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AT the siege of Belle-isle

I was there all the while,
3 All the while, all the while,

At the siege of Belle-isle,
I was there all the while,
At the seige of Belle-isle.

AH, bah, black sheep,

Have you any wool ?
Yes, marry, have I,

Three bags fu ll:
One for my master,

And one for my dame,
And one for the little boy

Who lives in the lane.

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SULESS you, bless you, bonnie bee:
V Say, when will your wedding be?

If it be to-morrow day,
Take your wings and fly away.

P ONNIE lass! bonnie lass! wilt

thou be mine? Thou shalt neither wash dishes

nor serve the swine, But sit on a cushion and sew up a

seam, And thou shalt have strawberries,

sugar, and cream.

UYE, baby bunting,
VID Father's gone a hunting,
U To get a little rabbit skin

To wrap the baby bunting in.


PYE, O my baby!
D When I was a lady,
Oh then my poor båbe didn't

But my baby is weeping,

For want of good keeping,
Oh, I fear my poor baby will die!

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