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5 Proclaim him King, pronounce him blest;
He's your defence, your joy, your rest;
When terrors rise, and nations faint,
God is the strength of every saint.


C. M.

Ps. 33.

1 LET all the just to God, with joy,
Their cheerful voices raise;
For well the righteous it becomes.
To sing glad songs of praise ;-


2 For faithful is the word of God;
His works with truth abound;
He justice loves, and all the earth
Is with his goodness crowned.

3 By his almighty word, at first,

Heaven's glorious arch was reared;
And all the beauteous hosts of light
At his command appeared.

4 The swelling floods, together rolled,
He makes in heaps to lie,
And lays, as in a storehouse safe,
The watery treasure by.

5 Let earth, and all that dwell therein, Before him trembling stand;

For, when he spake the word, 'twas made; 'Twas fixed at his command.

6 Whate'er the mighty Lord decrees,

Shall stand forever sure;

The settled purpose of his heart
To ages shall endure.

8, 8, 6 M.


The Power and Goodness of God.


1 O, COME and sing your Maker's name;
With cheerful thanks his praise proclaim,
For ye are all his own;

All, from the angel to the worm:
The vernal breeze, the raging storm,
Confess him Lord alone.

From the German.

2 He gives the world yon orb of light;
He bids the moon shine mildly bright;
He wields the balanced earth;
He makes the seasons duly yield;
His dews refresh the grassy field,
And give its treasures birth.

3 "Tis God who swells the tender seeds,
And man with strengthening bread provides,
And heart-rejoicing wine;

He holds the lightning in his hand;
The host of heaven, the sea, the land,
Confess his power divine.

4 His rainbow still proclaims on high That mercy, to repentance nigh,

Which never shall abate;

The morning on the midnight calls,
The day exclaims, till evening falls,
That God is good and great ;-
5 Great, when the thunder rolls along;
Great in the streams of ocean strong,

The light, the fountains sweet;
Great God, if thus thy praises be,
Make this devoted heart for thee
A sanctuary meet.


C. M.

Ps. 33.

Works of Creation and Providence.
1 REJOICE, ye righteous, in the Lord;
This work belongs to you;

Sing of his name, his ways, his word,
How holy, just, and true.

2 His mercy and his righteousness

Let heaven and earth proclaim ;
His works of nature and of grace
Reveal his wondrous name.
3 His wisdom and almighty word

The heavenly arches spread,
And by the spirit of the Lord

Their shining hosts were made.


4 He bade the liquid waters flow
To their appointed deep;
The flowing seas their limits know,
And their own station keep.

5 Ye tenants of the spacious earth,
With fear before him stand;
He spake, and nature took its birth,
And rests on his command.


L. M. 6 L.

Works of Creation and Providence. Ps. 33. 1 YE holy souls, in God rejoice;

Your Maker's praise becomes your voice;
Great is your theme, your songs be new;
Sing of his name, his word, his ways,
His works of nature and of grace,

How wise and holy, just and true.


2 Justice and truth he ever loves,
And the whole earth his goodness proves;
His word the heavenly arches spread;
How wide they shine from north to south!
And by the spirit of his mouth

Were all the starry armies made.

3 He gathers the wide-flowing seas;
Those watery treasures know their place
In the vast storehouse of the deep;
He spake, and gave all nature birth,
And fires, and seas, and heaven, and earth,
His everlasting orders keep.


L. M.

Perfections and Providence of God. Ps. 36. 1 O LORD, thy mercy, my sure hope,

The highest orb of heaven transcends; Thy sacred truth's unmeasured scope

Beyond the sparkling skies extends.

2 Thy justice like the hills remains;

Unfathomed depths thy judgments are;
Thy providence the world sustains;
The whole creation is thy care.


3 Since of thy goodness all partake,

With what assurance should the just Thy sheltering wings their refuge make, And saints to thy protection trust!

4 Such guests shall to thy courts be led,
To banquet on thy love's repast,
And drink, as from a fountain's head,
Of joys that shall forever last.


L. M.


The Perfections and Providence of God. Ps. 36. 1 HIGH in the heavens, eternal God, Thy goodness in full glory shines; Thy truth shall break through every cloud That veils and darkens thy designs.

2 Forever firm thy justice stands,

As mountains their foundations keep; Wise are the wonders of thy hands;

Thy judgments are a mighty deep.

3 Thy providence is kind and large;

Both man and beast thy bounty share;
The whole creation is thy charge,
But saints are thy peculiar care.

4 My God, how excellent thy grace!

Whence all our hope and comfort springs; The sons of Adam, in distress,

Fly to the shadow of thy wings.

5 From the provisions of thy house We shall be fed with sweet repast; There mercy like a river flows,

And brings salvation to our taste.

6 Life, like a fountain rich and free,

Springs from the presence of my Lord, And in thy light our souls shall see The glories promised in thy word.


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