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Worcester city William Collins esq. Edward Elvines aldera:

and county. man. YORKSHIRE, Tho. lord Fairfax, John Lambert esq. one of West Riding, his highness's council, Hen. Tempest esq."

John Bright esq. Edw. Gill esq. Martin Lil

ter esq. East Riding, Sir William Strickland kt. and bart. Walter

Strickland cfq. one of his highness's council,

Hugh Bethel esq. Rich. Robinson esq. North Riding, George lord Eure, Francis Laffels esq. Tho.

Harrison esq. Geo. Smithson. York city, Sir Thomas Widdrington kt. one of the lords

commissioners of the great seal, Tho. Dick

enson alderman. Kingston on Hull, William Lister esq. Beverley, Francis Thorp, one of the barons of the Ex

chequer.' Scarborough, John Wildman of the city of Westminster esq. Richmond, John Wastal of Scornton esq. Leeds,

Adam Bayns of Knowstrop esq.
Hallifax, Jeremy Bentley gent.

Port of Dover, William Cullen esq.
Portof Sandwich, Thomas Kelsey esq.
Port of Rye, Herbert Morley esq.


Jeremy Rayns of corntonity of War

· ANGLESEY. Geo. Twifleton esq. William Foxwift esg.
BRECKNOCKSHIRE. Hen. lord Herbert, Edm. Jones esq.
CARDIGANSHIRE. James Phillips esq. Jenkin Lloyd esq.

John Cleypool esq. Rowland Dawkins esq. • SHIRE. CARNARVONSHIRE.John Glynn serjeant at law, Tho. Mostyn esq., DENBIGHSHIRE. Col. Simion Thelwall, col. John Carter. FLINTSHIRE. John Trevor esq. Andr. Ellis esq. in • VOL. II.


GLAMORGANSHIRE. Philip Jones esq. one of his highness's coun.

cil, Edm. Thomas of Wenro esq.
Cardiffe, John Price esq.
MERIONETHSHIRE. John Vaughan of Kevenbodig esq.
MONTGOMERYSHIRE. Sir John Price bt. Cha. Lloyd of Garth esq.
PEMBROKESHIRE. Sir Erasmus Phillips of Picton Castle bart.

Arth. Owen of Newmoate esq.
Haverford West, John Upton esq.
RADNORSHIRE. Geo. Gwyn esq. Hen. William esq.


Sheriffdom of Inverness.- Lieut. col. Will. Mitchel. Sheriffdoms of Forfar and Kinkardine. -Col. David Barclay of

Urie. Sheriffdoms of Fife and Kinross.- Col. James Hay. Sheriffdom of Perth.-George earl of Linlithgow. Sheriffdoms of Linlithgow, Sterling, and Clackmannan.- Col.

Tho. Read, governor of Sterling. Sheriffdoms of Dunbarton, Argyll, and Bute. Sir James Ha

milton of Obiston. Sheriffdom of Lannerick.-Col. Will. Lockhart. Sheriffdom of Mid-Lothian.- Geo. Smith esq. one of the judges

of Scotland. Sheriffdom of Meroe.—John Swinton of Swinton in the said : 'Theriffdom esq. Sheriffdoms of Selkirk and Peebleś. - John Thompson, auditor

general of the revenues of Scotland. Sheriffdom of Dumfrieze. - James earl of Hartfell. Sheriffdom of Wigton.-- Sir James M Dowel of Garthland. Sheriffdom of East-Lothian.- Mr. Benj. Briffie of Dolphinton. Boroughs of Forfar, Dundee, Arbroth, Montross, Buchan.

: Sir Alex. Wedderburn of Blackness kt. clerk of Dundee. . Boroughs of Lithgow, Queen's Ferry, Perth, Culross, and Stere

ling.--Col. John Okey. Boroughs of St. Andrews, Dyfart, Kirkaldy, Cooper, Anstruther

East, Pittenween, Creel, Dumfermling, Kinghorn, Anstrum


ther-West, Innerkething, Kilkenny, and Burnt-Iland.

James Snord, burgess of Saint Andrews. City of Edinburgh.-Samuel Desborrow one of the commif.

fioners for the revenues, Geo. Downing efq. scout-master

general. Boroughs of Lannerick, Glasgow, Ruthergler, Rothsay, Ren.

frew, Ayre, Irwynn, and Dunbarton.--Mr. John Wilk of

Bromhouse. Boroughs of Dumfreize, Sanclare, Lochmaben, Annand, Wig

ton, Kirkudbright, Whithorn, and Galloway.-Major Jere.

miah Tolhurst esq. burgess of Dumfrieze. Boroughs of Peebles, Selkirk, Jedburgh, Lander, North-Berwick,

Dunbar, and Haddington.Mr. William Thompson burgess of Haddington.

