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negligent of himself and the whole of speaking great things, and blaspheChristianity, as to lead innumerable mies: and power was given unto him souls with him to hell, yet ought no to continue forty and two months, man to rebuke him, for he hath power And he opened his mouth in blasto judge all men, and ought to be phemy against God, to blaspheme his judged of none." Bishop by the name, and his tabernacle, and them grace of the Apostolic See”-not of that dwell in heaven. And it was the living God. The same thing was given unto him to make war with the repeated in 1842. The popish Bishop saints, and to overcome them; and of Toronto called himself “ Bishop by power was given him over all kindreds, the grace of God and of the Holy and tongues, and nations. And all Romish See.” “ The monks,

that dwell upon

the earth shall held up the Pope to the venera- worship him, whose names are not tion of the people, even as a God.” written in the book of life of the Lamb Such, we repeat, are some of the slain from the foundation of the world." phrases employed by papists them- As allied to these iniquitous assumpselves in describing their infallible tions, we may contemplate next the head. Without any comment, they unbridled pride of the Papacy. Not exhibit the blasphemies to which this merely did emperors swear to be subidolatrous system has led, the degra- missive to the Pope and the Roman dation which it inflicts even on the Church. Nicholas I. (860) commandGodhead, by putting a creature, and that ed Louis II. to hold the bridle of the too frequently a grossly corrupt and Pope's mule. In 1155, F. Barbarossa profligate creature, on a level with the

was obliged to do the


and King of kings. From time to time, the sixteenth century the proud ceresymptoms of relenting appear among mony was observed. As it was not these extravagant idolators. For ex- murder to slay a heretic, so it was not ample, Eberhard, bishop of Saltzburg, treason to trample on a king; nay, (1240) declared that the Popes, under the kings of the earth held their a shepherd's skin, concealed the wolf,

crowns as the grant of his Holiness, and that Hildebrand had founded the and forfeited them at his nod. It kingdom of Antichrist. Walter Brute, was not enough to persecute and put a Welshman, called the Pope “ Anti- to death the poor saints of God under christ, and a seducer of the people.” opprobrious epithets, the titled and the Wickliffe, it is well known, waged a crowned heads must bow before the life-long warfare against this “ fellow substitute and antagonist of Christ. * of God, this deity on earth," and It was not enough to carry desolation boldly declared that he was potissimus under the name of Crusades, not Antichristus; but these are the excep- against the Saracens, but against the tions, and the nations went wondering saints of God, among the nations of after the beast. He himself uttered Europe,

-no rival could be tolerated words of blasphemy; his worshippers by the system whose head exalted himin multitudes caught up the impious as- self above all that is called God. sumption, and the predictions of the Pope Gregory the Great bewailed the Apocalypse (chap. xiii. ) became state of the clergy, and described them mournful realities, dishonouring to an army prepared for the AntiGod, ruinous to men at once the christ.” He spoke of bishops as characteristics and the curse of the Pa- « wolves in sheep's clothing," and unрасу. Who is like unto the beast? consciously applies to them the marks who is able to make war with him ? which the Apocalypse applies to his And there was given unto him a mouth own apostate church. Cyprian of



• The ignorance of the truth under the Papaoy, is at once a cause and an effect of such a sumption on the one hand, and abjectness on the other. According to Christianity, faith is the act of receiving Christ, and salvation in him. According to Popery, as expounded by Bellarmine, faith "principally consists in two mysteries implied in the sign of the holy cross," and then he gives a recipe for making that sign in an orthodox way. Religion has bocome a charm at Rome, and operates like amulets, or the mysteries of the Cabala.

Carthage condemned the assumption another, he was represented with one of supremacy on the part of Rome; foot on the land, and another on the but, unchecked alike by enemies and sea, while below was the legend, “In friends, the man of sin extended his thy hand I behold the empire of earth, usurpations till both Europe, and the sea, and heaven.” He was called new world, indeed “all the king- "The Lion of the tribe of Judah;" and doms of the earth,' as known, groaned every thing was done which could shew or bled beneath his despotism.

that as the Pope is the head of the We have space now for only a few grand apostacy, so he is the proud illustrations of this usurpation of Anti- usurper of Christ's prerogative and christ, and we selectrather those that are titles—in his high festivals, impiously most convenient, than those which are converting the very altar into his footmost elaborately descriptive of the point. stool. To complete the profanation,

