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AN you make me a cambric shirt,

Parsley, sage, rosemary, and


Without any seam or needle

And you shall be a true lover

of mine.

wash it in yonder well,
Parsley, etc.
Where never sprung water, nor

rain ever fell ?
And you, etc.
Can you dry it on yonder thorn,

Parsley, etc.
Which never bore blossom since

Adam was born ?

And you, etc, Now you have ask'd me questions three,

Parsley, etc. I hope you'll answer as many for me,

And you, etc.

Can you find me an acre of land,

Parsley, etc. Between the salt water and the sea

sand ? And you, etc. Can you plough it with a ram's horn,

Parsley, etc. And sow it all over with one pepper

corn ? And you, etc. Can you reap it with a sickle of leather,

Parsley, etc. And bind it up with a peacock's feather?

And you, etc. When you have done and finished your

work, Parsley, etc. Then come to me for your cambric

And you, etc.

LAP hands all together,

Clap hands away,
This is the way we clap our

Upon a holiday.

OCK a doodle doo !
My dame has lost her shoe;
Master's broke his fiddling stick,
And don't know what to do.

OLD and raw the north wind

doth blow, Bleak in the morning early; All the hills are covered with

snow, And winter's now come fairly.

OME, let's to bed,” says Sleepy

head; “Let's stay awhile,” says

Slow :
“Put on the pot,” says Greedy-

We'll sup before we go.”

ROSS patch, draw the latch.

Sit by the fire and spin ;
Take a cup, and drink it up,

Then call your neighbours in.

USHY cow bonny, let down thy

milk, And I will give thee a gown of

silk :

A gown of silk and a silver tee, If thon wilt let down thy milk to me.

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AFFY-down-dilly has come up

to town, * In a yellow petticoat, and a

green gown.

and crow,

ANCE, little baby, dance up high,
Never mind, baby, mother is

Crow and caper, caper
There, little baby, there you

Up to the ceiling, down to the

Backwards and forwards,

round and round;
Dance, little baby, and mother

will sing, With the merry coral, ding, ding,


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