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xvi., 506-chap. xvii., 507—chap. xviii., Perfectibility, Jeffrey on the doctrine of
510-chap. xix., 576-chap. xx., 581— 276.
chap. xxi., 589--chap. xxii., 592-chap. Persia, sketches of life, &c. in, 181.
xxiii., 595 — chap. xxiv., 653-chap. Perth, the Whig gathering at, 639.
xxv., 654 — chap. xxvi., 663 — chap. Philosophe sous les Toits, tale of the,
xxvii., 666-chap. xxviii., 669-chap. 546.
xxix., 673-chap. xxx., 676.

Picture-dealing, the frauds of, 439.
Naples, reductions in the tariff of, 555. PILGRIMAGE OF THE FLAGELLANTS, TEL
Napoleon, position of, for invading Eng-

land, compared with that of France at Plague, early ravages of the, in Earope,
present, 7.

Nation newspaper, the, on the state of Platipus of Australia, the, 309.
Ireland, 13.

Poet, the great, influence of, on the na-
National Assembly, the French, 729. tional character, 397.

Poetry, the muse of, 137.
Navy, the British and French, compara- Police, the native, of Australia, 303.
tive effective state of, 17, 18.

Pompée of Corneille, the, 399.
Nebi Effendi, an Egyptian, 448.

Population, falling off in the, 209.

Poor rates, increased amount of, under
Nestorians, peculiarities of the, 181. Free Trade, 212.
Newdegate, Mr, on the present state Popery, alliance between, and demo-

of the balance of trade, 125-on the cracy in Great Britain, 114-efforts
tariff of the Zollverein, 557.

of, against Lord Derby, 358-inflaenee
New South Wales, sketches in, 301-ef- of, in Spain, 711-intolerance of, to-

fects of the discoveries of gold on, 315. ward Protestantism there, 712-Dr
Newspapers, attacks of the, on Lord Aiton on, 754.
Derby, 120.

Popish priesthood, conduct of the, with
Nile, the, a journey up, 449.

regard to the Irish elections, 360—their
Norway, increased stringency of the general character in Spain, 715.
tariff of, 565.

Popish traditions, examples of, 718.
Nubia, sketches in, 451.

Popish worship, sketches of, in Spain,
Oliphant's Journey to Katmandu, review 713 et seq. passim.
of, 86.

Portugal, increased stringency of the
Ophir gold diggings, the, 311.

Tariff of, 569.
ORIBATES, by H. G. K., 757.

Potter, Mr, on the Tariff of the Zoll-

verein, 558.

Prairies, life in the, 687.
Outalissi, character of, 681.

Preaching, character of, in Spain, 716.
Oxford, Jeffrey at, 275.

Pacific Ocean, influence of the gold dis- Presidency, the contest for the, in the
coveries on the, 99.

United States, 48.
Palmerston, lord, views of, regarding Press, the boastings of the, 441.

the National defences, 8-speech of, Prices, effects of the increased supply of
on his re-election, 256.

gold on, 204.
Panmure, lord, the dinner to, at Perth, Producing classes, effects of the increased

supply of gold on the, 206.
Paper currency, effects of the increased Profanity, prevalence of, in Popish coun-
supply of gold on, 205.

tries, 717.
Paradise Lost, remarks on the, 134 et seq., Property, depreciation of, in Ireland,

Paris ON THE Eve of THE EMPIRE, 724. Protestantism, views of Lord Derby, &e.
Paris, indifference in, as to politics, 725 on, 120-intolerance with which treated

--the coup d'état of December in, 730. in Spain, 712.
Parisian sights and French principles, Prussia, the restrictive tariff of, 556.
review of, 726.

Ptarmigan shooting, on, 229.
Parliament, Lord Jeffrey in, 283. PUFF OFF PERNAMBUCO, THE, 735.
Parma, reductions in the tariff of, 555. Purgatory, a Spanish sermon on, 717.
Patriotism, contrast between, in England Pyramids, sketches of the, by Dr Aiton,
and the United States, 300.

748 --their ascent, and view from them,
Peel, Sir Robert, views of, regarding the 749.

