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Abdul Meschid, Sultan, sketch of, 164. Basle, cruelties against the Jews at, 598.
Abolitionists, views and measures of the, Bauer, a German in the service of Egypt,
in the United States, 46.

Aborigines of Australia, sketches of the, Beaver Tail, an Indian, sketch of, 684.

Bedi, King of Sennaar, 452.
Abu-Harasch, sketches at, 455.

Belgium, increased stringency of the
Abu-Sin, an Arab Sheik, 454, 455.

tariff of, 558.
Achmet Pasha, notices of, 446 et seq. Bentham, Jeffrey's criticism on, 474.
passim-his death, 448.

Bhem Sen, Nepaulese minister, death of,
Adulteration, universality of, 433—pun- 91.
ishment due to it, 435.

Black-cock shooting, on, 228.
Africa, results of the reduction of our Blue Nile, a journey up the, 449.
force in, 15.

Boarding-house, a Spanish, sketches in,
Agricultural produce, diminished amount 716.
of, in Great Britain, 211.

Boasting, prevalence of, in Great Britain,
Arton's TRAVELS IN THE EAST, review of, 432.

Bonham, Mr, British consul at Teheran,

Alpine hare, habits, &c. of the, 229. Bothwell, the connection of, with Mary,
- AMERICA, Sullivan's RAMBLES IN, 680. 620.
American, an, views, &c., of, on the pre- BRIDEGROOM, THE, by H. G. K., 516.
sent state of France, 726.

Bright, Mr, speech of, against the minis-
American Indians, various representa- try, 763 et seq.

tions of the, 681-sketches of them by Buffalo-hunting in America, 686.
Sullivan, 683.

Byron, Jeffrey's criticism on, 467, 468.

Caffre war, effects of our economical
American Tariff, views of parties, &c., on system on the, 15.
the, 45.

California, emigration of Chinese to, and
Arabs, sketches of the, 450.

its effects, 98, 102 et seq.—the supply
ARE THERE NOT GREAT BOASTERS AMONG of gold from, and its effects, 203.
us ?” 432.

Calne, the election for, 255.
Armenia, sketches in, 169.

Camel, antipathy between, and the horse,
Armenian horses, peculiarities of, 177. 179.
Army, the British, its available strength Campbell, Jeffrey's criticism on, 470—his
within the country, 9.

delineation of Outalissi, 681.
AUSTRALIA, RESIDENCE AND RAMBLES IN, Canning, Sir Stratford, sketch of, by Dr

Wagner, 166.
Australia; emigration of Chinese to, 101 Caravan journey from Erzroum to Tabriz,

-the supply of gold from, and its price
there, 203-extent of the emigration Cardwell, Mr, the defeat of, at Liverpool,
to, 209-a visit to the gold fields of, 257.
and sketches of the diggers, &c., 310 Carlisle, Sir James Graham's election for,
-emigration to, from the West Indies, 258.
442-employment given to shipping by Cavenagh's Rough Notes on Nepaul, re-
the emigration from Great Britain to, view of, 86.
572 et seq. — importation of refined Caxton, Pisistratus, My Novel by, Part
sugar from Holland into, 574.

XXII., 49-Part XXIII., 235-Part
Baibut, the town of, 175.

XXIV., 331-Part XXV., 479—Part
Bailly's Memoirs, Jeffrey's review of, 474. XXVI., 576—Part XXVII., 653.
Barricade, a Parisiap, description of, 731. Cayenne pepper, the adulteration of, 433.

a, 176.

CELESTIALS, THE, AT HOME AND ABROAD, Cotton manufactures, increased daties on,

levied by the Zollverein, 557—increase
Celibacy of the clergy, results of the, in of, in the United States, 566.
Spain, 716.

Country, state of the, 766.
CHALMERS' BIOGRAPHY, SOME REMARKS Crabbe, 'Jeffrey's criticism on, 470.

ON THE FOURTH VOLUME OF, 316. Craigcrook, Jeffrey's residence at, 282.
Chambord, the count de, 643.

Cranstoun, George, sketch of, by Lord
Chartum, sketches at, 446.

Cockburn, 270.
Chicory, the adulteration of coffee with, CRUSADER'S MARCH, THE, 372.

