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From the xxii. Psalm of David.

PART I. c. M.
M Y God, my God, why leav'st thou me
IV When I with anguish faint ?
O, why so far from me removed,

And from my loud complaint ? 2 Lo! I am treated like a worm,

Like none of human birth;
Not only by the great reviled,

But made the rabble's mirth.
3 With laughter, all the gazing crowd

My agonies survey;
They shoot the lip, they shake the head

And thus deriding say:
4 "In God he trusted, boasting oft

That he was Heaven's delight;
Let God come down to save him now,

And own his favourite."
5 Withdraw not, then, so far from me,

When trouble is so nigh;
O send me help! thy help, on which
Alone I can rely.

1 LIKE water is my life pour'd out,

My joints are out of frame;
My heart dissolves within my breast,

Like wax before the flame.
2 My strength is like a potsherd dried,

My tongue is parch'd with drought; And to the dismal shades of death

My fainting soul is brought.
3 Like dogs, to compass me, my foes

In wicked counsel meet;
They pierced my inoffensive hands,

They pierced my harmless feet.

4 My body's rack'd, till all my bones

Distinctly may be told; Yet such a spectacle of wo

As pastime they behold.
5 As spoil, my garments they divide,

Lots for my vesture cast :-
Therefore, O leave me not, my God,
But to my succour haste,

1 LORD, to my brethren I'll declare

The triumphs of thy Name; In presence of assembled saints

Thy glory thus proclaim: 2 "Ye worshippers of Jacob's God,

All you of Israel's line, O praise the Lord, and to your praise

Sincere obedience join.
3 "He ne'er disdain d on low distress

To cast a gracious eye;
Nor turn from misery his face,

But hears its humble cry."
4 Thus in thy sacred courts, will I

My cheerful thanks express; In presence of thy saints perform

The vows of my distress.
5 The meek companions of my grief

Shall find my table spread;
And all that seek the Lord shall be

With joys immortal fed.
6 Then shall the glad converted world

To God their homage pay;
And scatter'd nations of the earth

One sovereign Lord obey. 7 'Tis his supreme prerogative

O’er all mankind to reign; 'Tis just that he should rule the world,

Who does the world sustain.

8 The rich who are with plenty fed

His bounty must confess;
The sons of want, by him relieved,

Their generous patron bless.
9 With humble worship to his throne

They all for aid resort;
That power, which first their being gave,

Alone can them support.
10 Then shall a chosen spotless race,

Devoted to his Name,
To their adoring sons his truth
And glorious acts proclaim.


From the xxiii. Psalm of David.
THE Lord himself, the mighty Lord,
1 Vouchsafes to be my guide;
The shepherd, by whose constant care

My wants are all supplied.
2 In tender grass he makes me feed,

And gently there repose;
Then leads me to cool shades, and where

Refreshing water flows.
3 He does my wandering soul reclaim,

And, to his endless praise,
Instruct with humble zeal to walk

In his most righteous ways.
4 I pass the gloomy vale of death,

From fear and danger free;
For there his aiding rod and staff

Defend and comfort me. 5 Since God doth thus his wondrous love

Through all my life extend,
That life to him I will devote,
And in his temple spend.


From the xxiv. Psalm of David.
MHE spacious earth is all the Lord's,
1 The Lord's her fulness is;
The world, and they that dwell therein,

By sovereign right are his.
2 He framed and fix'd it on the seas

And his almighty hand
Upon inconstant floods has made

The stable fabric stand.
3 But for himself, this Lord of all

One chosen seat design'd;
O who shall to that sacred hill

Deserved admittance find? 4 The man whose hands and heart are pure,

Whose thoughts from pride are free; Who honest poverty prefers

To gainful perjury. 5 This, this is he, on whom the Lord

Shall shower his blessings down; Whom God, his Saviour, shall vouchsafe

With righteousness to crown.
6 Such is the race of saints, by whom

The sacred courts are trod;
And such the proselytes that seek

Thy face, O Jacob's God.
ng Erect your heads, eternal gates;

Unfold, to entertain
The King of glory: see! he comes

With his celestial train.
8 Who is the King of glory? who?

The Lord, for strength renown'd;
In battle mighty; o'er his foes

Eternal victor crown'd.
9 Erect your heads, ye gates; unfold,

In state to entertain
The King of glory: see! he comes

With all his shining train.

10 Who is the King of glory? who?

The Lord of hosts renown'd;
Of glory he alone is King,
Who is with glory crown'd.


From the xxv. Psalm of David. mo God, in whom I trust, 1 I lift my heart and voice: O let me not be put to shame,

Nor let thy foes rejoice. 2 Those who on thee rely,

Let no disgrace attend;
Be that the shameful lot of such

As wilfully offend.
3 To me thy truth impart,

And lead me in thy way;
For thou art he that brings me help;

On thee I wait all day.
4 Thy mercies and thy love,

O Lord, recall to mind;
And graciously continue still,

As thou wert ever, kind. 5 Let all my youthful crimes

Be blotted out by thee;
And, for thy wondrous goodness' sake,

In mercy think on me. 6 His mercy and his truth

The righteous Lord displays,
In bringing wandering sinners home,

And teaching them his ways. 7 He those in justice guides

Who his direction seek;
And in his sacred paths shall lead

The humble and the meek. 8 Through all the ways of God

Both truth and mercy shine,
To such as, with religious hearts,

To his blest will incline.

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