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2 Bulwarks of mighty grace defend

The city where we dwell;
The walls, of strong salvation made,

Defy the assaults of hell.
3 List up the everlasting gates,

The doors wide open fling;
Enter, ye nations that obey

The statutes of our King.
4 Here shall you taste unmingled joys,

And live in perfect peace,
You that have known Jehovah's name,

And ventured on his grace.
5 Trust in the Lord, forever trust,

And banish all your fears;
Strength in the Lord Jehovah dwells

Eternal as his years.

L. M.

WATTS. The Benefit of Ordinances. 1 AWAY from every mortal care,

Away from earth, our souls retreat ; We leave this worthless world afar,

And wait and worship near thy seat. 2 Lord, in the temple of thy grace

We see thy feet, and we adore ; We gaze upon thy lovely face,

And learn the wonders of thy power. 3 If Satan rage, and sin grow strong,

Here we receive some cheering word ; We gird the gospel armor on

To fight the battles of the Lord.

4 Or, if our spirit faints and dies,

Our conscience galled with inward stings, Here doth the righteous Sun arise,

With healing beams beneath his wings.


L. M.

TATE & BRADY. Public Worship. Ps. 65. 1 FOR thee, O God, our constant praise

In Zion waits, thy chosen seat; Our promised altars there we'll raise,

And all our zealous vows complete. 2 O thou who to my humble prayer

Didst always bend thy listening ear, To thee shall all mankind repair,

And at thy gracious throne appear. 3 Our sins, though numberless, in vain

To stop thy flowing mercy try, Whilst thou o’erlook'st the guilty stain,

And washest out the crimson dye. 4 Blest is the man, who, near thee placed,

Within thy sacred dwelling lives; Whilst we, at humbler distance, taste

The vast delights thy temple gives.

L. M.

The Pleasure of public Worship. Ps. 84.
1 HOW pleasant, how divinely fair,

O Lord of hosts, thy dwellings are !
With long desire my spirit faints
To meet the assemblies of thy saints.

2 God is our Sun; he makes our day;

God is our Shield; he guards our way
From all the assaults of hell and sin

From foes without and foes within. 3 All needful grace will God bestow,

And crown that grace with glory too,
He gives us all things, and withholds

No real good from upright souls.
4 Blest are the souls that find a place

Within the temple of thy grace ;
There they behold thy gentler rays,

And seek thy face, and learn thy praise. 5 Blest are the men whose hearts are set

To find the way to Zion's gate;
God is their Strength, and through the road

They lean upon their Helper, God. 6 Cheerful they walk with growing strength,

Till all shall meet in heaven at length;
Till all before thy face appear,
And join in nobler worship there.

L. M.

J. TAYLOR. Acceptable Worship. 1 O, HOW delightful is the road

That leads us to thy temple, Lord !
With joy we visit thine abode,

And seek the treasures of thy word. 2 O heavenly treasures! glorious light!

From ancient sages long concealed,
Till Christ restored the feeble sight,
And God's unchanging word revealed.

3 For thee, O Lord, our thoughts prepare

The sacrifice thy love demands — A soul repentant and sincere,

A grateful heart, and liberal hands.

S. M.

Seeking God. Ps. 63.
1 MY God, permit my tongue

This joy - to call thee mine ;
And let my early cries prevail

To taste thy love divine.
2 Within thy churches, Lord,

I long to find my place,
Thy power and glory to behold,

And feel thy quickening grace.
3 For life, without thy love,

No relish can afford ;
No joy can be compared to this

To serve and please the Lord.
4 To thee I'll lift my hands,

And praise thee while I live;
Not all the dainties of a feast

Such food or pleasure give.
5 Since thou hast been my Help,

To thee my spirit flies,
And on thy watchful providence

My cheerful hope relies.
6 The shadow of thy wings

My soul in safety keeps;
I follow where my Father leads,

And he supports my steps.


L. M.

TATE & BRADY. Public Worship. Ps. 95. 1 0, COME, loud anthems let us sing,

Loud thanks to our almighty King ;
For we our voices high should raise,

When our salvation's Rock we praise. 2 Into his presence let us haste,

To thank him for his favors past;
To him address, in joyful songs,

The praise that to his name belongs.
3 For God the Lord, enthroned in state,

Is with unrivalled glory great-
A King superior far to all -

Whom by his title God we call.
4 The depths of earth are in his hand,

Her secret wealth at his command ;
The strength of hills, that threat the skies,

Subjected to his empire lies.
5 The rolling ocean's vast abyss

By the same sovereign right is his;
'Tis moved by his almighty hand,
That formed and fixed the solid land.

6 0, let us to his courts repair,

And bow with adoration there ;
Down on our knees devoutly, all,
Before the Lord our Maker fall.


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