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3 To thee we all our ways commit,

And seek our comforts near thy feet;
Still on our souls vouchsafe to shine,

And guard and guide us still as thine. 4 Give us in thy beloved house

Again to pay our grateful vows;
Or, if that joy no more be known,
Give us to meet around thy throne.


C. M.

CHRISTIAN PSALMIST. The good Seed. After Sermon. 1 ALMIGHTY God, thy word is cast

Like seed into the ground;
Now let the dew of heaven descend,

And righteous fruits abound.
2 Let not the foe of Christ and man

This holy seed remove;
But give it root in every

To bring forth fruits of love.
3 Let not the world's deceitful cares

The rising plant destroy ;
But let it yield, a hundred fold,

The fruits of peace and joy.
4 Nor let thy word, so kindly sent

To raise us to thy throne,
Return to thee, and sadly tell

That we reject thy Son.
5 Oft as the precious seed is sown,

Thy quickening grace bestow,
That all whose souls the truth receive,

Its saving power may know.


C. M.

Bishop HEBER The Sced of the Word. 1 O GOD, by whom the seed is given,

By whom the harvest blest; Whose word, like manna showered from heaven,

Is planted in our breast; 2 Preserve it from the passing feet,

And plunderers of the air ; The sultry sun's intenser heat,

And weeds of worldly care.
3 Though buried deep, or thinly strown,

Do thou thy grace supply ;
The hope in earthly furrows sown

Shall ripen in the sky.


C. M.

RIPPOK S COL. The Seed soun. 1 NOW, Lord, the heavenly seed is sown,

Be it thy servants' care
Thy heavenly blessing to bring down,

By humble, fervent prayer.
2 In vain we plant without thine aid,

And water, too, in vain;
Lord of the harvest, God of grace,

Send down thy heavenly rain.
3 Then shall our cheerful hearts and tongues

Begin this song divine: -
Thou, Lord, hast given the rich increase,
And be the glory thine."


P. M.


Peace with God.

TO all thy faithful people, Lord,

Pardon and peace impart;
And be thy Spirit shed abroad,

Thy love in every heart;
That they, from conscious guilt made clean,
May serve thee with a mind serene.

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8s & 7 M. TOPLADY's Col.

Hymn of Dismission.
1 LORD, dismiss us with thy blessing,

Hope and comfort from above ;
Let us each, thy peace possessing,

Triumph in redeeming love. 2 Thanks we give, and adoration,

For thy gospel's joyful sound;
May the fruits of thy salvation

In our hearts and lives abound.

8s & 7 M.

J. NEWTON. Benediction. 1 MAY the grace of Christ our Savior,

And the Father's boundless love,
With the Holy Spirit's favor,

Rest upon us from above.
2 Thus may we abide in union

With each other and the Lord,
And possess, in sweet communion,

Joys which earth cannot afford.

7 M.

J. NEWTON. Benediction. 1 NOW may He who from the dead

Brought the Shepherd of the sheep, Jesus Christ, our King and Head,

All our souls in safety keep. 2 May he teach us to fulfil

What is pleasing in his sight, Perfect us in all his will,

And preserve us day and night.

C. M.

Estlin. Dorology. 1 THOU art the first, and thou the last;

Time centres all in thee;
The Almighty God, who was, and is,

And evermore shall be.
2 To thee let every tongue be praise,

And every heart be love,
All grateful honors paid on earth,

And nobler songs above.

C. M.

DODDRIDGE. Christ's Regard to little Children. 1 SEE Israel's gentle Shepherd stand

With all-engaging charms;
Hark ! how he calls the tender lambs,

And folds them in his arms!

2 " Permit them to approach,” he cries,

“Nor scorn their humble name ; For 'twas to bless such souls as these,

The Lord of angels came."
3 We bring them, Lord, in thankful hands,

And yield them up to thee;
Joyful that we ourselves are thine,

Thine let our offspring be.
4 Ye little flock, with pleasure hear;

Ye children, seek his face,
And fly with transport to receive

The blessings of his grace.
5 If orphans they are left behind,

God's guardian care we trust;
That care shall heal our bleeding hearts,

If weeping o'er their dust.


S. M.

PARADISE ST. COL. Children devoted to God. 1 LORD, what our ears have heard,

Our eyes, delighted, trace -
Thy love in long succession shown

To Zion's chosen race.
2 Our children dost thou claim,

And mark them out for thine ;
Ten thousand blessings to thy name,

For goodness so divine. 3 Thee let the fathers own,

And thee the sons adore ;
Joined to the Lord in solemn vows,

To be forgot no more.

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