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CITIGH diddle doubt, my candle’s
P out,
Yo And my little dame is not at


So saddle my hog, and bridle

my dog,
And fetch my little dame home.

62048 Fuga


Sow many days has my baby to
D play?

Saturday, Sunday, Monday,
Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday,

Saturday, Sunday, Monday.

Galerie A LISTA
L OW many miles is it to Babylon?

Threescore miles and ten.

a Can I get there by candle-light? & Yes, and back again.

JUMPTY Dumpty sat on a wall,

Humpty Dumpty had a great la fall,

Threescore men, and threescore
Cannot place Humpty Dumpty

as he was before.


SUSH-a-bye, baby,
) Daddy is near,
Mammy's a lady,

And that's very clear.


I USH-a-bye, babby, lie still with

2 thy daddy, lo Thy mammy is gone to the

To get some wheat, to make

some meat,
So pray, my dear babby, lie still.


KUSH-a-bye, baby, on the tree top, E) When the wind blows, the cradle

will rock, When the bough breaks, the

cradle will fall, Down will come baby, bough, cradle

and all.




IF I was a man as I am,

And you were the stump of a

Why here I could have you,

And there I could have you,
And where could you have me?

* F all the world was apple-pie,

And all the sea was ink,
And all the trees were bread and

What should we do for drink?

non HAD a little husband, no bigger

than my thumb, I put him in a pint pot, and

there I bid him drum, I bought him a little handker

chief to wipe his little nose, And a pair of little garters, to tie his

little hose.

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HAD a little pony,

His name was Dapple Grey, I lent him to a lady,

To ride a mile away. She whipp'd him, she lash'd him,

She rode him through the mire ; I would not lend my pony now

For all the lady's hire.

L'LL sing you a song,
LEN It's not very long:

The woodcock and the sparrow,
The little dog has burnt his tail,
And he shall be hanged to-


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