Rome, then, as we have just seen, the Saviour himself was there the had long been regarded as the “ head wafer-God, guarded in solemn mockery of the world,” her popes as the suc- by a small body of attendants, concessors of Peter, the substitute of temptible in contrast with that which Christ, and as GOD ON EARTH. “ He swelled the retinue of Antichrist. " The held the keys of the kingdom for the heaven-sent one !”_" The King of illumination of all," and being “judge glory !” “ The envoy of heaven !" were in place of God, he could himself be common titles for the pontiff ; and at judged by no one." Let us contem- his assumption or lifting up to the plate some of the titles by which this papal throne, an impious travesty of Vice-Christ or vice-God was known. Christ's ascension to glory, these titles

Leo. X. has just been elected Pope, were bestowed in abundance.* The and his election proclaimed by the countenance of Leo was described in cardinals in words that were impiously his presence, by a fulsome orator, as applied, “I bring you tidings of great "beaming forth the insupportable lustre joy.” He had before been spoken of of divine Majesty.” He was spoken as one “ in whom all nations shall be of as “ full of truth”-as

“revealing blessed," and he is now described as if and opening to men the way to heaven. he was “the Redeemer of mankind He was perpetually addressed as God entering Jerusalem, there being sub- a God to weak mortals.” He was stituted only for • bosanna to the Son recognised as the fountain of divine of David,' • Viva Papa Leone !'The grace and mercy ;” and if we history, titles, and offices of Christ quote the words without contracting a were ascribed to the new Pope amid taint from their impiety, Tetzel is the ceremonies of his inauguration. known to have said, “The Lord our Did the Magi worship Christ? They God is God no more, he has resigned do the same to Leo. Did they offer all his power to the Pope.” The vicar presents to the infant Redeemer? Men of God and of Christ was thus served do the same to his vicar. Did Jesus by the blaspheming priests, whose dispute with the doctors when a youth? doctrines he sanctioned, and by whose So did Leo. Was Christ baptized by lies and delusions his coffers were John ? That also is pictorially re- filled. The same lion claimed the presented at the installation of the whole world as his prey, because God new Pope, who is referred to as “ had given to the Son the heathen for God admired among his saints.” In his inheritance.” Hesat in the Lateran like manner, the offices of Christ as Church receiving the adoration of an priest, mediator, and captain of his assembled council, representing the Church, were ascribed to Leo. On one whole Papacy throughout the world, scenic representation relating to the and submitting to be hailed with the pontiff, the words, “ The King of titles and offices of the eternal God ; in glory has come forth,” were read ; in a word, and without a figure, “he is

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* See Elliott Hor. Apocal. vol ii. passim.

sitting in the temple of God, and shew- flective minds, if we may not conclude ing himself that he is God.” “ Thou art that the Pope of Roine, or the system our shepherd, our physician-in short, of which he is the head, is the Antia second God on the earth." “ On christ, the enemy of God and manthee, O most blessed Leo, we have whose“ superhuman pride, self-exaltafixed our hopes as the promised Sa- tion, blasphemy towards God, and opviour"-such were phrases blasphem- pression of the saints,” are not less ously addressed to the Pontiff, while plainly predicted than revoltingly reother portions of Scripture were with alized in the history of the Papacy, like impiety applied to him. Thou and the Bishop of Rome. The lawshalt rule from sea to sea" is one of less one of St Paul's prediction tyranthese; and more offensive still, the nized over every created thing—but words, “ I, if I be lifted up, shall draw that was little. Though the language all men unto me,” referring to Leo's may seem impious, he would be a God elevation to the popedom. He was even to God; and is not this the Antimade “the heir of the world ;” and, in christ? Is Christ the good Shepherd ? brief, was as distinctly a substitute for The Pope is the same. Is Christ the Christ as if he had, in terms, avowed way, the truth, and the life ? All these his purpose to arrogate the honours, are found ascribed to the Antichrist. functions, and prerogatives of the eter- Is Christ the Holy One ? Then is not nal Son of God.

the Bishop of Rome the counterpart of Now, without entering into an ela- that-His Holiness ? The antagonism borate analysis or classification of is here distinct, the wayfaring man, these blasphemous claims, we remark though a fool, cannot fail to trace it, if that Leo arrogated or submitted to only he understands the truth as it is hear ascribed to him the power of par- in Jesus—if the gospel be not hid from doning, justifying, and saving sinners him as one of the lost. Would Roby his indulgences, and is thus Anti- manists listen to Huss, to Ambrose, christ, by opposing the Saviour as the Ansbert, or, better still, to Thomas, only justifier. The Pope claimed do- Aquinas, they might be convinced that minion over the kingdoms of the world, these arrogant claims of the Pope inand was therefore a counter-Christ, as controvertibly prove that he is the usurping the province of him who Antichrist. Leo X, was likened to “ has the heathen for his inheri- the sun-he sanctioned the comparison; tance."

