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And joyed to crown

The Victor's head,

When Satan fled
Before his frown.

4 Around his sacred tomb

A willing watch ye keep,
Till the blest moment come
To rouse him from his sleep;
Then rolled the stone,

And all adored

Your rising Lord,
With joy unknown.

5 When, all arrayed in light,

The shining Conqueror rode, Ye hailed his rapturous flight Up to the throne of God; And waved around

Your golden wings,

And struck your strings
Of sweetest sound.

6 The warbling notes pursue,

And louder anthems raise, While mortals sing with you Their own Redeemer's praise ; And thou, my heart,

With equal flame,

And joy the same,
Perform thy part.




C. M.

Watts. The Messiah. 1 THE true Messiah now appears ;

The types are all withdrawn ;
So fly the shadows and the stars

Before the rising dawn.
2 Much he revealed his Father's grace,

And much his truth he showed,
And preached the way of righteousness,

Where great assemblies stood.

S. M.

WATTS. Christ's Commission. 1 RAISE your triumphant songs

To an immortal tune;
Let the wide earth resound the deeds

Celestial grace has done. 2 Sing how Eternal Love

Its chief-beloved chose,
And bade him raise our wretched race

From their abyss of woes.

3 Now, sinners, dry your tears;

Let hopeless sorrow cease ;
Bow to the sceptre of his love,

And take the offered peace.
4 Lord, we obey thy call;

We lay an humble claim
To the salvation thou hast brought,

And love and praise thy name.

C. M.

Christ's mediatorial Kingdom. Ps. 89.
1 HEAR what the Lord in vision said,
And made his


known : “Sinners, behold, your help is laid

On my beloved Son.
2 “Behold the man my wisdom chose

Among your mortal race;
His head my holy oil o'erflows,

The spirit of my grace.
3 “My truth shall guard him in his way,

With mercy by his side, While in my name, through earth and sea,

He shall in triumph ride.
4 " Me for his Father and his God

He shall forever own,
Call me his Rock, his high Abode,

And I'll support my Son.
5 "My covenant stands forever fast;

My promises are strong ; Firm as the heavens his throne shall last, His seed endure as long."

L. M.

Watts. The Glory of Christ. Ps. 45. 1 NOW be my heart inspired to sing

The glories of my Savior King ;
Jesus the Lord ! how heavenly fair

His form! how bright his beauties are ! 2 O'er all the sons of human race

He shines with a superior grace ;
Love from his lips divinely flows,

And blessings all his state compose. 3 Dress thee in arms, most mighty Lord ;

Gird on the terror of thy sword ;
In majesty and glory ride,

With truth and meekness at thy side. 4 God, thine own God, has richly shed

His oil of gladness on thy head;
And with his sacred spirit blest
His first-born Son above the rest.

H. M.

WATTS. Christ the Guide and Shepherd. 1 GREAT Prophet of my God,

My tongue would bless thy name;
By thee the joyful news
Of our salvation came
The joyful news

Of sins forgiven,
Of hell subdued,

And peace with heaven.

2 Be thou my Counsellor,

My Patron, and my Guide,
And through this desert land
Still keep me near thy side :
0, let my feet

Ne'er run astray,
Nor rove, nor seek

The crooked way.
3 I love my Shepherd's voice;

His watchful eyes shall keep
My wandering soul among
The thousands of his sheep:
He feeds his flock,

He calls their names,
His bosom bears

The tender lambs.

L. M.

Mason. Christ the Image of God. 1 THOU, Lord, by mortal eyes unseen,

And by thine offspring here unknown, To manifest thyself to men,

Hast set thine image in thy Son. 2 As the bright sun's meridian blaze

O'erwhelms and pains our feeble sight, But cheers us with his softer rays,

When shining with reflected light, 3 So in thy Son, thy power divine,

Thy wisdom, justice, truth, and love, With mild and pleasing lustre shine,

Reflected from thy throne above.

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