Cuba, immigration of Chinese labourers
China, emigration to various quarters into, 100.

from, 99 et seq.-recent history and Cypress swamp, sketch of a, 688.
social state of, 106.

Daily News, the, on the Derby adminis-
CHINESE, THE, AT HOME AND ABROAD, 98. tration, 357.
Chippeway Indian, sketch of a, 683. Darnley, the character of, 620.
Church, the, in Germany during the DAY DREAMS, by H. G. K.-Vox clamar-
fourteenth century, 596.

tis in eremo, 513—To my daughter,
Church of Scotland, origin, &c., of the, 515—a Farewell, ib.—The bridegroom,

516–Summer, ib.-Oribates, 757—I
Church of the Holy Sepulchre at Jerusa- will look unto the hills, ib.--Musie,
lem, the, 752.

758–Evening song, ib.

Churdshid Pasha, governor of Sennaar,

THE, 517.

Deer-stalking, requisites for, 221.
Cid of Corneille, the, 409.

Democracy, alliance between, and popers,
Clergy, character of the, in Germany 114--new definition of the word by

during the fourteenth century, 596. Lord John Russell, 641.
Clerical celibacy, consequences of, in Democrats, the party called, in the United
Spain, 716.

States, 46.
Clerk, John, sketch of, by Lord Cook- Denmark, increased stringency of the
burn, 271.

tariff of, 565.
Cobden, Mr, expressed views of, with re- DERBY, THE EARL OF, HIS APPEAL TO THE

gard to war, 2--position of Lord John COUNTRY, 249.
Russell with regard to him, 119- DERBY, THE EARL OF, HIS PRESENT POSI-
speech of, at his election for York-

TION, 354.
shire, 261-contrast between him and Derby, lord, the Militia Bill introduced
Wellington, 631-speech, &c., of, at by, 18-the attacks of the Newspapers
the Manchester banquet, 764.

on him, 120 et seq.-as the opponent of
COCKBURN'S LIFE OF JEFFREY, Part I., popery and democracy, 558-attack by
269-Part II., 461.

Sir James Graham on him, 364-bis
Coffee, the adulterations of, 433.

declaration regarding Free Trade, 761.
Colonies and Colonial fortresses, defence- Derby administration, the attacks of the
less state of the, 14.

Newspaper press on the, 354 et seq:-
COLQUHOUN's Moor and Loch, 218. virulence of the Whigs against the,
Compromise party in the United States, 636-inveteracy of faction against the,
the, 46.

Confession of Faith, the Scottish, origin Deserters, punishment of, in Egypt, 454.
of, 317.

DIES BOREALES, No. IX., Christopher
Confessional, the, in Spain, 716.

under Canvass, 133—the invocations of
Conservatives, neglect of registration by the ancient poets, ib.—those of Milton,
the, 130.

134--the Muse of poetry, 137–Mil-
Constantinople, sketches at, 164.

ton's manner of representation, 142–
Consumers, effects of the increased supply the ethical dogma of Paradise Lost,
of gold on the, 206.

149–No. X., Discussion on Paradise
Coombing, an Australian residence, 308. Lost continued, 373.
Cooper, J. F., representations of the Dinner, a Spanish, 716.
American Indians by, 681.

Disraeli, Mr, attacks of Cobden, &c. on,

262-his speech at Aylesbury, 265–
Corneille, influence of, on France and the his fitness for his position, 363-attack
French Revolution, 398.

by Sir James Graham on him, 364—his
Corobbery or Australian dance, a, 302. amendment to Mr Villiers' motion, 766.
Corruption, prevalence of, in China, 109. Disunionists, party of, in the United
Corunna, sketch of, 747.

States, 46.
Cotton, produce of, by the United States, Dock battalions, inefficiency of the, in the
and its distribution, 570.

field, 13.

Dogs, training, &c. of, for grouse-shoot- Fly-fishing in sea lochs, on, 225.
ing, 226.

Domestic life, change regarding, in TARIFFS OF, 554.

France, 545 - sketches of, in Spain, Foreign relations, present state of, 1.

