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Customs Annuity and Benevolent Fund.

Trustees.-Sir Charles Du Cane; Colonel Frederick Romily; Grenville C. L. Berkeley'
Esq.; Samuel Seldon, Esq.; James Boddely Keene, Esq.
President.-Samuel Seldon, Esq.

Vice-Presidents.-James Boddely Keene, Esq., and Richard C. Hallowes, Esq. Directors.-C. H. Barton, Esq.; H. J. Gardner, Esq.; James Fleming, Esq.; R. T. Churchill, Esq.; Thos. Satchell, Esq.; Edmund Goodwyn, Esq.

Auditors.-D. P. Williams, Esq.; J. C. Stockton, Esq.; John Bradford, Esq.
Actuary.-A. H. Bailey, Esq., London Assurance.

Medical Referee.-W. Dickson, M.D., R.N., London.

Secretary.-Robert S. Butterfield, Esq. Comptroller.-A. S. Elgood, Esq. Offices.-Custom House, London, E.C.

This Institution, the object of which is to raise by subscription, upon the principle of life insurance, a fund for the benefit and relief of widows, children, relatives, and nominees of Officers or persons belonging to the department, and under the control of the Commissioners of Her Majesty's Customs, was established on the 22nd of June, 1816, by virtue of an Act passed in the Fifty-sixth year of the reign of George the Third (cap. 73 local). Under this Act a contribution of one penny per pound was levied upon the salaries of all members of the Customs Departments in England, who alone were admitted to the benefits of the Fund.

This levy of poundage was, however, abolished by 34-35 Vict., c. 103, and the Fund is now opened to the Officers of the department in Ireland and Scotland.

Customs (2nd Middlesex) Artillery Volunteers.
Lieut.-Col.-Lord A. W. Hill. Majors--Jas. B. Keene, M. B. Pearson, J. L. Rutley.
Captains.-Nath. G. Godfrey, Jas. Greenwood, D. P. Williams, Henry Cockshott, Fred.
A. McMinn, B. Henderson, H. T. G. Marston.
Lieutenants-H. J. F. Praeger, Fitzroy Gardener, W. G. Peyton, Howard W. Cox, John
M. Newman, Morris A. Chubb, E. A. Mills, A. W. Tickle, W. J. Gilks, J. H. Behan, W.
Iron, Hatchet Jones, W. Walker, T. A. N. Reed, E. B. Taylor, G. M. Webster.
Adjutant-J. C. Lowrie, Captain, late R.A. Quartermaster-A. Holliday.
Surgeon-Major-J. W. Barnes. Surgeons-Thos. Thynne, M.D., R. T. Daniell.

Acting Chaplain-W. J. Hall, M.A.

15th (late 26th) Middlesex Rifle Volunteers (Customs and Docks).


Honorary Colonel-Right Honourable Hugh Lovatt Strathnairn, G.C.B., &c. (Field-
Lieut-Colonel Commanding-E. H. Kennard, M.P., late Captain 8th Hussars, P.S.
Lieutenant-Colonel-A. W. Chambers, P.S.
Major-P. H. Freelove, P.S.

Adjutant-W. Key Matterson, Captain the Cheshire Regiment.

Quartermaster-J. B. White, P.

Honorary Surgeons-Major-W Dickson, P., M.D., R.N.; R. G. Tatham.
Surgeon-F. W. Humphreys.

Acting Chaplain-Right Reverend W. W. How, D.D., Bishop-Suffragan of Bedford.

General Post Office Clerks' Mutual Benefit Building Society.

Trustees-Messrs. C. J. M. Hawkins, W. D. Herbert, and T. E. Sifton. Committee-Messrs. G. J. Avent, E. T. Faull, J. Fell, J. E. Gleed, J. Hurley, C. Hope

Johnstone, H. Price, E. Smith, and E. Yeld.

Secretary-J. C. Badcock.

