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L. M.

Christ's Submission.

1 "FATHER divine," the Savior cried,
While horrors pressed on every side,
And prostrate on the ground he lay,
"Remove this bitter cup away.



2 "But if these pangs must still be borne,
Or helpless man be left forlorn,

I bow my soul before thy throne,
And say, Thy will, not mine, be done."
3 Thus our submissive souls would bow,
And, taught by Jesus, lie as low;
Our hearts, and not our lips alone,
Would say, Thy will, not ours, be done.
4 Then, though, like him, in dust we lie.
We'll view the blissful moment nigh,
Which, from our portion in his pains,
Calls to the joy in which he reigns.

S. M.

Humiliation and Exaltation of Christ.
1 WHO has believed thy word,
Or thy salvation known?
Reveal thine arm, Almighty Lord,
And glorify thy Son.


2 The Jews esteemed him here
Too mean for their belief;
Sorrows his chief acquaintance were,
And his companion, grief.

3 They turned their eyes away,
And treated him with scorn;
But 'twas their grief upon him lay;
Their sorrows he has borne.

4 "But I'll prolong his days, And make his kingdom stand; My pleasure," saith the God of grace, "Shall prosper in his hand."


C. M.

Christ's Sufferings and Kingdom. Ps. 22.

1 "NOW from the roaring lion's rage,
O Lord, protect thy Son,
Nor leave thy Darling to engage
The powers of hell alone."

2 Thus did our suffering Savior pray,
With mighty cries and tears;
God heard him in that dreadful day,
And chased away his fears.

3 Great was the victory of his death
His throne exalted high;

And all the kindreds of the earth
Shall worship, or shall die.


4 The meek and humble souls shall see
His table richly spread,

And all that seek the Lord shall be
With joys immortal fed.


S. M.

Christ's dying and reigning. Ps. 2.
1 WHY did the Gentiles rage,
And Jews, with one accord,
Bend all their counsels to destroy
The Anointed of the Lord?

2 Rulers and kings agree
To form a vain design;
Against the Lord their powers unite,
Against his Christ they join.

3 The Lord derides their rage,
And will support his throne;
He that hath raised him from the dead
Hath owned him for his Son.


C. M.
The Savior's Prayer.

1 MY God, if possible it be,
Withhold this bitter cup;
But I resign my will to thee,
And drink the sorrows up.


3 Father, I give my spirit up,
And trust it in thy hand;
My dying flesh shall rest in hope,
And rise at thy command.


2 My heart dissolves with pangs unknown; In groans I waste my breath;

Thy heavy hand has brought me down
Low as the dust of death.


7s M. 6L.

Christ our Example in Suffering.

1 GO to dark Gethsemane,

Ye that feel temptation's power;
Your Redeemer's conflict see;

Watch with him one bitter hour;
Turn not from his griefs away;
Learn of Jesus Christ to pray.


2 Follow to the judgment-hall;

View the Lord of life arraigned;
O, the wormwood and the gall!

O, the pangs his soul sustained!
Shun not suffering, shame, or loss;
Learn of him to bear the cross.

3 Calvary's mournful mountain climb
There, admiring at his feet,
Mark that miracle of time

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God's own sacrifice complete ; "It is finished," hear him cry; Learn of Jesus Christ to die.

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4 Early hasten to the tomb,

Where they laid his breathless clay;
All is solitude and gloom;
Who has taken him away?
Christ is risen; he meets our eyes;
Savior, teach us so to rise.



C. M.

For Easter Sunday.

1 AGAIN the Lord of life and light
Awakes the kindling ray,

Unseals the eyelids of the morn,
And pours increasing day.


2 O, what a night was that, which wrapt The heathen world in gloom!

O, what a sun, which broke, this day,
Triumphant from the tomb!

3 This day be grateful homage paid,
And loud hosannas sung;
Let gladness dwell in every heart,
And praise on every tongue.

4 Ten thousand differing lips shall join
To hail this welcome morn,
Which scatters blessings from its wings
To nations yet unborn.

5 Jesus, the Friend of human kind
With strong compassion moved,
Descended, like a pitying God,
To save the souls he loved.

6 The powers of darkness leagued in vain
To bind his soul in death;

He shook their kingdom, when he fell,
With his expiring breath.

7 And now his conquering chariot wheels
Ascend the lofty skies;
While broke beneath his powerful cross
Death's iron sceptre lies.

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