France, the motives of, for hostility
Döring, George, the pilgrimage of the against England, 3—her military sys-
Flagellants by, 596.

tem, 4-her probable conduct to Eng.
Douglas, Sir Howard, on the defences land in the event of the conquest of
of England, 20.

the latter, 5-her position under Na-
Drama, modern influence of the, 397-in- poleon and at present for the invasion,

fluence of the, in France, and its pre- 7-force available for it, 9-present
sent state, 727.

state of her navy, 17 et seq.- change
Drummond, Mr, speech of, on taxation, as regards domestic life in, and the

causes of it, 545—increasing stringency
Edinburgh Review, Lord Cockburn on the, of her tariff against British manu-

270—the establishment of it, 276—the factures, 560—the position of Louis
criticisms on the poems of Words- Napoleon in, and danger to Great
worth in it, 461-attack on Lord John Britain from it, 642–present aspect of,
Russell by it, 644.

724-indifference as to politics in, 725
Education, views of Lord Derby on, 120– -an American on its state, prospects,

the general cry for it, and its true mo- &c., 726-influence of the drama in,
tives, 434-an American on the defi- and its character, 728—the coup d'état
ciency of, in France, 727.

of December, 730.
Egerton's Winter's Tour in India, review Francis II., marriage, &c. of Queen Mary
of, 86.

to, 626.
Egypt, sketches by Dr Aiton in, 748. Free Trade, views of Lord Derby, &c.
Elections, results of the, 264_excite- on, 120-decreased amount of Agricul-
ment of the, 634.

tural produce under, 211-increased
Electioneering Frauds, on, 440.

amount of Poor rates, 212.
Elephant hunt in Nepaul, an, 90.

Free-Traders, falsification of the pre-
Emigration, influence of the gold dis- dictions of the, 121, 554-demands of

coveries on, 98—the great increase of the, from the ministry, 759.
it, 208—the annual amount of it from French drama, the modern, its character,
1840 to 1851, 209—the causes of its &c., 728.
increase, 210 — new direction of it French Mob, difference between a, and
to Australia induced by the gold an English, 398.
discoveries, 300 — employment given French Revolution, influence of Corneille
to shipping by it, 572.

on the, 398.
Encumbered Estates commission, sales From STAMBOUL TO Tabriz, 163.
under the, in Ireland, 214.

Fugitive Slave bill, the, 691.
England, increase of Popery in, 714. Garrisons, force requisite for, in Great
English mob, difference between an, and Britain, 11.
a French, 398.

English "press, violence of the, against General Election, disagreeables of a, 218
Louis Napoleon, 724.

--true nature of the struggle involved
Erskine, Henry, sketch of, by Lord Cock- in the present one, 249.
burn, 271.

Genevieve, a tale, by Alphonse Karr,
Erzroum, journey from, to Tabriz, 176. 71.
Europeans, life of, in Persia, 181. Germanic League, restrictive tariff of
EVENING SONG, by H. G. K., 758.

the, 556.
Export trade, losses on the, and their Germany, sketches of the social state of,
causes, 212.

during the fourteenth century, 596.
Faction, predominance of the spirit of, Ghowrie Ghai, the, 90.

Gibraltar, sketches at, 721.
Famines, frequency of, and their results Glass, increased daties on, levied by the
in China, 107.

Zollverein, 557.
Farewell, a, by H. G. K., 515.

Goethe's Wilhelm Meister, Jeffrey's re-
Ferguson, Mr, on the French tariff, 561. view of, 473.

Fine Arts, frauds connected with the, 439. DENCE-TAXATION, 203.
Finance Reform Associations, on, 645. Gold, the increased annual supply of,
Fitzroy, Sir Charles, governor of New 203—its reduced price, ib.—the Times
South Wales, 301.

on the effects to be anticipated from
FLAGELLANTS, PILGRIMAGE OF THE, 596. this, 204—the first discovery of it in
Flies, artificial, preparation of, 223. Australia, 301.


at, 624.

Gold discoveries, effects of the, on Emi- Hussein Aga, governor of Sennaar, 451,

gration, 98-and on currency, &c., 768. 454.
Gold fields in Australia, sketches in the, “I WILL LOOK UNTO THE HILLS," se, by

H. G. K., 757.

Icely, Mr, an Australian settler, 302
Graham, Sir James, present position, Image-worship under Popery, prevalence

&c. of, 115-speech of, at his election of, 714.
for Carlisle, 258-review of his position Import trade, losses on the, 212
and prospects, 358-as the leader of Inchmahome, residence of Queen Mary
the Popish party, 361-his proceed-
ings, speeches, &c., 362-his isolated Income-tax, injustice, &e. of the, 217.
position, 367.