Offices-181, Aldersgate Street, E.C.

General Post Office (24th Middlesex) Rifle Volunteers.

Honorary Colonel-Colonel H.S.H. The DUKE OF TECK, G.C.B., &c., &c.
Lieut.-Colonel-John L. Du Plat Taylor, P.

Majors-S. Raffles Thompson, P. George Sturgeon, P.

Adjutant-Major Francis William Kane, 3rd Regiment East Kent, (The Buffs).
Quartermaster-W. Dickson, P.
Surgeon-J. T. Powell, Esq., M.D.

Acting Surgeon-H. M. Crookshank, Esq.

Her Majesty's Customs Second Mutual Building

Directors-Messrs. J. A. Allison, T. A. Blake, J. Colville, H. H. Hooper, C. W. Jacobs,
J. A. J. Leary, E. Lovell, T. Rochford, J. Salmon, W. J. Smart, E. Smith, T. Murphy,
G. Munnion, G. L. Shaw, and J. Hopwood.
Arbitrators-R. C. Hallowes, Esq., C. E. Hunt, Esq., J. C. Stockton, Esq., E. P. Bis-
shopp Smith, Esq., and J. Jenner Weir, Esq.
Auditors-Messrs. T. Smith and A. Brabner.
Bankers-London and County Bank.

Secretary-Mr. William J. Mullett, Custom House, E.C.
Solicitors-Messrs. Andrew, Wood, and Glasier.
Office-Long Room, Custom House, London, E.C.

This society was founded eight years since, on the terminable principle, has already advanced £54,000 on house property, and now lends about £800 per month, partly by ballot and partly by tender.

Irish Customs Benevolent Society.

Trustees-F. G. Walpole, N. J. Halpin, and J. McAllister. Committee of Management-Patrick Ryan, Thomas Clouston, Edward Doherty. Robert Fitzsimons, Richard MacMullen, Garrett Kinsella, and John Sheirson. Treasurer-Louis Balfe. Secretary-James McAllister. Auditors-Hugh Burke and Edward Dooley.

This Society was founded in 1860 by the Officers and Clerks of Her Majesty's Customs in Dublin, for the purpose of affording relief to the families of deceased members.

Port of London Co-operative Society, Limited.

Offices-16, Camomile Street.

Committee of Management-Messrs C. H. Barton, R. T. Churchill, J. B. Keene, and D. P. Williams, of the Customs; B. E. Drayner, Trinity House; B. Wenban, Inland Revenue; E. Hook and L. Nicholas, London and St. Katherine Docks Company; and A. Dougharty, Royal Insurance Company.

Treasurer-T. Crundwell, late London and St. Katherine Docks Company. Auditors-H. Preston, Royal Insurance Company; and J. W, Douglass, Customs.

Secretary and Accountant-J. G. Atkin.

This useful Society was formed at the close of 1866. Its main object was to secure for its members the various necessaries of life in a pure and genuine state, and at the lowest price, but the fact was recognised that to trade safely a profit must be made. It was therefore determined to adopt the principle of the Rochdale and other Northern Co-operative Societies, which was, that after paying all expenses and a maximum interest of five per cent. on capital, the surplus should be divided amongst the members in the ratio of their purchases. The wisdom of this course has been proved by the steady progress made by the Society. At the end of 1882 the Share Capital was £3,953 paid up, the Reserve Fund was £604, and £9,548 had been placed to the credit of members as interest on capital and bonus on their purchases. The expense incurred by removing into large and convenient premises requiring entirely new fittings had also been met, and to a great extent paid for.

Post Office Clerks' Benevolent Fund.

Trustees-S. A. Blackwood, Esq., J. S. Baker, Esq., and T. Jeffery, Esq.

Committee-Messrs. F. J. Lawrence, T. Feld, C. D. Lang, A. C. Woodward, E. B. Graburn, J. Topping, H. Witherington, J. Downes, W. F. Evans, W. E. Kearns, V. Corry, E. May, and W. F. Copeland, Savings Bank Department (Honorary Secretary and Treasurer.)

