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On page 289 the author music that "Elvis fails to pull off a realistic portrayal"....
That's funny .... because in contrast, Elvis was honored by the Native American community for his realistic
portrayal after the film.
And because of that film, as well as later in his careet Elvis having many of his jumpsuits in the seventies tailor-made to show and honor some of his Cherokee Indian roots, he has been respected by many in the Native American culture throughout the decades as an icon that was proud to identify with his native American roots.
The authors comment comes off as more typical American snobbery towards Elvis. The fact that many critics of the day admitted up to that point due to Elvis's other film scripts, they hadn't really seen Elvis show enough range to be considered legitimate, but that was one of the films that garnered him new found respect from some critics. This is at least worth noting when people talk about this film. The fact that the author is unaware of this, or didn't mention it if they were, makes their opinion.... suspect.

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