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I is Capital I and Little I

J is Johnny Cake! Johnny Cake !

K is King Alfred and the Cakes

s the Lion and the Mouse

M is the Magpie's Nest

the North Wind and the Sun

s Old Mother Hubbard

P is Prince Cherry

Q is Queen Elizabeth and Raleigh

R is the Little Red Hen

S is Tales of Simple Simon

T is the Brave Tin Soldier

U is Una and St. George

V is V-A-N spells Van

W is Dick Whittington

At the last you will see



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APR 1 8 1912



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Let me tell you a story!
Aladdin was a little boy.
He had no father.
His mother was good to him.
Aladdin played all day.

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One day a strange man came up to him.
“How do you do, Aladdin?" said he.
“Who are you?” asked Aladdin.
“I am your uncle," said the man.
The man gave Aladdin some gold.
Then he said, “I shall come to eat

supper with you to-night.”
Aladdin ran home.
Ile gave the gold to his mother.
She said, “Aladdin, you have no uncle.”

The strange man was not Aladdin's uncle.
He was a bad magician.
The magician came to supper that night.
In the morning Aladdin went for a walk

with the magician.
They walked and they walked.

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