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C. M.

WATTS. God's Control over the material and spiritual Worlds. 1 INFINITE Power, eternal Lord,

How sovereign is thy hand!
All nature rose to obey thy word,

And moves at thy command.
2 With steady course thy shining sun

Keeps his appointed way,
And all the hours obedient run

The circle of the day ;-
3 The raging fire and stormy sea

Perform thine awful will,
And every beast and every tree

Thy great designs fulfil ; -
4 While my wild passions rage within,

Nor thy commands obey,
And flesh and sense, enslaved to sin,

Draw my best thoughts away. 5 Great God, create my soul anew;

Conform my heart to thine;
Melt down my will, and let it flow,

And take the mould divine.

L. M.

COWPER. Grace and Providence. 1 ALMIGHTY King! whose wondrous hand

Supports the weight of sea and land;
Whose grace is such a boundless store,
No heart shall break that sighs for more ; -

2 Thy providence supplies my food,

And 'tis thy blessing makes it good ;
My soul is nourished by thy word ;
Let soul and body praise the Lord !

3 My streams of outward comfort came

From him who built this earthly frame;
Whate'er I want his bounty gives,
By whom my soul forever lives.

4 Forgive the song that falls so low

Beneath the gratitude I owe !
It means thy praise, however poor;
An angel's song can do no more.

L. M.

Watts. The Ministry of Angels. 1 HIGH on a hill of dazzling light

The King of glory spreads his seat, And troops of angels, stretched for flight,

Stand waiting round his awful feet.

2 Thy winged troops, O God of hosts,

Wait on thy wandering church below: Here we are sailing to thy coasts;

Let angels be our convoy too. 3 Are they not all thy servants, Lord ?

At thy command they go and come, With cheerful haste obey thy word,

And guard thy children to their home.


C. M.

Providences of God recorded. Ps. 78.
1 LET children hear the mighty deeds

Which God performed of old,
Which in our younger years we saw,

And which our fathers told.
2 He bids us make his glories known,

His works of power and grace ;
And we'll convey his wonders down

Through every rising race.
3 Our lips shall tell them to our sons,

And they again to theirs,
That generations yet unborn

May teach them to their heirs.
4 Thus they shall learn in God alone

Their hope securely stands,
That they may ne'er forget his works,

But practise his commands.



C. M.

TATE & BRADY. Commemoration of God's Benefits from one Generation to another.

Ps. 78.
1 HEAR, O my people; to my

Devout attention lend ;
Let the instruction of my mouth

Deep in your hearts descend.
2 My tongue, by inspiration taught,

Shall parables unfold,
Dark oracles, but understood,
And owned for truths, of old ;-

3 Which we from sacred registers

Of ancient times have known, And our forefathers' pious care

To us has handed down. 4 We will not hide them from our sons ;

Our offspring shall be taught The praises of the Lord, whose strength

Has works of wonder wrought ;5 That generations yet to come

Should to their unborn heirs Religiously transmit the same,

And they again to theirs ;-
6 To teach them that in God alone

Their hope securely stands ;
That they should ne'er his works forget,

But keep his just commands.


C. M.

TATE & BRADY. God the Deliverer of Nations. Ps. 44. 1 O LORD, our fathers oft have told,

In our attentive ears,
Thy wonders in their days performed,

And elder times than theirs.
2 As thee their God our fathers owned,

Thou art our sovereign King ;
0, therefore, as thou didst to them,

To us deliverance bring.
3 To thee the triumph we ascribe,

From whom the conquest came;
In God we will rejoice all day,

And ever bless his name.

4 Arise, O Lord, and timely haste

To our deliverance make;
Redeem us, Lord, if not for ours,

Yet for thy mercies' sake.

C. M.

Israel saved from Enemies. Ps. 76.
1 IN Judah God of old was known,

His name in Israel great ;
In Salem stood his holy throne,

And Zion was his seat.
2 Among the praises of his saints

His dwelling there he chose ;
There he received their just complaints

Against their haughty foes.
3 From Zion went his dreadful word,

And broke the threatening spear, The bow, the arrows, and the sword,

And crushed the Assyrian war.
4 What are the earth's wide kingdoms else

But mighty hills of prey ?
The hill on which Jehovah dwells

Is glorious more than they.
5 What power can stand before thy sight,

When once thy wrath appears ? : When heaven shines round with dreadful light,

The earth lies still, and fears. 6 When God, in his own sovereign ways,

Comes down to save the oppressed, The wrath of man shall work his praise,

And he'll restrain the rest.

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