National defences, 8-laudations of QUEEN MARY, 614.

him by the Free Traders, 440. Radicals, alliance of, with the Papists,
Peelites, universal defeats of the, in the 114.

elections, 257— their extinction as a Rajeb, Sheik, 452.
separate party, 369.

Rank, sale of, in China, 108.

373 et seq.

A, 300.

Ras Ali, an Abyssinian chief, 448. Shepherds, Australian, 306.
Red Sea, the passage of the, by the Is. - Shipping, effects of the large emigration
raelites, 750.

on, 214—the recent advances of French,
Refined sugar, importations of, into Aus- 562 et seq-the laws of the United
tralia from Holland, 574.

States with regard to it, 567 — ap-
Registration, neglect of, by the Conser- parent prosperity of it from emigration,
vatives, 130.

Religion, an American on the state of, in Shiraz, the sabre blades of, 180.
France, and its effects, 726.

Shukuries, sketches among the, 455.
RESIDENCE AND RAMBLES IN AUSTRALIA, Sigmund von Birken, account of the ra-

vages of the plague during the four-
TRIES, THE, 554.

Silk trade, increase of the, with France,
Richelieu, the cardinal, connection of 592.
Corneille with, 410 et seq.

Sioux, sketches of the, 684.
Rifle clubs, true value of the, 19.

Slavery, sketches, &c. of, in the United
Robber knights of Germany, the, 596. States, and means for its amelioration,
Rogers, Jeffrey's criticism on, 470.

Roman States, reductions in the Tariff of Slavery question, state of parties on the,
the, 555, 556.

in the United States, 46.
Romans, the, as represented in Corneille, Smith's Four years' residence at Nepaul,

review of, 86.
Rome, Dr Aiton's picture of, 756. Smollett, picture of the American Indians
Russell, Lord John, factious conduct of, from, 685.

as regards the Militia bill and the sub- Soult, marshal, his collection of Murillos,
ject of the national defences, 8-causes and how they were obtained, 439.
of the fall of his ministry, 114-gene- Southey, Jeffrey's criticism on, 470.
ral review of his career, 115—his sub- Souvestre, Emile, the works of, 545.
servience to the Manchester school, SPAIN, THE CHURCH OF, 711.
117-remarks on his speech on his re- Spain, the former greatness of, contrasted
election for London, 256—his former with its present state, 445—increased
sentiments on the subject of the Corn restrictiveness of the tariff of, 567 —
Laws, and against their abolition, 355 her capabilities, former empire, and
-manifesto issued by him, 635-he is complete decay, 711-power of Popery
not the leader of the Liberal party, in, .-prevalence of infidelity in, 718
637—his speech at the dinner to Lord -growing desire for the Bible in, 719.
Panmure at Perth, 639.

Spectator newspaper, attack on Lord
Russia, a Polish deserter's narrative of Derby by the, 356.

his flight from, into Turkey, 169 et seq. Sporting, exaggerations of, 219.
-increased stringency of the Tariff of, Sportsman, the training of the, 220.

Squatting districts in New South Wales,
Sacred Company, the, among the Carlists, the, 301.

Stael, Madame de, Jeffrey on, 276.
St Michael's Cave, Gibraltar, legend of, 721. Stage, decreasing influence of the, 397.
St Philomena, the legend of, 723. STAMBOUL, A JOURNEY FROM, TO TABRIZ,
Salamanca, present state of, and life of 163.
the students, 717.

Sterne, Jeffrey's criticism on, 471.
Sandwich Islands, emigrations of Chinese Stockmen of Australia, the, 307.
to the, 101.

Strasbourg, cruelties against the Jews
Sardinia, reductions in the Tariff of,

at, 598.
555, 556.

Strathbogie case, the, 320.
Saremba, John, a Pole, adventures of, STRICKLAND's Life of Queen Mary,

Scotland, increase of Popery in, 714. Student life in Spain, 717.
Sea loch, fishing in the, 222.

Stürmer, count, Austrian envoy at Con-
Sea trout, fishing for, 223.

stantinople, 167.
Sennaar, sketches in, 451.

