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When quick from the saucepan the

pudding jumped out, And danced in the sand on the floor. The dame began laughing, the parrot

laughed too; The pudding bounced open the door ; The door being open, Poll out of it

flew, And they feared they should see her

no more. Poll flew with her prize to the top of a

tree; Gaffer pelted with dirt and with stones; When Goody, enraged that the parrot

was free, Protested she'd break all his bones. Gaffer went in a rage, and he did not

keep cool, He said he would go for his gun; And a host of young urchins, returning

from school,
Hurrahed at the glorious fun.

Poll wickedly into a pond dropped the

wig, By the side of which grew a tall tree; Gaffer cut a long bough, and fished for his wig;

[glee. The boys danced ard shouted with At last Gaffer managed to hook out

his wig, Which suspended his desperate rage; Jack struck up a tune, and they all

danced a jig, And the parrot flew back to her cage.


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HE cuckoo is a bonny bird,

He sings as he flies ;
A He brings us good tidings,

He tells us no lies.
He sucks little birds' eggs,

To make his voice clear ;
And never cries “Cuckoo !

Till the spring time is near.

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HE girl in the lane, that couldn't

speak plain, Cried gobble, gobble, gobble: The man on the hill, that

couldn't stand still, Went hobble, hobble, hobble.

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HE lion and the unicorn 100). Were fighting for the crown; On The lion beat the unicorn

All round about the town.
Some gave them white bread,

Some gave them brown,
Some gave them plumcake,

And sent them out of town.

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Jane comes out with her brothers to

gay. $ To dress up the lambs with ribbons $

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HE man in the moon

Came down too soon,
And asked his way to Norwich;

He went by the south

And burnt his mouth
With eating cold plum-porridge.


HE man in the wilderness asked

me, How many strawberries grew

in the sea ? I answered him as I thought

good, As many red berrings as grew

in the wood.


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