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L. M.

SIR H. WOTTON. The Character of a happy Life. 1 HOW happy is he born and taught,

That serveth not another's will, Whose armor is his honest thought,

And simple truth his utmost skill ! 2 Whose passions not his masters are,

Whose soul is still prepared for death, Untied unto the world by care

Of public fame, or private breath; -
3 Who envies none that chance doth raise,

Nor vice hath ever understood,
How deepest wounds are given by praise,

Nor rules of state, but rules of good; 4 Who hath his life from rumors freed;

Whose conscience is his strong retreat ; Whose state can neither flatterers feed,

Nor ruin make oppressors great ; 5 Who God doth late and early pray

More of his grace than gifts to lend, And entertains the harmless day

With a religious book or friend;

6 This man is freed from servile bands

Of hope to rise, or fear to fall;
Lord of himself, though not of lands,

And having nothing, yet hath all.



L. M.


The Beatitudes.

1 BLEST are the humble souls that see

Their emptiness and poverty ;
Treasures of grace to them are given,

And crowns of joy laid up in heaven. 2 Blest are the meek, who stand afar

From rage and passion, noise and war;
God will secure their happy state,

And plead their cause against the great. 3 Blest are the souls that thirst for grace,

Hunger and long for righteousness;
They shall be well supplied and fed

With living streams and living bread. 4 Blest are the men whose bowels move

And melt with sympathy and love; From Christ the Lord shall they obtain

Like sympathy and love again. 5 Blest are the pure, whose hearts are clean

From the defiling powers of sin ;
With endless pleasure they shall see

A God of spotless purity.
6 Blest are the men of peaceful life,

Who quench the coals of growing strife; They shall be called the heirs of bliss,

The sons of God, the God of peace. 7 Blest are the sufferers who partake

Of pain and shame for Jesus' sake;
Their souls shall triumph in the Lord ;
Glory and joy are their reward.

% & 6s M.

Joy and Peace in believing.
1 SOMETIMES a light surprises

The Christian while he sings;
It is the Lord, who rises

With healing on his wings:
When comforts are declining,

He grants the soul again
A season of clear shining,

To cheer it after rain.

2 In holy contemplation,

We sweetly then pursue
The theme of God's salvation,

And find it ever new;
Set free from present sorrow,

We cheerfully can say,
E'en let the unknown to-morrow

Bring with it what it may !
3 It can bring with it nothing

But he will bear us through ;
Who gives the lilies clothing

Will clothe his people too;
Beneath the spreading heavens

No creature but is fed ;
And he who feeds the ravens

Will give his children bread.
4 Though vine nor fig-tree neither

Their wonted fruit shall bear,
Though all the field should wither,

Nor flocks nor herds be there,

Yet, God the same abiding,

His praise shall tune my voice; For, while in him confiding,

I cannot but rejoice.


S. M.

Peace growing out of Trust in God.
1 WEARY, and weak, and faint,
I cast mine

eyes around;
My joints all tremble, and my feet

Sink deep in miry ground. 2 Despairing help below,

To heaven I raise my cries;
God hears, and his almighty arm

Outstretches from the skies.

3 I on that arm repose,

And all my fears are o'er ;
New strength diffused through all my soul

Attests its vital power. 4 My mind in perfect peace

Thy guardian care shall keep;
I'll yield to gentle slumbers now,

For thou canst never sleep. 5 Happy the souls alone

On thee securely stayed !
Nor shall they be in life alarmed,
Nor be in death dismayed.



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S. M.

Heavenly Joy on Earth.
1 COME, we that love the Lord,

And let our joys be known;
Join in a song with sweet accord,

And thus surround the throne. 2 Let those refuse to sing,

That never knew our God ;
But favorites of the heavenly King

May speak their joys abroad. 3 This awful God is ours,

Our Father and our Love;
He shall send down his heavenly powers

To carry us above.
4 There shall we see his face,

And never, never sin,
There, from the rivers of his grace,

Drink endless pleasures in. 5 Yes, and before we rise

To that immortal state,
The thoughts of such amazing bliss

Should constant joys create. 6 The men of grace have found

Glory begun below;
Celestial fruits on earthly ground

From faith and hope may grow. 7 Then let our songs abound,

And every tear be dry;
We're marching, through Immanuel's ground,

To fairer worlds on high.

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