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HERE was a little woman, as

I've heard tell, She went to market her eggs

for to sell ;

She went to market, 'twas on a market day,

[way. And she fell asleep on the king's highThere came a little pedlar, whose name

was Stout, He cut her petticoats all round about; Hecut her petticoats upabove her knees, Until her little knees began for to freeze. When the little woman began to awake, She began to shiver and she began to

shake; Her knees began to freeze, and she be

gan to cry, O dear! O mercy on me! this surely

can't be I. If it be not I, as I suppose it be, I have a little dog at home, and he

knows me; If it be I, he will wag his little tail, But if it be not I, he'll bark and he'll


Up jump'd the little woman, all in the

dark, Up jump'd the dog, and he began to

bark; The dog began to bark, and she began

to cry O dear?' O mercy on me! I see it is

not I.

CT HERE was a man of our town, 2 And he was wondrous wise:

He jump'd into a bramble bush,
And scratch'd out both his

eyes; And when he saw his eyes were out,

With all his might and main, He jump'd into another bush,

To scratch them in again.

HERE was a ship, a stately ship,

Set sail upon the main,
And strange and wondrous

things befel

Ere she return'd again. Her sails were all of satin fine,

Her masts they were all gold;
There were comfits in the cabin,

Barley-sugar in the hold.
There were fourteen little sailors,

All skipping on the deck,
And each were little white mice,

With collars round their neck.
Their captain was a noble drake,

With jacket on his back,
Who, as the ship went sailing on,

Sang, Quack, quack, quack.
At length arose a fearful storm

Of wind and hail and rain ; The golden masts were broken,

The sails were torn in twain.

The fourteen little sailors were

All huddld on the decks,
And could not think of any plan

Whereby to save their necks.
The captain he declared that they

Must either drown or swim ; And they wept and pray'd him sorely,

For they'd no help but him. “ Then bestir yourselves,” he cried,

“And jump upon my back;' And he landed them all safely,

And sung, Quack, quack, quack.

HERE was an old man,
And he had a calf;

And that's half:
He took him out of the stall,
And put him on the wall ;

And that's all.

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