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King Alfred. Where am I? I am lost !

What a dark night! How

cold it is!
I hope I shall find a house

There is a farmer's hut.

(Taps at the door)



Woman. How do you do, sir?
King Alfred. Good woman, may I sleep

here to-night?
Come in. You shall have

supper and bed. King Alfred. Thank you. I am cold

and hungry. Woman. Are you tired? Sit by the fire. King Alfred. Yes, I am tired. I have

walked all day. Woman. You are sad. Can I do

anything for you? King Alfred No, thank you.

I am going to milk the cow.

Do not let the cakes burn. King Alfred. I will not let the cakes burn.

(Woman goes out)


King Alfred. Where are my brave soldiers ?

(Walks to the door)
What a cold dark night!

(Woman runs in) Woman.

Don't you smell those cakes?

They are burned! See

how black they are! King Alfred. That is too bad! Do not be

angry with me!
Those cakes are all I have.

Here is some milk.
King Alfred. I am glad to eat the burned

cakes. Thank you.



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It is a fine morning.
A lion is sleeping in his den.
Here comes a little mouse.
Look! he has run over the lion's paw.
The lion is awake. What will he do?
He is lifting up his paw. Is he going

to kill the little mouse ? Listen! the mouse is talking. “Do not kill me, kind lion. I did not

mean to waken you." “Well, you did waken me. I mean

to eat you,” roars the lion. “Please let me go!” begs the mouse.

“Some day I will help you.”

“What could you do ?” roars the lion.

“If you wish to live, don't stay here." See the mouse run! Can you run as fast ? Let us see.

II It is ten days after. The lion is in a net. He can not get out. How he roars!

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