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4 The seeds which piety and love

Have scattered here below,
In the fair, fertile fields above,

To ample harvests grow.

C. M.

DODDRINGE. The near Approach of Salvation. 1 AWAKE, ye saints, and raise your eyes,

And raise your voices high;
Awake, and praise that sovereign love,

That shows salvation nigh.
2 On all the wings of time it flies;

Each moment brings it near ; Then welcome, each declining day;

Welcome, each closing year.
3 Not many years their round shall run,

Nor many mornings rise,
Ere all its glories stand revealed

To our admiring eyes.
4 Ye wheels of nature, speed your course;

Ye mortal powers, decay;
Fast as ye bring the night of death,

Ye bring eternal day.

C. M.

The Hope of Heaven a Support under Trials.
1 WHEN I can read my title clear

To mansions in the skies,
I bid farewell to every fear,

And wipe my weeping eyes.

2 Let cares like a wild deluge come,

And storms of sorrow fall,
May I but safely reach my home,

My God, my heaven, my all, —
3 There shall I bathe my weary soul

In seas of heavenly rest,
And not a wave of trouble roll

Across my peaceful breast.

C. M.

Watts. The Martyrs glorified. 1 "THESE glorious minds, how bright they shine!

Whence all their white array ? How came they to the happy seats

Of everlasting day?"
2 From torturing pains to endless joys

On fiery wheels they rode,
And strangely washed their raiment white

In Jesus' dying blood.
3 Now they approach a spotless God,

And bow before his throne ;
Their warbling harps and sacred songs

Adore the Holy One.
4 Tormenting thirst shall leave their souls,

And hunger fly as fast;
The fruit of life's immortal tree

Shall be their sweet repast.
5 The Lamb shall lead his heavenly flock

Where living fountains rise, And love divine shall wipe away

The sorrows of their eyes.

L. M.

Watts. A Vision of the Lamb. 1 ALL mortal vanities, be gone,

Nor tempt my eyes nor tire my ears ; Behold, amidst the eternal throne,

A vision of the Lamb appears! 2 Lo, he receives a sealed book

From him that sits upon the throne ! Jesus, my Lord, prevails to look

On dark decrees and things unknown. 3 All the assembling saints around

Fall worshipping before the Lamb, And in new songs of gospel sound

Address their honors to his name. 4 The joy, the shout, the harmony,

Flies o'er the everlasting hills;
Worthy art thou alone,” they cry,

“ To read the book, to loose the seals.” 5 Our voices join the heavenly strain,

And with transporting pleasure sing, " Worthy the Lamb, that once was slain,

To be our Teacher and our King!”





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