India, results of the reduction of our
Grain, diminished amount of, raised in force in, 15.
Great Britain, 211, 215.

Indians of North America, sketches of
Granada, sketches of Popish worship in, the, 683.

Indulgences, the modern system of, under
Great Britain, the present position of, Popery, 722.

with regard to foreign nations, l-her Industrial classes, effects of the increased
liability to attack, 2 et seq.-probable supply of gold on the, 206.
conduct of France to her in the event Infidelity, prevalence of, in Spain, 718.
of her conquest by that power, 5 et seq. Inundations, frequency of, in China, 107.
- her danger from Napoleon less than Invocations of the ancient poets, the,
that at present existing from France, 7 133.
-force available for her defence, 9- Ireland, probable effects of a French
garrisons required in, 11-present state invasion on, 13 - diminution of the
of her navy, 17 et seq.-ignorance pre- population of, 210-diminished produc-
valent in, with regard to the Chinese, tion of wheat in, 211-sales under the
105-decrease of the population of, Encumbered Estates Commission is,
209 - diminished amount of agricul- 214 — Jury trial and its results is,
tural produce raised in, 211 -- de- 432.
pendence of her upon foreign countries Irish elections conduct of the Popish
induced by Free Trade, 215--the na- priests at, 360.
tional boastings of, 432-increase of Irish police, inefficiency of the, as
Popery in, 714.

regular force, 12.
Greek and Hindu mythologies, Jeffrey Iron, increased duties on, levied by the
on the, 472.

Zollverein, 557.
Grey, Sir George, the defeat of, in Nor- Jachman, King of Sennaar, 452.
thumberland, 260.

Jamaica, ruined state of, 213-emigra-
Gringo, Harry, the Puff off Pernambuco, tion to Australia from, 442.
by, 735.

JEFFREY, Part I., 269_Part II., 461.
Grouse shooting, on, 226.

Jerusalem, picture of, by Dr Aiton, 752.
Guizor's CorneilLE AND SHAKSPEARE, Jews, cruelties against the, in the dark

ages, 597-Dr Aiton on the, 754.
Hamilton's Account of Nepaul, review Jochmus, general, career of, 168.
of, 86.

Hammet, an Arab Sheik, 458.

Judges, the system of election of, in the
Hanna's Life of Chalmers, Vol. IV., United States, 47.

Jung Bahadoor, the Nepaulese enroy,
Hare, the Alpine, habits, &c. of, 229. notices of, 92 et seq. passim.
Hemans, Jeffrey's criticism on, 470. Jury trial, boastings regarding, and their
Hinajosa, Spanish contrabandist, folly, 432.

Kafirs, traditions regarding the, 459.

Kamlin, the town of, 449.
Holland, increased stringency of the Kangaroo hunting in Australia, 309.

tariff of, 564-importations of sugar KABR, ALPHONSE, 71.
into Australia from, 574.

KATIE STEWART, Part I., chap. i., 23–
Home Market, failure of the, its effects, chap. ii., 26-chap. iii., 29—chap. iv.,

33-chap. V., 36-chap. vi., 39—chap.
Honesty, the national boast of, 433 et vii., 42-Part II., chap. viii., 182—

chap. ix., 185—chap. X., 188-chap.
Horace of Corneille, the, 400.

xi., 191-chap. xii., 194—chap. xiii.,
Horse, antipathy between the, and the 198—Part III., chap. xiv., 285-chap.
Camel, 179.

XV., 286-chap. xvi., 289—chap. xvii.,
House of Commons, attack by Mr Bright 292-chap. xviii., 293-chap. xix., 296
on the, 763.

-Part IÙ., chap. xx., 415—chap. xxi.,


417-chap. xxii., 421-chap. xxiii., 423 Manchester party, present objects of the,
—chap. xxiv., 425—chap. xxv., 429–

chap. xxvi., 430—Part V., chap. xxvii., Manchester school, views of the, with
533-chap. xxviii., 535—chap. xxix., regard to war, 2, 5 et seq.- subser-

538—chap. xxx.,541—chap. xxxi., 543. vience of Lord John Russell to the,
Keats, Jeffrey's criticism on, 470.

