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7 His hand is my perpetual guard;
He keeps me with his eye:
Why should I, then, forget the Lord,
Who is forever nigh?


L. M.

The Creator and Creatures.

1 FROM thy Great Self thy being springs; Thou art thy own original,

Made up of uncreated things,

And self-sufficience bears them all.


2 Thy voice produced the seas and spheres, Bid the waves roar and planets shine; But nothing like thyself appears

Through all these spacious works of thine.

3 Still restless nature dies and grows;

From change to change the creatures run; Thy being no succession knows,

And all thy vast designs are one.

4 Who can behold the blazing light?
Who can approach consuming flame?
None but thy wisdom knows thy might,
None but thy word can speak thy name.

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L. M.


Creation, Dissolution, and Restoration of the World. 1 SING to the Lord that built the skies, The Lord that reared this stately frame; Let all the nations sound his praise,

And lands unknown repeat his name.

2 He formed the seas, and formed the hills,
Made every drop and every dust,
Nature and time, with all their wheels,
And pushed them into motion first.
3 Now, from his high, imperial throne,

He looks far down upon the spheres ;
He bids the shining orbs roll on,

And round he turns the hasty years.

4 Thus shall this moving engine last,
Till all his saints are gathered in;
Then for the trumpet's dreadful blast
To shake it all to dust again!

5 Yet, when the sound shall tear the skies, And lightning burn the globe below, Saints, you may lift your joyful eyes; There's a new heaven and earth for you.


L. M.

The Perfections of God.

1 BRIGHT King of glory, dreadful God,
Our spirits bow before thy seat;
To thee we lift an humble thought,
And worship at thine awful feet.


2 Thy power hath formed, thy wisdom sways
All nature with a sovereign word;
And the bright world of stars obeys
The will of their superior Lord,

3 Mercy and truth unite in one,

And smiling sit at thy right hand; Eternal justice guards thy throne,

And vengeance waits thy dread command.

4 A thousand seraphs, strong and bright,
Stand round the glorious Deity;
But who, amongst the sons of light,
Pretends comparison with thee?


C. M.

The Divine Perfections.

1 HOW shall I praise the eternal God,
That Infinite Unknown?

Who can ascend his high abode,
Or venture near his throne?

2 The great Invisible! he dwells
Concealed in dazzling light;
But his all-searching eye reveals
The secrets of the night.


3 Those watchful eyes, that never sleep, Survey the world around;

His wisdom is a boundless deep,
Where all our thoughts are drowned.

4 Speak we of strength? his arm is strong, To save or to destroy;

Infinite years his life prolong,

And endless is his joy.

5 He knows no shadow of a change, Nor alters his decrees;

Firm as a rock his truth remains,

To guard his promises.


S. M.

God's Power and Goodness.



1 O, THE Almighty Lord,
How matchless is his power!
Tremble, O earth, beneath his word,
While all the heavens adore.

2 Let proud, imperious kings
Bow low before his throne;
Crouch to his feet, ye haughty things,
Or he shall tread you down.

3 Yet, everlasting God,

We love to speak thy praise;
Thy sceptre's equal to thy rod,
The sceptre of thy grace.

4 Salvation to the King

That sits enthroned above!
Thus we adore the God of might,
And bless the God of love.


C. M.

God's Power and Goodness. Ps. 66.

1 SING, all ye nations, to the Lord,
Sing with a joyful noise;
With melody of sound record
His honors and your joys.


2 Say to the Power that shakes the sky,: "How terrible art thou!

"Sinners before thy presence fly,

"Or at thy feet they bow."

3 0, bless our God, and never cease;
Ye saints, fulfil his praise;

He keeps our life, maintains our peace,
And guides our doubtful ways.

4 Lord, thou hast proved our suffering souls, To make our graces shine;

So silver bears the burning coals,

The metal to refine.

5 Through watery deeps and fiery ways, We march at thy command;

Led to possess the promised place
By thine unerring hand.


L. M.


The Vengeance and Compassion of God. Ps. 68.
1 LET God arise in all his might,
And put the troops of hell to flight,
As smoke that sought to cloud the skies
Before the rising tempest flies.

2 He rides and thunders through the sky;
His name Jehovah sounds on high;
Sing to his name, ye sons of grace;
Ye saints, rejoice before his face.

3 The widow and the fatherless

Fly to his aid in sharp distress;
In him the poor and helpless find
A Judge that's just, a Father kind.

4 Kingdoms and thrones to God belong; Crown him, ye nations, in your song; `His wondrous names and powers rehearse; His honors shall enrich your verse.

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