This Fund was established in October, 1853, under the name of the Post Office Clerks' Charitable Fund, to raise, by means of a subscription of one penny per week among the officers of the major establishment of the Post Office, a sum from which cases of urgent and great distress occurring from time to time among the families of deceased Clerks might be promptly relieved, and thus to supersede the necessity of the then frequent appeals in the shape of subscription lists, a mode of relief uncertain and objectionable. In 1869 it was suggested that, in addition to the one penny per week collection, subscriptions should be solicited towards the establishment of a Pension Fund, for which a limited pension of £10 per annum (since extended to £30) for three years should be granted. The result of this appeal has been that, in addition to the relief of nearly 50 widows left in sad distress during the past ten years, 20 pensions have been granted to the extent of £750. During the existence of the Fund over 70 cases of great distress have been relieved by the distribution of upwards of £2,500. About 800 of the Officers of the Department subscribe to this Fund, but upwards of four-fifths of that number contribute only one penny per week. It is clear, however, that out of these small payments comparatively great results have been achieved, and it is equally clear, also, that if the whole of the Officers of the Post Office Department encouraged the Institution, the result would be made eminently satisfactory, not only in the relief of positive distress, but also in assisting the families of all deceased Officers whose loss must be sadly felt when their income ceases.

Second General Post Office Clerks' Mutual Benefit Building Society.

Trustees-John Ardron and J. C. Lamb, Secretary's Offiee, General Post Office. Committee-T. Churchill, E. B. Graburn, E. Solomon, Receiver and AccountantGeneral's Office, General Post Office; T. E. Gamble, War Office, Horse Guards, S.W.; J. W. Owsley, Charity Commission, Whitehall, S.W.; J. Topping Inland Branch, General Post Office; H. C. Hart, Engineer-in-Chief's Office, General Post Office; and J. T. Summerfield, Tea Department, Her Majesty's Customs.

Solicitor J. Robinson, 23, Philpot Lane, Fenchurch Street, E.C.

Architects and Surveyors-H. Prim, H.M. Board of Works, Whitehall Place, S. W., and J. Hargrave Bridgford, C.E., 3, Lower Merrion Street, Dublin, and Christchurch, Hampshire. Secretary-G. J. Avent.

This Society, a terminable one, was established on the 1st of August, 1874, and the balance-sheet issued in September last shows that a high degree of prosperity has already been attained. The Board of Management were able in the first nine years to arrange for advances by sale and ballot to the amount of £57,600. All the advances are fully covered by the securities in hand.

The "Third General Post Office Clerks' Mutual Benefit Building Society (Terminable).

This Society has been formed on similar principles to those of the "First" and "Second" Societies noticed above.

The number of Shares is limited to 3,000, and the subscription is five shillings per Share per month.

The Provisional Committee is composed largely of gentlemen who have served on the Boards of Management of the "First" and "Second Societies." The first General Meeting of the Members will be held in January, 1884, when the Board of Management will be elected, and the officers and Secretary appointed.

Mr. R. F. Pitt, late one of the principal staff officers of the Circulation Department of the General Post Office, has acted as Secretary to the Provisional Committee, which has been engaged for some months past in framing the rules, in accordance with the requirements of the Building Societies Act, 1874, and making all the necessary arrangements for the successful commencement of the Society's operations in January, 1884.

The Offices of the Society are at No. 12, Newgate Street, E.C.

Tidewaiters' Sick Fund.

Trustees-W. Ide and C. Wilson.

Directors-J. Carroll, R. J. Bartlett, J. Titterton, J. Nicholson, J. Dew, W. Moore, C. A. Grimes, W. Dawes, J. Parsons, T. R. Thomas.

Treasurer H. C. Colyer.

Secretary-D. G. Chason.

