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No IV.



[From Mr. Lawrence's Papers, who was Agent to the

Duke of ORMOND.]

RST, You are to take into your consi

deration all the native commodities of the growth and production of this his majesty's kingdom of Ireland ; and how they may be ordered, nourished, increased, and manufactured, to the employment of his majesty's people, and to the best advantage of the public; and to consider by what way, any of the manufactures in the said kingdom are corrupted, debased, and difparaged; and by what probable means, they may be restored and maintained in their ancient goodness and reputation.

Secondly, You are to consider whether in the said kingdom of Ireland the importation of foreign commodities doth not overbalance the exportation of such as are native; and how to advise and propound the most effectual means, that in the said kingdom the importations may not exceed the exportations.


Thirdly, You are to consider, how a manufacture of linen cloth and linen yarn may be ad.. vanced and settled in this kingdom, with most advantage to his majesty and his people.

Fourthly, You are to consider by what means the fishing trade may be most improved, in the said kingdom of Ireland.

Fifthly, You are to consider of all other matters relating to navigation, and the increase and fecurity thereof.

Sixthly, You are to consider by what particular means, bullion may be best drawn into Ireland, from the countries of foreign princes.

Seventhly, You are to consider how the trade of his majesty's liege people is provided for by his majesty's leagues with any of his confederates and allies, and to advise and propound from time to time what is expedient for his majesty by his ministers in foreign parts; or otherwise to take care that his majesty's subjects may (as justice requires) reap the benefit intended to them by such leagues, in relation to their trade in foreign parts.

Eighthly, You are to consider how there may be, that equal distribution of trade and manufacture in the kingdom, which will most conduce to the general good of his majesty's loving subjects therein.


Ninthly, You are to consider how convenient and practicable any thing propounded to you may be concerning new inventions, and improvements in any art, trade, or manufacture; and thereof, as occasion may be, to make report unto us the lord lieutenant, or other chief governor or governors of this kingdom, and to the council.

Tenthly, You are to consider, by what means sturdy vagrants and beggars may be compelled * to earn their living, by some lawful calling.

Eleventhly, You are to consider by what ways and means commerce may be promoted, by the constant employment of fome persons in the mending highways and bridges: and by making rivers navigable, and in draining bogs and lakes, and recovering land from the sea.

Twelfthly, You are diligently to enquire into the abuses of weights and measures practised throughout the faid kingdom, and to consider how the lame may be effećtually remedied.

Thirteenthly, You are to consider how correspondence may be settled in all places of great commerce abroad, that it may be better known

. This instruction probably related to building houses of industry in each county; a measure which was in contemplation about this period.

with what profit or loss the native coininodities of this kingdom are there vented, and what laws are made, and trades newly erected there, to the advantage of his majesty's subjects of this kingdom.

Fourteenthly, You are faithfully and with speed to deliver your opinions in writing, and so to make reports thereof to us the lord lieutenant, or other chief governor or governors of this kingdom and council, concerning the premises ; as likewise concerning such other matters as shall be occasionally at any time referred to your consideration.

Given at his majesty's castle of Dublin

the 18th day of May one thousand fix hundred and sixty-four.

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James Armachanus,
W. Caulfield,
Jo. Bysse,
G. Wentworth,
Arth. Forbes,
Theo. Jones,

Mau. Eustace, Canc.
Mich. Dublin,
John Clogher,
Hen. Midensis,
Hen. Tichburne,
John Temple,
Paul Davies,
James Ware.

FIRST MEETING, May 26, 1664.


LORD Primate, lord chancellor, lord archbishop of Dublin, lord bishop of Meath, lord chief justice Donellan, lord Massareene, fir Paul Davies, fir John Percivall, sir Robert Meredith, fir Robert Forth, sir John Temple master of the rolls, fir Edward Massey, all the privy council, besides the mayor and recorder of Dublin, with seven or eight aldermen, fir Audley. Mervin, fir John Temple the king's solicitor general, serjeant Griffith, and several chief lawyers, and other .gentlemen and principal merchants, who, after reading the commission and instructions, chose committees to prepare business, appointed time and place for the weekly meeting, and adjourned :

And so continued their constant weekly meetings for several years in debate of these general heads of instruction, and their branches; and after the greatest deliberation, sometimes two or three months upon one instruction, agreed and resolved several of them into Reports to the Council Board ; the particular heads of the said Reports, as they are registered in their books, as followeth :

Vol. II.

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