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“That ring,” said she, “will help you to

be good. It will pinch you when you forget."

IV .
The next day Cherry was out riding.
It had been raining. He got mud on his

clothes. This made him angry.
His fairy ring gave him a little pinch.
He did not think much about it.
Just then his little dog ran in his way.
Cherry forgot! He kicked the poor

little dog
“Ouch! ouch!” cried Cherry.

The ring had given him a big pinch. That made him think. He took the dog

up in his arms and patted it. Do you see how the fairy helped Cherry ?



Raleigh. Nine o'clock! It is time Blount

was here.
The rain has made him late!
How wet everything is!
The roads will be muddy.
I shall need my thick shoes.

Here they are.

(Blount comes in)
Blount. Good morning, Raleigh. It is

cold to-day.
Raleigh. I am glad the sun shines.
Blount. Take your cloak. It is cold.
Raleigh. I have a new cloak. How do

you like it?




It becomes you well. I am sure

it cost you much gold.
Yes. It cost me three days' pay.
Well, it is handsome.
Let us go.


Blount. How the castle shines in the sun! Raleigh. See the Queen! She has been

out in her boat. Blount. Let us wait here. We should

not go before her. Raleigh. The Queen is coming this way. Blount. I am glad she does not know us. Raleigh. Just see the mud! The Queen

must not walk in it. Blount. Here she is!

(Raleigh kneels with his cloak)


Elizabeth. Thank you, good sir. That was

a kind deed. Raleigh. It was very little to do for you,

lovely Queen.

Elizabeth. You shall have a new cloak! Raleigh. I do not wish for anything,

my good Queen. Elizabeth. I know not your name. Raleigh. I am Walter Raleigh. Elizabeth. You are Walter Raleigh! You

are my brave soldier! Raleigh. I have not done much. Elizabeth. (Holds out her hand) You are now

Sir Walter Raleigh.

Little Nancy Etticoat
In a white petticoat,
And a red nose.
The longer she stands
The shorter she grows.


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