and what does the angelic Aquinas He

was, moreover, declared to be say ? Effudit phialam en solem ; id Antichrist, by assuming the title of est Antichristum qui se solem existi“the lion of the tribe of Judah”—the mabit et dicet mundum illuminatum Christ of the living God. His impiety per eum esse. Ipse enim usurpabit equally appears in arrogating what be- nomen veri solis, id est Christi ; de longs only to Christ the judge of all- quo dicitur, Ego Esum lux mundi."* the right and the power to excom- It were superfluous to proceed further municate, cut off, and destroy. In a in this painful enumeration. We need word, we may tax our ingenuity to the not tell that the Pope's decrees are still utmost, and yet not find an office, or a called “ divine oracles," and so placed function, or an attribute of God our on a level with the word of God. Nor Saviour, which has not been usurped need we shew how even Luther at one by Antichrist_except indeed his love. period wrote to the Bishop of Rome, The Papacy had reached its zenith of "Must blessed father, glory in the times of Leo, just before I will acknowledge thy voice as the the outbreak of the Reformation; and voice of Christ presiding and speaking then as it stands out fully developed in thee." He lived to be convinced and all complete, history is worthless, that Paul's predicted Antichrist was and its facts bring no lessons to re- then reigning at Rome ; but at one

* Elliott Hor. Apocal. ii. 98. See also 37-87.


time even Luther bowed down his when Leo became Pope the resolution whole soul before that counter-Christ. was formed to exterminate heretics,Awed and subdued, like meaner and thus announced, “ I will not leave minds, he long trembled before what


The proud boast seemed verihe afterwards described as the "infer- fied, and Antichrist was monarch of all nal voice of Antichrist."

he surveyed till Luther arose to chalNor need we dwell on the image- lenge his usurped supremacy. worship of Rome as another scriptural The Apocalyptic Beast then received criterion of Antichrist. Neither can

a wound, and was long supposed to be we refer in detail to the ever accumu- sinking in dissolution. In our day, howlating corruptions of the Papacy, till ever, he has revived with marvellous it reached its consummation as a perse- power, and his modern developments cuting system, proclaiming war against seem likely to lead to results as ominall that would not worship the beast. ous to the religion of truth and the Nor can we tarry to record the Wal- freedom of man as his ancient tyranny densian view of Antichrist, though the Throughout the world he is retopic be curious and instructive. We suming his old position. The Papacy remark, in general, that the Waldenses has altered its policy, and become by regard the Papacy as a system devised, turns a liberal and humane, or a First, to defraud God of his worship; bigotted and oppressive system, accordSecondly, Christ of his glory, as the ing as expediency demands or power is Lord our righteousness; and, Thirdly, possessed. There is verisimilitude in the Spirit of his, as the converter and the views of a recent writer who consanctifier of the soul-each feature of cludes that Popery must die by some the abhorrent system being intrinsically violent plunge; it cannot disappear Antichristian. “ The origin of this like a candle burnt down in the socket Antichristian religion was (according -“ it must die in a convulsion, and to the Waldenses,) the covetousness of such a convulsion as will shake Europe the priesthood—its tendency to lead to its foundation." What that shall men away from Christ-its essence, a be, or when, or where, is with Him who vain ceremonial-its foundation, the sees the end from the beginning. But false notions of grace and forgiveness." symptoms are numerous, and crowd

His atrocious anathemas are at once ing fast upon us, which show that a farther criterion and a characteristic Popery is preparing not for a dying of Antichrist. “ We shut heaven struggle, but for an effort to grasp against them.” “ We send upon the mastery of the world again. It them famine, and thirst, and drought, expends annually about £180,000 in and call fire from heaven to consume promoting a creed whose head is and devour them.” " Let them be Antichrist, and it boasts the expectation consigned to perpetual flames with the of raising that revenue to £600,000. devil and his angels.” These are the Then Puseyism in England is graducondemnations hurled by the vicar of ally abetting the growth of the Papacy. Christ against those who preferred Untaught by all the past—ignorant of the Son of God to the Son of Perdition. Scriptural truth—blind to the lessons And these anathemas were not brute of history—unwarned by all the beathunder-they were followed up with cons which God has in providence alacrity by blood-thirsty men, and at erected and set to blaze through the last the melancholy sentence could be past ten centuries, men are hastening uttered without hyperbole, in the hear- to unprotestantize England, and mourning of the Pope. Now, no one resists ing over the sectarianism of the Re

