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H. M.


God's Majesty and Sovereignty.

1 THE Lord Jehovah reigns ;

His throne is built on high ;
The garments he assumes
Are light and majesty :
His glories shine

With beams so bright,
No mortal eye

Can bear the sight. .

2 The thunders of his hand

Keep the wide world in awe ;
His wrath and justice stand
To guard his holy law :
And where his love

Resolves to bless,
His truth confirms

And seals the grace.

3 And can this mighty King

Of glory condescend ?
And will he write his name
“My Father and my Friend”?
I love his name,

I love his word ;
Join, all my powers,
And praise the Lord.




C. M.

TATE & BRADY. The Majesty and Condcscension of God. Ps. 8. 1 () THOU to whom all creatures bow,

Within this earthly frame, Through all the world how great art thou !

How glorious is thy name! 2 When heaven, thy beauteous work on high,

Employs my wondering sight;
The moon, that nightly rules the sky,

With stars of feebler light;-
3 What's man, say I, that, Lord, thou lov'st

To keep him in thy mind ?
Or what his offspring, that thou prov'st

To them so wondrous kind ?

4 Him next in power thou didst create

To thy celestial train, Ordained, with dignity and state,

O’er all thy works to reign. 5 They jointly own his powerful sway –

The beasts that prey or graze ; The bird that wings its airy way;

The fish that cuts the seas.

6 O thou, to whom all creatures bow

Within this earthly frame, Through all the world how great art thou ! How glorious is thy name !


C. M.

STERNHOLD. The Majesty of God. Ps. 18. 1 THE Lord descended from above,

And bowed the heavens high;
And underneath his feet he cast

The darkness of the sky. 2 On cherub and on cherubim

Full royally he rode;
And on the wings of all the winds

Came flying all abroad.
3 And like a den most dark he made

His hid and secret place;
With waters black and airy clouds

Environed he was.
4 He sat serene upon the floods,

Their fury to restrain ;
And he as sovereign Lord and King

Forevermore shall reign

C. M.

Watts. The Greatness of God. Ps. 145. 1 GREAT is the Lord, his power unknown,

And let his praise be great ;
I'll sing the honors of thy throne,

Thy works of grace repeat.
2 Thy grace shall dwell upon my tongue,

And, while my lips rejoice, The men that hear


sacred Shall join their cheerful voice.


3 Fathers to sons shall teach thy name,

And children learn thy ways; Ages to come thy truth proclaim,

And nations sound thy praise. 4 Thy glorious deeds of ancient date

Shall through the world be known, Thine arm of power, thy heavenly state,

With public splendor shown. 5 The world is managed by thy hands;

Thy saints are ruled by love; And thine eternal kingdom stands,

Though rocks and hills remove.


C. M.

H. K. WHITE. God's Power over his Works. 1 THE Lord our God is full of might ;

The winds obey his will ;
He speaks, and in his heavenly height

The rolling sun stands still.
2 Rebel, ye waves, and o'er the land

With threatening aspect roar; The Lord uplifts his awful hand,

And chains you to the shore. 3 Howl, winds of night; your force combine;

Without his high behest,
Ye shall not in the mountain pine

Disturb the sparrow's nest.
4 Ye nations, bend, in reverence bend;

Ye monarchs, wait his nod; And bid the choral


ascend To celebrate our God.

C. M.

God glorious.
1 FATHER, how wide thy glory shines !

How high thy wonders rise!
Known through the earth by thousand signs,

By thousand through the skies.
2 Those mighty orbs proclaim thy power;

Their motions speak thy skill;
And on the wings of every hour

We read thy patience still.
3 Part of thy name divinely stands

On all thy creatures writ;
They show the labor of thine hands,

Or impress of thy feet.

L. M.

The God of Thunder.
1 0 THE immense, the amazing height,

The boundless grandeur of our God, Who treads the worlds beneath his feet,

And sways the nations with his nod! 2 He speaks, and, lo, all nature shakes,

Heaven's everlasting pillars bow;
He rends the clouds with hideous cracks,

And shoots his fiery arrows through. 3 Let noise and flame confound the skies,

And drown the spacious realms below, Yet will we sing the Thunderer's praise,

And send our loud hosannas through.

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