Sudan, sketches in, 446.
Seville, sketches of Popish worship, &c. Sugar, increased importations of foreiga,
in, 720.

into Great Britain, 213—quantity of
SHAKSPEARE, Guizot's, 397.

refined, imported from Holland into
Shakspeare, influence of the works of, on Australia, 574.

the national character of England, 400 Sullivan's RAMBLES IN NORTH AND
-sketch of his life, &c., 404.

Shelburne, the earl of, speech of, on the SUMMER, from the German, by H. G. K.,
ministry, 255.


169 et seq.


on, 315.

Superstition, profanities of, 717.

tive Slave Bill, 691-education in the,
Sweden, increased restrictiveness of the contrasted with France, 727.
tariff of, 564.

Urania of Milton, the, 138.
Swift, Jeffrey's criticism on, 471.

Villiers, Mr, the motion of, 763.
Sydney, effects of the Gold discoveries Virgin, a procession of the, at Malaga,

713-reverence paid the, in Spain, 719,
Tabriz, sketches of, 179.

Tariff, views of parties in the United Vox OLAMANTIS IN EREMO, by H. G. E.,
States on the, 45.

TARIFFS, THE RESTRICTIVE, OF FOREIGN W. E. A., the Crasader's March by,

Tariffs of various countries, comparison WAGNER, MORITZ, REISE NACH PERSIES,
of the, 126.

&c., by, reviewed, 163.
Taxes, amount of, repealed before and WALMER, A MORAL FROM, 630.
since Free Trade, 216 et seq.

War, views of the boroughs regarding, 1.
Times newspaper, the, on the effects of Wedí, king of Sennaar, 452.

the currency measures of Sir Robert Weedon, defenceless state of, 16.
Peel, 203-on the effects to be antici- WELLINGTON, THE DUKE OF, THE DEATH
pated from the increase in the supplies OF, 517.
of gold, 204-on the elections, 255— Wellington, the duke of, reflections sug-
on the results of the elections, 264- gested by his death, 630, 651.
misstatements of, regarding the Maga- WERNE, F., REISE NACH MANDERA, &c.,
zine and the protection question, 354 by, 446.
attacks on Lord Derby by, ib.-on the Werne, Dr Joseph, death, &c., of, 446.
Irish elections, 360-on the death of West Indies, ruined condition of the, 213
the Duke of Wellington, 517.

-dishonest policy which has been
Tiverton, the election for, 256.

pursued toward them, 442.
Trade, present state of, 125.

Wheat, diminished produce of, in Great
Trial by Jury, the habit of boasting re- Britain, 211, 215.
garding, 432.

Whig ministry, cause of the fall of the,
Troad, sketch of the, by Dr Aiton, 754. 114.
Turkey, present anomalies of dress in, Whigs, failing consideration of the, 115,

637 — their virtual extinction as a
Turks, honesty of the, 438.

party, 116 — system to be followed
Turon gold diggings, the, 312.

with regard to them at the elections,
Tuscany, reductions in the tariff of, 555, 117-their conduct toward the duke of

Wellington throughout his career, 517
Two Mottoes, the, a tale, by Emile Sou- --their virulence against Lord Derby's
vestre, 547.

ministry, 636.
Two Sicilies, reductions in the tariff of Whigs, the party called, in the United
the, 555.

States, 46.
Uncle Tom's Cabin, remarks on, 689. Wild-fowl shooting, on, 233.
Undertakers, frauds of, 437.

Wild goat, chase of the, 231.
Unionists, party of the, in the United Wilkes, Miss, Jeffrey's marriage to, 281.
States, 46.

Wolves, attacks from, in Armenia, 178.
United States, present state of parties, Wood, Sir C., support of Cobden by, 261,

politics, &c., in the, 45 - protective 262.
system of the, 213--peculiarities of the Woolwich, defenceless state of, 16.
patriotism of the, 300--the habit of Wordsworth, Jeffrey's criticism on, 461.
national boasting in, 432—increased Yeomanry, inefficiency of the, in the field,
restrictiveness of their tariff, 565-in- 13.
crease of their cotton manufactures, Zollverein, restrictive tariff of the, 556.
566—the municipalities of the, 649- Zurich, cruelties against the Jews at,
sketches of slavery in, 689—the Fugi- 598.

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