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ANCE, Thumbkin, dance,

[Move the thumb up and down. Dance, ye merrymen, every one:

[Then all the fingers. For Thumbkin he can dance alone,

[Move the thumb only. Thumbkin he can dance alone.

Dance, Foreman, dance,

[Move the first finger. Dance, ye merrymen, every one;

[Move all the fingers. But Foreman, he can dance alone, Foreman, he can dance alone. Dance, Middleman, dance, etc. Dance, Ringman, dance, etc. Dance, Longman, dance, etc.

ANCE to your daddy,

My bonny leddy,
Dance to your ninny

My sweet lamb;
You’se get a fishy

In a little dishy,
And a whirligiggy,

And a pretty hand.

ANTY baby diddy,

What can mammy do wid’e? But sit in a lap, And give ye some pap? Danty baby diddy.

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ID you not hear of Betty

Pringle's pig?
It was not very little or yet

very big!
The pig sat down upon a

high hill, And there poor piggy he made his will.

Betty Pringle came to see this pretty

pig, That was not very little nor yet very This little piggy it lay down and died, And Betty Pringle sat down and cried.


Then Johnny Pringle buried this very

pretty pig That was not very little nor yet very big, So here's an end of the song of all three, Johnny Pringle, Betty Pringle, and

little Piggy.

IDDLE, diddle, dumpling, my

son John

Went to bed with his waistcoat

on; One shoe off, the other shoe on, Diddle, diddle, dumpling, my

son John.

ING, dong, bell,
Pussy's in the well!
Who put her in ?-
Little Johnny Green.
Who pulled her out ? -

Little Johnny Stout.
What a naughty boy was that
To drown his poor grand-mam-

my's cat, Which never did him any harm, But kill'd the mice in his father's


INGTY, diddledy, my mammy's


She stole oranges, I am afraid,
Some in her pocket, some in her

She stole oranges, I do believe.

YE winker, (smooth the eyebrows.
Nose dropper, [stroke the nose.
Mouth eater,

[press the lips together. Chin chopper, (shake the chin.

Chin chopper.

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OUR and twenty tailors

Went to kill a snail,
The best man among them

Durst not touch her tail.

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