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Reports upon your grace's commission for regulating the herring fishing in Dublin harbour.

Linen manufacture.
Fishing in the isles of Buffen and Clare.

Free ports.

For farming the excise.

Reasons for the prohibiting manufactures of foreign growth.


For the transporting felons that receive the benefit of clergy.

For the encouragement of the manufacture of stuffs.

For the better ordering the post-office.

Small money.

For the regulating the weights and measures.

For the more easy and speedy recovery of small debts, and prevention of arrests upon false actions.

Mariners to be regulated.
Regulating protections.

Arguments against the act prohibiting our transportation of cattle. Against importation of hats. 5

A general

A general subscription proposed against wearing foreign manufactures.

About fuel, to furnish ourselves, without foreign supplies, with coal and curf.

About regulating the shoeinakers, and lowering the price of boots and shoes.

A report for printing colonel Lawrence's directions for the planting of hemp and flax.

That every female above twenty years of age shall produce a proportion of woollen, worsted, or linen yarn, every year.

To prevent abuses in Naughtering cattle, and packing beef and pork.

Rules to prevent false packing of butter.

A general estimate of trade, and experiments proposed for the improvements thereof.

But the duke of Ormond leaving the government before a parliament met, or those who were capable of forming these regulations into acts of state, as the council of trade was their nursery, lo the council-table became the sepulchre, where they remain in their urn to this day, and are not like to have a resurrection whilst the realm is under such a consternation, and consequently the government encumbered with the variety of affairs relating to the preservation of the whole, as Q 2


these late horrid Popish plots have brought us under.

For, before the duke's removal, most of the privy council, and other principal ministers of ftate, seemed exceeding fond of all proposals tending to the improvement of the trade and manufacture of the nation, and resolved to put the act of parliament for the linen manufacture in practice at Chapel Izod.

And although I gave my opinion against the Report of the Council of Trade, and my argument at council-table against the practice of that act, until a parliament met to mend it; yet they were pleased not only to make an experiment in the case, but also to pitch upon myself (admitting of no excuse) to manage it; which, after three or four months solicitation, I only submitted to, until some other fit person could be procured: but the duke removing what discouragements I received, and loss and damage I suftained, under the regency of his successors, I shall give an aceount of in my treatise of manufactures, which will give some farther evidence of the difference betwixt a kingdom being governed by perfons peculiarly interested in its prosperity, or by aliens to its peculiar interest.

So far Mr. Lawrence's narrative.


Thus we see how very attentive the government was during this administration to promote the trade of Ireland; nor were their efforts limited by inquiry and speculation, but carried into practice and effect. After the impolitic restraint upon

the exportation of live cattle from Ireland into England in one thousand fix hundred and fixty-seven, the king took into consideration the losses and sufferings of his Irish subjects; and by an order of the English council to the government of Ireland, they were enjoined to issue a proclamation, declaring a liberty of trade from Ireland to all countries, the English plantations and places occupied by the India and other companies in England only excepted.

In consequence of this encouragement, the duke of Ormond obtained a large colony of Flemings, through fir William Temple’s influence, in the Low Countries, who were provided with houses at Chapel Izod for some time, where they set up a manufacture of hemp and fax, which had been first attempted to be introduced into Ireland in lord Strafford's administration, from whence the colonists were dispersed in the north and other parts of Ireland, and established the linen manufacture.

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A scheme was also put into execution for a fine woollen manufacture similar to the Norwich stuffs, which appears to have gained some ground, till it was afterwards checked by the interdicts and prohibitions of the English parliament,

Cromwell's policy in supporting France against Spain has been condemned by some able politicians; but the English manufactures appear to have suffered materially by the interdict of the trade with Spain, and from the loss of that important material, Spanish wool ; of which, it is faid, our superfine cloths are entirely fabricated. Charles the second had the good fortune to conclude a beneficial treaty with Spain in one thousand fix hundred and sixty-seven; of which fir William Temple says on the authority of Mr. Godolphin, the ambassador, who negociated that treaty, “ That it would make many a rich man “ in England.”

A manufacture established upon the restoration of this valuable article, and of our lucrative trade with Spain, was happily imagined; but the only remnant of the ancient woollen trade, which has preserved any credit or reputation, and flourished like the Arbutus through so many inclement winters, (for such the jealousy of England which has prevailed for more than a century, till Ireland obtained a free trade in one thousand seven hun


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