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Academical course of Metaphysics. On

certain direct and reflex aims of an,
By the Rev. Professor FRASER, Edin-

burgh, 223.
American Presbyterian Church, (old

School). The General Assembly of the,

Antichrist? Who is, 35.
Ancient Slavery, 480.
Aspects of the Educational Question, 64.
Barmherzigen Schwestern. Passing visits

to distant charities–No. I, 126.
British Anti-State Church Association.

The. By a Correspondent- A Volun.

tary, 332.

Buchanan. George, 171.
Bull Fight. A Spanish, 373.
Bunsen's Egypt in the history of the

world. The Chevalier, 114.
Chalmers. The Rev. Dr

On the Evangelical Alliance, 81.
What might be done for the evange-

lization of Edinburgh, 181.
Charities. Passing visits to distant,

No. I. Die Barmherzigen Schwes-

tern, 126.

No. II. Dusselthal Abbey, 437.
CHRIST's Life. Mythic Theory of, 361.
Church. Doctrine and Form in the. By

the Rev. J. H. Merle D'Aubigné, Geneva,

Constance Lyndsay, or the Progress of

Error. Chaps. I. to X., pp. 14, 101, 209,

319, and 381.
Copts. The, Notes of a traveller, 311.
Danger. The present. Duty of electors in

Scotland, 165.
Dirge of the flowers, 461.
Doctrine and form in the Church, 131.
Doubleday's theory of population, 300.
Dusselthal Abbey. Passing visits to dis-

tant Charities–No. II, 437.
Duty. The present, of electors in Scot-

land, 3.
Edinburgh. What might be done for the

evangelization of, 181.
Educational question. Aspects of the, 64.
Education, National

How to be provided for in present

circumstances, 261.
The Government scheme, 345.

Postscript to do.
Educational scheme: Interim report on

constitution of the schools in connec-

tion with the Free Church, 153.
Egypt in the history of the world: The

Chevalier Bunsen's, 114.
Electors in Scotland.

Present duty of, 3.

Present danger the, 165.
Error. The progress of, Constance Lynd.

say or, Chaps. I. to X., 14, 101, 209, 319,

Evangelical Alliance. On the, 81.
Fanaticism in Scotland, Part I. The early

Quakers, 249.
Flowers. Dirge of the
Friends. Old, 152.
General Assembly of the American Pres-

byterian Church (old school), 57.
German Reformation of the nineteenth

century. The, 404.
Hamilton, Patrick : Scottish ballads-

No. III., 442.
Hunt's recent works. Leigh, 236.

Impey. Sir Elijab, and the Right Hon.

Thomas Babington Macaulay, 88.
Italian question. The Pope and the, 10,

International league. The people's, 474.
Landor, Walter Savage, 28.
League. The people's international, 474.
Literature. Modern popular-Universal

Logic and metaphysics. On certain direct

and reflex aims of an academical course

of, 223.
London, sketches of-Letter I., 47.

Letter I I., 142.
Lycia and its antiquities, 427.
Macaulay, Right Hon. T. B. Sir Elijah

Impey, and the, 88.
Madeira. Religious awakening and perse-

cution in, 355.
Martyr's child. The, Scottish ballads-No.

I:, 205.
Month. Notes of the, 77, 249, and 506.
Month. New publications of the, 79, 161,

257, and 342.
Mythic theory of Christ's life. The, 361.
Nestorians. The, and their recent mas.

sacres, 304.
Nineveh : its remains and memories, 277

and 464.
Notes of a traveller-the Copts, 311.
Old friends, 152.
Pascal's provincial letters, 446.
Pericdicals for the people, 192.
Persecntions. Record of present and pass -

ing, 69.
Philanthropy. Universal-Modern popu-

lar literature, +92.
Planet. M. Le Verrier's, 184.
Poetry-Old friends, 152.

Salaminian Triumph-song, 179.
Scottish ballads-

No. I. The Martyr's child, 205.
No. II. The witness stones of

Rutherford, 268.
No.III. Patrick Hamilton, 442.

The dirge of the flowers, 461.
Pope, the, and the Italiau question, 10

and 201.
Population. Doubleday's theory of, 300.
Quakers. The early-Fanaticism in Scot-

land, Part I., 249.
Record of present and passing persecu-

tions, 69.
Reformation. The German, of the 19th

century, 404.
Religious awakening and persecution in

Madeira, 355.
Roman Catholic processions, 457.
Rutherford. The witness stones of, 268.
Sabbath protection-Sir Culling Smith's

correspondence with his Edinburgh

Committee, 272.
Salaminian Triumph-song, 179.
Seven years' war. An incident of the-

The plot of Warkotsch, 412.
Sketches of London, Letter I., 47.

Letter II., 142.
Slavery. Ancient, 480.
Spanish bull fight. A, 373.
Traveller. Notes of a—The Copts, 311,
Vane, Sir Henry, 286.
Verrier's planet. M. Le, 184.
Warkotsch. The plot of. An incident of

the seven years' war, 412.
Witness stones, The, of Rutherford, 268.

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