IR EL A N D. Counties of Meath and Lowth.-Col. John Fowk governor of

Drogheda, major Will. Cadogan. Counties of Kildare and Wickloe. -Maj. Anth. Morgan, maj.

Will. Meredith. County of Dublin. -Col. John Hewson of Lutterels Town esq. City of Dublin.-Daniel Hutchinson alderman. Counties of Catherlough, Wexford, Kilkenny, and Queen's

County.--Tho. Sadler esq. Daniel Axtell esq. Counties of Westmeath, Longford, and King's County.--The

ophilus Jones, Tho. Scot. Counties of Down, Antrim, and Armagh.-Col. Robert Vene

ables, col. Arthur Hill. Towns of Carrickfergus and Belfast. - Major Daniel Redmond. Counties of Derry, Donnegal, and Tyrone. Col. John Clack of

Londonderry, Thomas Newburgh of Lifford in the county

of Donegal esq. Towns of Derry and Coleraine.--Ralph King esq. Counties of Cavan, Farmannagh, and Monoghan. -Col. John

Cole. Counties of Kerry, Limmerick, and Clare.--Major gen. für Hada dress Waller, col. Hen. Ingold by.

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City and county of the city of Limerick and Kilmallock. --Will.

Purefoy esq. County of Ćork.-Roger Boyle lord baron of Broghill. Towns of Cork and Youghál. --- Col. Will. Jephson. Towns of Bandon and Kingsale. – Vincent Gookin esq. Counties of Tipperary and Waterford.John Reynolds com

miffary-general esq. Hierom Sankey efq. Cities of Waterford and Clonmell.- Will. Halsey esq. Counties of Sligo, Roscommon, and Letrim.-Sir Robert King • kt. fir John Temple kt. Counties of Galway and Mayo.—Sir Charles Coot, commissary

general John Reynolds.

alicks. ee ments; the the countie member, the

In this parliament, which represented the three kingdoms, the number of county members, and the change in the members for boroughs, are well worthy of attention: the counties are in capitals, and the towns in small letters; the chief justice Hale, and the nine peers, who were members of the house of commons, are marked in italicks.-By one of the laws passed in this parliament, and preserved in Scobell's collection, the customs and excises were to be the same in Great Britain and Ireland, and books of rates were formed according to this regulation: a circumstance which was mentioned in 1785 by the author in a speech, after the propofitions were laid aside in the Irish parliament. - There was another parliament called the 17th of September 1056 by Oliver Cromwell, for the three kingdoms; and a third also summoned by Richard Cromwell, for the three kingdoms, the 27th of January 1658.

N° VI. An INDENTURE containing a GRANT of all

His MAJESTIES REVENUE of IRE. LAND, ordinary and extraordinary, certain and casual whatsoever, (new and extraordinary aydes by future aets of parliament onely excepted,) to fir James Sbaen and others for seven years, to commence the 26th day of De

cember 1675 inclusive. Pielding and paying therefore unto his Majesty

the summe of twenty thousand pounds the last · day of every calendar moneth; the first pay

ment of twenty thousand pounds to be como pleated and made at or before the last day of

April 1676; and the last twenty thousand pounds at or before the last day of March 1683, or within thirty dayes thereafter respectively * THIS INDENTURE made the eighth

day of April, in the eighth and twentieth year of the raign of our foveraign Lord Charles the second, by the grace of God of England, Scotland, France, and Ireland king, defender of the faith, &c. annoq. Domini one thousand fix

* The farm of the whole of the Irish revenue to fir James Shaen, &c. is inserted here, and was referred to elsewhere in this work*, because a very important revolution was effected by those grants of Charles the second in the constitution : till this period the revenue was collected principally by the sheriffs, and the receipt and accounts were managed by a treasury board as in England; but the farmers under this grant appointed their own collectors, the whole system of the receipt was changed, the offices of lord high treasurer and vice treasurers were rendered finecures, granted for life, and continued in the family of the earl of Cork, or devised as pensions to - non-residents, contrary to the prescriptions of an act of parliament; nor have they fince reverted to their original design and destination.

• Vol. ji. p. 141.
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