This modest little institution is one of the most meritorious of its class. It affords in an unostentatious manner real relief to its members-a hardworking and poorly-remunerated body of Civil Servants-in cases of sickness, and tends materially to remove that severe pecuniary pressure which always attends the presence of "the doctor in the house." There are at present 109 members. The last balance-sheet shows that the Society is in a thriving state.

Widows' Friend Society.

Trustees-Messrs. W. Fisher, J. Titterton, G. Miller, J. Wilson, A. S. Wood, C. Lepine, H. R. Parsons, . T. E. Overton, T. Reynolds, H. Hill, J. Carroll, J. D. Dean, S. Frend, J. Collins, G. R. White, C. A. McMaking, J. Wilkinson.

Directors-Messrs. T. Taylor, E. H. George, J. Bailey, J. Nicholson, R. J. Bartlett, G. Langrish, C. A. Grimes, R. Pearce, C. S. Lindley, A. W. Kircaldie, W. F. Sargood, W. Moore. Treasurer-H. C. Colyer. Secretary-D. G. Chason.

This is in reality a small insurance office attached to the Outdoor Department of the Customs. It is founded on sound financial principles, and is most ably and economically conducted. The Society at present numbers 410 members. The last balance-sheet shows that the Society is in a high state of prosperity.

Whitehall Mutual Building Society.

(Incorporated under the "Building Societies Act, 1874.") Trustees-Mr. Registrar Hazlitt, Senior Registrar of the Court of Bankruptcy; T. Digby Pigott, Esq., Controller of Her Majesty's Stationery Office; Sir Ralph Thompson, C.B., Under Secretary of State, War Office.

Secretary-Robert J. Thompson, H.M. Office of Works, &c., 12, Whitehall Place, S.W. The subscription is 5s. per month, for a period of ten years.

Advances are made from the funds of the Society by appropriation and sale alternately, three-eighths being appropriated by ballot, and the remaining five-eighths being offered for competition amongst the members.

The repayments of advances extend over 12 years.

260 Pages, Crown 8vo., Cloth Bound. Price 5s.







Joint Author of "SOLUTIONS IN CHEMISTRY" and "LONDON UNIVERSITY MATRICULATION CHEMISTRY;' Member of the Society of Chemical Industry;

Analyst in the Inland Revenue Laboratory, Somerset House.


HIS work is intended to answer a threefold purpose, viz. :1st. To furnish a Text-book to the Technical Brewing Examinations of the City and Guilds of London Institute for the Advancement of Technical Education.

2nd. To afford all those Revenue Officers and others whose business brings them into contact with the Brewing Trade a guide to its technicalities and some instruction on the chemical principles upon which its manufacturing operations depend; and

3rd. To offer to Brewers, and especially to those who have not had the advantage of a scientific training, a Manual containing an account of the discoveries of Science which bear upon their profession, and a description of the methods to be followed in the Analytical Examination of Beer, Brewing Materials, and Water, the Determination of Original Gravities, &c.


Elementary Chemistry. Starch, Starchy Materials and Sugars. Malting. Brewing Water. Mashing. Hops and Hop Substitutes. Fermentation Theories and Systems. Alcoholic and Disease Ferments. Analysis of Brewing Materials, Water and Beer.

Determination of Original Gravities, &c.


Microscopic Drawings of Wheat, Barley, Tous-les-mois, Potato, Rice and Oat Starches. The Polarising Saccharimeter. Chemical Apparatus. Galland's Patent Pneumatic Malting Plant. Pasteur's Flasks. Microscopic Drawings of High and Low Yeasts, and of the Saccharomyces, Pastorianus and Caseous Ferments at various stages of Growth; of Bacteria and the Acetic, Lactic and Ropy Organisms.

Orders, with remittances, should be sent to the Publisher, "Civilian " Office, 6, ST. BRIDE STREET, LUDGATE CIRCUS, E.C.

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