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NOBLE horse, a dapple grey, Will bear his master far away.

HAD a little wife, the prettiest

ever seen, She wash'd all the dishes and

kept the house clean; She went to the mill to fetch me some

flour, She brought it home safe in less than

an hour, She bak'd me my bread, she brew'd

me my ale, She sat by the fire and told a fine tale.


'LL tell you a story
About Jack a Nory,

And now my story's begun;
I'll tell you another,
About Jack and his brother;

And now my story's done.



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TS John Smith within ?
TE Yes that he is.

Can he set a shoe ?
Ay, marry, two.
Here a nail, there a nail,
Tick, tack, too.


ACK and Jill
He Went up the hill

To fetch a pail of water;
Jack fell down,

And crack'd his crown,
And Jill came tumbling after.



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LACKY, come give me thy fiddle, e If ever thou mean to thrive.

* Nay; I'll not give my fiddle Sou To any man alive. If I should give my fiddle,

They'll think that I'm gone mad; For many a joyful day

My fiddle and I have had.


ACK Sprat would eat no fat,

His wife would eat no lean, Now was not this a pretty trick

To make the platter clean.


KOE Dobson was an Englishman

In days of Robin Hood,
A country farmer eke was he,

In forest of Sherwood.

Joe Dobson said unto his dame,

“I vow that I could do More household work in any day,

Than you could do in two." She quick replied, “I do declare

Your words you shall fulfil, To-morrow you my place shall take,

I'll do the plough or mill.”
Next morning came, they sallied forth,

Each sure of doing well ;
She with a whip, he with a pail,

The rest I soon will tell.
To milk the cow Joe Dobson went,

His business to begin ;
She tossed the pail, and kick’d his leg,

The blood ran down his shin.
To boil the pot next Dobson went,

The fire he had forgot,
He ran with chips and burnt his head,

Oh! grievous was his lot.

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