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Printed by JOSIAH ALIEN AND SON, 3, Colmore Row, Birmingham.


THE use of this school-book, in connexion with the Child's Latin Primer and First Vocabulary, is meant to be continued until the learner is thoroughly conversant (1) with the forms of Latin declension and conjugation: (2) with the genders of nouns (3) with the simple elementary constructions herein comprised. The master should use every variety of indoctrination; (1) construing and parsing in the usual way, as suggested in the First Rules at the end of this book: (2) word-lessons as suggested in the First Latin Vocabulary, p.99: (3) catechetical questioning, as suggested in the Child's Latin Primer: (4) viva voce repetition (without book) of English to the master's Latin, and of Latin to the master's English: (5) written exercises of translation and composition. For translation the master will supply (by word of mouth or by means of a black board) whatever may be additionally required, within the limits of this course. For practice in composition, various methods may be employed from time to time, as (1) giving words from which to compose phrases or sentences of a prescribed form:* (2) giving sentences in one form to be * See Child's Latin Primer, p. 72, &c.

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