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But if we are kind and good,

And let stranger dogs alone; They'll not do us any harm,

Though they do growl o'er a bone. Kindly speak and softly pat

A good dog like this you see; He will guard my boy from harm,

Play with him most prettily.

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PLANE sits within the window,

@ All day she does not stir; O S What keeps the little girl so

still ?
And what amuses her ?

Say, does she learn her spelling,

Say does she con her task? Oh, look then on her reading,

'Twill tell you what you ask. For see the Bible story,

Of Samuel she doth read; And wishes that her little heart,

Was given to God indeed. “And must I then be gentle,

Obedient, and mild; If I, like little Samuel,

Would be the Lord's own child?" "Speak, Lord, Thy servant heareth,”

Î'hus too my lips shall say; “I list Thy glorious message,

My Father, day by day.' I will be kind and gentle,

I will be good and true; And strive each daily duty,

By God's good help to do.

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10 not beat my brother, I pray, CU He has been good the whole

long day. Yes, I must, for proud and rude Is Willie when angry thoughts


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And Willie knows well he should not

say That he will always disobey, And beat the good old gallant grey, That I have ridden many a day. But you're a good boy, kind and true, To beg for Willie's pardon, you Find it is hard to see his pain, And say, “ he won't do so again." If he will promise that, then I Will lay my whip and anger by.

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