinella this ? our holyday Deserves the calendar.

Spin. This gentlewoman Reform'd, must in my thoughts live fair and worthy. Indeed you shall.

Offering her money. Cast. And mine; the novelty Requires a friendly love.

Lev. You are kind and bountiful. Enter TRELCATIO, FUTELLI, AMORETTA, Plero, driving

in Fulgoso and GUZMAN. Trel. By your leaves, lords and ladies ! to your

jollities, I bring increase with mine too; here's a youngster Whom I call son-in-law, for so my daughter Will have it.

[Presenting Fut, Amor. Yeth, in sooth the will.

Trel. Futelli
Hath wean'd her from this pair.

Piero. Stand forth, stout lovers.
Trel. Top and top-gallant pair-and for his

She will have him or none. He's not the richest
I'the parish; but a wit: I say, amen,
Because I cannot help it.

Amor. 'Tith no matter.

Aur. We'll remedy the penury of fortune;
They shall with us to Corsica. Our cousin
Must not despair of means, since 't is believed
Futelli can deserve a place of trust.

Fut. You are in all unfellow'd.
Amor. Withely thpoken.
Piero. Think on Piero, sir.

Aur. Piero, yes;
But what of these two pretty ones ?

Ful. I'll follow
The ladies, play at cards, make sport, and whistle,
My purse shall bear me out : a lazy life
Is scurvy and debosh'd; fight you abroad,
And we'll be gaming, while you fight, at home,
Run high, run low, here is a brain can do 't.
But for my martial brother, don, pray ye make him
A-what d'ye call't—a setting dog, -a sentinel;
I'll mend his weekly pay.

Guz. He shall deserve it.
Vouchsafe employment, honourable.

Ful. Marry,
The don's a generous don.

Aur. Unfit to lose him.
Command doth limit us short time for revels;
We must be thrifty in them. None, I trust,
Repines at these delights, they are free and harmless :
After distress at sea, the dangers o'er,
Safety and welcomes better taste ashore. (Exeunt.





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