117-falsehood of the, 441.
Kelly, Sir Fitzroy, on the diminished MANDERA, A JOURNEY TO, 446.

amount of agricultural produce raised Manna of Australia, the, 309.
in Great Britain, 211.

Manufactures, protective duties main-
Kemble, John, and Lord Jeffrey, 284 tained on, 122 et seq.

Manufacturing boroughs, views of the,
Kerr, Dr, the finder of the Kerr hundred- regarding war, 1.
weight, 307, 311.

Kirkpatrick's account of Nepaul, review Mayence, cruelties against the Jews at,
of, 86.

Kourds, sketches of the, 176.

Mediterranean, sketches on the, 747.
Kustoora of Nepaul, the, 96.

Melbourne, the price of gold at, 203.
Lancet, the, on the adulterations of MEYRICK'S PRACTICAL WORKING OF THE
Cayenne pepper, 433.

CHURCH OF SPAIN, review of, 711.
Last of the Mohicans, remarks on the, Milk, the adulterations of, 435.

Military stations in Great Britain, garri-
Laughing Jackass, the, 308.

sons required for, 11.
Lawson, Mr, an Australian settler, 302. Military stores, defenceless state of our
Lethendy case, the, 320.

depots of, 16.
Liberals, disunited state of the, 637. Militia, value of, against an invading
Liguori on the Virgin, 719.

force, 19 et seq.
Linens, increased duties on, levied by Militia bill, Lord Derby's, 18.
the Zollverein, 557.

Milton's Paradise Lost, remarks on, 134
Linlithgow palace, birth of Queen Mary et seq., 373 et seq.
at, 623.

Missions, Australian, 305.
Lipsius's Dog, story of, and its applica- Mob, a French and English, distinction
tion, 444.

between, 398.
Live Stock, diminished produce of, in Moncrieff, Sir Harry, sketch of, by Lord
Great Britain, 211.

Cockburn, 271.
Liverpool, the election for, and influence Monetary crises, effects of the increased

of the triumph of the Conservatives in supply of gold on, 205.
it, 257—its openness to foreign attack, Montgomery, Robert, the case of, 319.

London, temptation offered to foreign Moore, Jeffrey's duel with, 280-his cri-

attack by, 2-ease with which it might ticism on, 467.
be reached, 3—force available for its MORAL FROM WALMER, A, 630.
defence, 12-results of the elections for, Morning Chronicle, the, on the elections,

Long line, fishing with the, 224.

Louis Napoleon, views of, with regard Municipalities, the Reformed, interfer-

to Great Britain, 3-his present posi- ences of, beyond their own province,
tion in France, 4—the attacks of the 647.
English press on him, 440—his position Murphy, sergeant, attack on Disraeli by,
in France, and danger to Great Britain 262 note.
from him, 642—the violence of the Muse, the, of Poetry, 137.
English press against, 724—the coup Music, by H. G. K., 758.
d'état of December, 730.

Musk deer of Nepaul, the, 96.
Lytton, Sir Edward Bulwer, his speech at MY DAUGHTER, TO, by H. G. K., 515.
the hustings, 368.

M‘Nair & Co., Messrs, on the Silk trade, LIFE, by Pisistratus Caxton, Book XI.,

chap. xiii., 49-chap. xiv.,56--chap. XV.,
Macquarrie plains, a settler in, 302.

57-chap. xvi., 60-chap. xvii., 235–
Mahtabur Singh, death of, 92.

chap. xviii., 238-chap. xix., 245-chap.
Maine liquor law question, the, in the xx., 247-Book XII. Initial chapter,
United States, 45.

331-chap. ii., 332-chap. iii., 333—
MAJOR Moss, à campaigning remini- chap. iv., 336-chap. V., 341-chap. vi.,
scence, 692.

343—chap. vii., 345-chap. viii., 347 —
Malaga, sketches in, 712.

chap. ix, 479-chap. A., 484–chap. xi.,
Malta, sketches at, 747.

488—chap. xii., 491-chap. xiii., 497 —

chap. xiv., 498-chap. XV., 503—-chap.

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