- there is not one to oppose.The formation. “That deplorable schism” whole body of Christendom is now seen is the term invented to describe the to be subjected to its Head, that is, to glorious emancipation of a large porLeo." About the year 1500, spiritual tion of Europe. Newman developes death reigned throughout the empire of God's word of truth into a huge mass of Antichrist; he had culminated, the world Popish absurdities, with Antichrist as appeared prostrate at his feet, and the apex of the pile. The British

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Critic, in a fine phrenzy, exclaims, blished church can achieve, popery is

Baptismal Regeneration, the sacred likely to see her hope become fruition. presence in the eucharist, the oneness In former times, Rome rigidly forof the visible Church, the primacy of bade all preaching and reference to St Peter, are among the Catholic veri- Antichrist within her borders. The ties, impressed on the surface of Scrip- measure was characterized by her usual ture.” 6. Tradition is infallible," ex- craft, and resembled the policy of the claims Mr Newman. Mr Palmer ex- Scottish persecutors two centuries ago, presses the desire to see " the patriarch when they prohibited our forefathers of Constantinople, and the Archbi- from lecturing. We must learn wisshop of Canterbury, walk barefoot to dom from that prohibition by Rome. Rome, fall on the Pope's neck, kiss We must revive the half-forgotten him, and persuade him to be reason- truth that the Pope is Antichrist. We able.” Froude, in poetry, calls Rome must attest and prove his title to the “ The Saviour's holy home;" and Dr name. Prophecy indicates that his fall Pusey, in prose, says, “Rome is your is approaching—though facts too plainmother, by whom ye were born to ly proclaim that ere he finally fall, he Christ." Finally, Newman thus eu- will struggle, and for a time, with suclogizes the mass, which he has now cess, to regain his power to destroy. gone to perform : “Our Reformers, in But the time, times, and half a time not adopting the canon of the mass, must be near their close, when all that which is a sacred and most precious is Papal or Antichristian shall be demonument of the apostles, mutilated stroyed by the brightness of Christ's the tradition of 1500 years." It is coming.

The 65

“desperate plunge" thus that Puseyism, according to its may be made---success may for a time own boast, is making it “a matter of appear to reward the effort; but would life and death,' to exalt Antichrist as Christians awake to their peril-would of old. It declares that the cardinal they look at Popery as it is in itselfdoctrine of justification is “an idol of in the word-and in the record written the evangelic doctrinists worthy only in the blood of the saints, its “ plunge" of being broken to pieces ;" and in would indeed be the convulsive death keeping with this, it proclaims the reign struggle of the colossal and satanic of the bloody Mary to have been a system. We have wandered over the great advantage to the Church of Eng- breakwater at Plymouth, when the land. Even one of the Wilberforces tide was ebb, and seen scattered has described her not the bloody, over the slope which faces the ocean, but the blessed Queen Mary.” “Pro- masses of stone, each of them as large testantism in its essence, and in all its as a cottage, which we were told the bearings, is characteristically the reli- sea in a tempest would toss and disgion of corrupt human nature.” “ The place as a child does a pebble. PoProtestant tone of doctrine and thought pery will deal thus with Christians is essentially Antichrist,”-it is with who are found disunited, and therefore words like these on their lips, that weak. But in that same mass there misguided men are hastening back are rocks embedded, clamped, and made to Rome, and in their precipitation, all but solid granite by man's device and tearing up the foundations on which the power-over these the sea rolls and hopes of sinners repose. Clerical celi- foams in vain. So will it be with bacy--auricular confession-prayers Christians united by the one Spirit, for the dead-canonical hours--all that and all “one in Christ.” Safety to is essentially papistical, have been pled man and glory to God our Saviour, thus for or adopted by Puseyites,* and equally demand a bold, wise, and Rome is a-tip-toe expecting, as she united opposition to Antichrist. If has reason, the return of England to public opinion be asleep, it must be her arms; and for aught that her esta- aroused if it be non-existent, it must


* See for these and many other quotations relative to Puseyism, Elliot, Hor. Apocal. iv. p. 45-65.

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