Proceedings of the Society of Antiquaries of Scotland, Volume 42

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Page 297 - Knox Genealogy : Descendants of William Knox, and of John Knox the Reformer.
Page 74 - J of an inch from the edge. The rivets, which are complete, are similar on both faces, and have circular slightly dome-shaped heads | of an inch in diameter projecting very slightly above the horn. The haft, which is in one piece, of ox horn, and is shaped in the form of the letter Y, measures 3J inches in length, 2$ inches in breadth, and 1 inch in thickness. From its broadest front portion it tapers in a Fig. 1. Bronze Dagger with Haft of Horn. (J.) curve to...
Page 173 - It bears thirty-two names (of the Privy Council) still visible and others undecipherable. It has the Glasgow Determination. It has three large holes in the centre of the skin. It was presented to the Society by John Leslie in 1784. A reduced facsimile appears in The Covenanters, vol.
Page 178 - Com. Rep., ix. ii. 431. (40) 1638 Covenant preserved in Saltoun Hall, by Andrew Mansie Talbot Fletcher, Esq. It is a splendid example ; measures 38i x 23 inches ; similar to that preserved in the Advocates' Library ; it was also written by " William Aytoun, Maison " ; the title is in gold letters, and the names are enclosed in circles, and include
Page 181 - Ibid., Dd. 3. 37". (2) Ibid., Adams 7. 64. 37. (3) Foedus, 8. 24. 7 (1644). Cambridge University Library. (15) 1643 Solemn League and Covenant. A copy of this Covenant is in the Egerton MSS., British Museum, 2711 f. 84. It has no signatures. Another copy entitled "A Copy of the Covenant taken by the Lords, 15th October 1643, with their subscriptions, from ye original! on vellum, now in the hands of ye Lady Lansdowne, December 29, 1718,
Page xliii - Charter in 1751, but with a record going back far beyond this date1; the Royal Archaeological Institute of Great Britain and Ireland, 20 Hanover Square, London...
Page 175 - This example, covered with four hundred and thirty-two signatures, measures 32i x 34i inches; has indistinct script ; signed by Montrose, Boyd, Loudoun, Keir, Sir J. Cochrane, W. Riccartoune, Dalmahoy, Shaw of Sauchie, Lugton, " David Home at Ladykirk " ; has no reference to Glasgow ; has subscriptions by notary George Aytoun, on 22nd-25th day of (Marche ?) 1638 ; and the inscription, " Ex dono Mri Adami Coult " (?). A Mr Adam Colt was minister at Inveresk in 1643. (19) 1580-1 Covenant subscribed...
Page 64 - Library were laid .on the table, and thanks voted to the Donors: — (1) By HM BOARD OF WORKS, through the Hon.
Page 10 - The following donations to the Library were laid on the table, and thanks voted to the Donors : — (1) By the Right Hon.
Page 166 - Robert and hes crocne to the last of ther bloodes and fortunes ; wpone the sealling of the said indenture, they solemly toke the Sacrament at St Maries altar, in the said abbey-churche.

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