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Agincourt, Nicolas's Battle of, reviewed,

American Annual Register (1825-6), the,

reviewed, 1.
Andrews's Journey in South America, re-

viewed, 162.
Anecdotes of Animals, (from Griffith's

Animal Kingdom,) 121—the Fox, 121
-the Lion, 122-the Puma, 124-
the Jaguar, 125-Opossums, 126.
Annuals, tlie, reviewed, 595.
Ava, Two Years in, reviewed, 128.

Galileo, the persecution of, 112--con-

demnation and prohibition of the dia-
logue of Galileo, 149--conversation
on the subject between Francisco Nic-
colini, the Tuscan minister at Rome,
and the Pope, 113-letters in favour
of Galileo to the secretary of state,
114-order for his appearance at
Rome, 115-bis illness prevents him,
11.5—the holy oface resolve to admit of
no excuse, iij-his arrival at Rome,
116--curious account of the mode of
pro'eeding of the inquisition, 116-
Niccolini's conversation with the Pope
on Galileo's arrival, 116--he entreats
the Pope to dispense with the appear-
ance of Galileo at the holy office, on
account of his age and infirmity, in
vain, 118--Galileo surrep'lers himself
to the father commissary, 119---his
sentence and confinement in the prison
of the inquisition, 119--the Pope
changes his condemnation, 119– he is
allowed to repair to Sienna, 119-he is
further permitted to retire to his own

villa at Florence, 120.
Gas-lighting, History of, reviewed, 502.
Greece, War in, reviewed, 553.

Blasphemy, the Law of, 360.
Bowring's Polish Poets, reviewed, 259.

Chronicles of the Canongate, reviewed,

341, 433. -
Clarendon, Lord, the Character of, re-

viewed, 25.
Club-houses, 291.

Death in the Bottle, reviewed, 450.
Diary for the Month of August, 68—for

the Month of September, 193—-for
the Month of October, 321—for the
Month of November, 516.

Francia, Dr. the Reign of, reviewed, 11.
Funds, Prices of the English and Fo

reign, 144, 288, 432, 576.

Henry VIII., the Household Book of,

Teviewed, 92.
Hindoo Widows, reviewed, 541.
Hood's Whims, Second Series, reviewed,


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