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proposed ? and then to determine whether this — whether much greater sacrifices, if they should become necessary, would not be prudence, nay, economy itself, in comparison of the other alternative — the Radical Reform of Fox, or of BUONAPARTE ? - whether it is better to pay what is now required, to preserve the British Constitution, or to submit to whatever contribution those who would destroy it will levy, as the price of that Government, which, in kindness to the British Nation, they will substitute in its room?



" Mr. Pitt went to St. Paul's so privately that nobody saw him."

Morning Post, December 20. Mr. Pitt, who went in Lord Chatham's Coach, was much bissed.

Ditto, same day. Our Jacobins improve upon us hourly. To exchange the Life of to-day for that of to-morrow, and call it correcting, has long been familiar to them; but to go through this process in the same page of the same Paper, and almost in the same column, is an improvement that must give their Readers a high opinion of their ingenuity; and a still higher of their impudence.

A Ministerial Paper of yesterday says, Proclaiming of Districts,

“ &c. is now risen to that height in Ireland, that it is found ne-
“ cessary to economize, and save the expence of publishing them
" in the Dublin Gazette, or any of the Castle Papers -- they are
“ for the future to be posted up in hand-bills, in the Districts pro.
“ claimed."-Morning Post, December 22.

This is a trick that the Jacobin Prints seem fond of. When any one of them publishes a Lie more attrocious than usual, the next in course copies it, and boldly asserts it to be taken from a “ Ministerial Paper.” Thus we have already seen the Morning Chronicle call the Morning Post a Government Journal; and we now see the Morning Post paying the same compliment to the Morning Herald, in whose contemptible pages this Jacobinical fabrication first appeared.


e. It is probable that the French will have a Thanksgiving for their

« Successes, on the same day we have ours; they will beat us, “ however, for they have ROBESPIERRE's solemn Thanksgiving « as a model.”-Morn. Cbron, Dec. 18.

We thank the Morning Chronicle for this paragraph. It gives us an opportunity of presenting our Provincial Readers with a brief account of the “ Solemnity” so strenuously recommended to our imitation.

Hebert, a professed Atheist, at the instigation of the cxecrable CONDORCET, set up a Morning Chronicle, alias « Journal du Veritable Pere du Chene." - This Paper was filled with blasphemy, and obscenity of the grossest kind, and was distributed with a most pernicious activity.

The blessed effects of this Patriotic Print were not long in manifesting themselves. The People, accustomed to see the Religion of their Ancestors daily reviled, learned to think of it with indifference, and soon became ripe for the “ Farce ” which Condorcet and his Atheistical Associates were preparing for them.


Gobet, the Revolutionary Bishop of Paris, appeared at the Bar of the Constituent Assembly, with his inferior Clergy, and made a formal abjuration of CHRISTIANITY. « He threw himself,he said, “ on the Mercy of the « Nation, for having so long deceived them with the « absurdities of the Impostor CHRIST, and his pretended 66 FATHER, whose Doctrines he now abjured with deu testation and horror ; and he assured them, that in « future he would acknowledge no other Deity than « REASON.”

Here began the Ceremony so much admired by the Jacobin Prints. Hebert kept a strumpet of the name of MOMORO, the Wife of a renegado Corsican. This miserable Prostitute was fixed upon to represent the GodDESS of REASON; she was fantastically tricked out, and led at the head of a Grand Procession to the Church of Notre Dame, the Cathedral of Paris. Here she was, solemnly placed on a Throne of Turf and Flowers, while Gobet and the rest of the Revolutionary Clergy burnt Incense on an Altar erected just before her.

While this was performing, the cannon announced the instauration of the new Goddess: the enlightened People of Paris fell prostrate at the Signal, and paid their brutified adorations at the feet of a Street-walker and an Adulteress !!!

Such was the ceremony which the Morning Chronicle now recommends us to adopt, instead of a grateful and pious prostration of ourselves before the Almighty Ruler of the Universe!

“ Mr. WILBERFORCE would have been an admirable Coadjutor to

" OLIVER CROMWELL, whose seeking the Lord was of as much benefit to his Country as Mr. WILBERFORCE's looking unto “ Jesus."- Morning Chronicle, December 21.

We We call upon the well-disposed People of this Country, to reflect seriously on these and similar Paragraphs with which the Jacobinical Prints abound.

Are they content to exchange rational Liberty for Anarchy, and the Religion of the’ Forefathers for Atheism in its most horrid form? If so, they will do well to attend to these zealots of Infidelity—these faithful copyists of the Pere du Chene; they are the mouth-pieces of the Party, and they speak to us in thunder.

But we have better hopes : we trust our Countrymen regard their blasphemies with abhorrence, and are well aware of the folly of confiding in the hypocritical pretensions of those Men, who begin their patriotic career by requiring us to renounce our peace here, and our hopes of happiness hereafter.

We beg pardon for this warmth; but when we see a good Man singled out for ridicule, and likened to an Usurper and a Murderer, for reverently looking to the Author of his Salvation, we know not how to repress our feelings.

“ A Ministerial Paper complains, that the appointment of a

" Thanksgiving Day has been treated with ridicule None of " this ridicule has fallen in our way.”-Morn. Cbron. Dec. 18. Some People have strange ideas of ridicule. We wish to ask this Writer a simple question or two:-Did a most impious parallel between the Life and Sufferings of our blessed Saviour, and the drunken buffooneries of Bacchus, ever fall in his way? and if so-did he consider that as a ridicule of any thing?




THE ASSESSED TAXES. A full and true Account of the miraculous Operations of the New Tax, taken from that Hocus Pocus Print, the Morning Chronicle.

The Rich not affected by the Tax. “ The Rich will not be affected by the Assessed Taxes even

“ should they be more than trebled, they will not be scratched “ by them.-Morning Chronicle, December 2.

The Rich ruined by it. " That style of living, which our pride and vanity, our love of fa.

"shion, &c. has introduced, must now yield to the imperious Law of Necessity.-Morning Chronicle, Dec. 2.

The Poor not affected by the Tax. " It exempts the absolutely Poor, and those who are so in the next

“ degree.-Morning Chronicle, December 2.

The Poor ruined by it. 6. It is ridiculous to say that the Tax will not fall with the most

" merciless severity on the Poor."- Morn. Cbron. Dec, 11.

ECONOMY to be practised. « We recommend Non-consumption Agreements,” We are afraid, Non-consumption Agreements will become com“ mon.”-Morning Chronicle, December 12.

ECONOMY not to be practised. • Non-consumption Agreements will be impracticable during the

present year," &c. - Morn. Cbron. Dec. 11.

It cannot be expected that we should seriously notice such contradictory nonsense. When the Jacobins shall have made themselves masters of the subject, and have found out what they really mean to complain of, we shall have pleasure in considering their objections; meanwhile, we take our leave of them in the words of ESCALUS, in


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