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WEEKLY EXAMINER. - 205 " through a distant perspective, which occasioned its de. « fects to vanish; the second had seen it close in all its « natural deformity. Like the fabulous Lance, which “ healed the wounds it had inflicted, the French were « destined to cure those evils which themselves had « caused. Their actions could not fail to destroy the “ effect of their writings; and it required only to know “ them, to be no longer tenipted to an imitation of their “ System. The Inhabitants of the Netherlands and of “ Holland, already owed their conversion to the presence “ of the French. - It produced the same effects in Ger“ many.— Their Military Manifesto proclaimed War to the Castle, and Peace to the Cottage ; it was only “ in the first point that they kept their word. They had

promised the greatest respect for property, and they u sported with its rights; they had announced that Hap

piness and Liberty would follow their footsteps, and « wherever they were directed they were marked by

every excess of Military Despotism. This trial was “ not thrown away on the good sense of Germany; and " the National habits soon prevailed over French Meta« physics. The Philosophers and Literary Men of Ger“ many began to compare more closely the Principles “ with their Consequences; and as to the People, they " abandoned themselves at once to the sentiment naturally " arising from their new situation : their resentment “ broke out and was exercised, as soon as they had op« portunity and power. The vengeance to which the " Inhabitants of Westphalia, Franconia, and Suabia, gave « themselves up against the French, and the terrible re“ prisals of the latter, have made these to be more and « more detested in the Countries they have conquered. " It may be reasonably believed, that were they again to

« attempt

« attempt to penetrate them, they would find an Enemy “ in every Inhabitant."


The Hamburgh Mails still remain due, so that we have no Advices from the Continent; except such as come through the medium of the French Papers.

The accounts in the French Papers, to the 11th inst. inclusive, which were received in Town yesterday, contain little else than a History of BUONAPARTE's arrival at Paris, which took place on the 6th. He immediately called upon BARRAS, as President of the Directory and his personal friend, and had a conference with him which lasted two hours. His Public Audience was appointed for the roth. It was followed by a grand dinner of eighty covers, at which the Ministers, Etat Major, &c. attended. The ascendancy of this man appears to be complete ; and it seems to be the general tone, to recognize him as the Dictator of Europe. In one Paper we are told, that General BUONAPARTE having expressed a desire to see a Deputy from Switzerland at the Congress of Rastadt, a Deputy was immediately appointed. In another, we see a Catalogue of the magnificent Presents which the King of SARDINIA is preparing for him. In a third, we are entertained with a description of the Fétes with which Madame BUONAPARTE has been regaled at Venice, and the present of Horses which the Emperor has sent to her from Vienna.

The Court of Sweden having had the presumption " to send a Minister to the Congress of Rastadt, as Gua

« rantee

• rantee of the Treaty of Westphalia,' Mr. Fersen, the Minister appointed for this purpose, waited upon the General; who, in answer to his diplomatic compliment, inquired of him, 'What was the name of the Swedish

Minister then at Paris? - Mr. FERSEN was silent, and BUONAPARTE continued, " That considering the

connection which had always subsisted between the two · Nations — a connection which Sweden ought to know " how to estimate he was at a loss to account for the conduct of the Swedish Court, in appointing as its 'Agents and Plenipotentiaries, persons essentially disagreeable to every French Citizen: that the French Republic could not endure, that persons notoriously attached to the Ancient Court of France, should be sent 'to brave the Ministers of the first People in the " Universe!'

At Soleure, an Officer (a decided Republican, as we are told) chose to disobey the orders which he had received upon the subject, and to salute BUONAPARTE on his passage, by a general discharge of artillery. He was in consequence put under arrest; but has been since liberated, upon a declaration from the Directory, that they should consider his punishment as an insult to the Representative of the French Republic.

In the mean time, BUONAPARTE lives in a private house belonging to his Wife; and the Citizens of Paris are generally surprized and edified, at seeing him walking about his garden by himself, just like any other man,

The following is a Copy of an Arrêté of the Directory: The Executive Directory, considering that the Treaty concluded with the EMPEROR requires a new distribution of the Forces of the Republic, directs as follows:

1, General

I. General Berthier, Chief of the Etat-Major of the Army of Italy, is appointed Commander in Chief of that Army.

He is charged to direct the operations resulting from the Treaty of Campo Formio, and the Evacuations which are to take place in consequence.

The Military Divisions of the Interior, formerly placed under the Command of the General in Chief of the Army of Italy, cease to make a part of this Army.

II. The Army of Germany shall be divided into two Armies, one of which shall be called the Army of the Rhine, and the other the Army of Mayence.

III. The Army of the Rhine will be composed of that part of the Army of Germany which is at present placed in the Departments of Mont Terrible, the Upper Rhine and Lower Rhine, and the positions opposite, on the Right Bank of the Rhine. -- General ANGEREAU is appointed to the Command of this Army.

IV. The Army of Mayence will be composed of the remainder of the Army of Germany, now in the Conquered Countries. . General HATRY is to command this Army.

He is charged with the direction of the Military Operations relative to the occupation of Mayence, and the execution of the Treaty of Campo Formio.

V. The Army in the Territory of the Batavian Republic shall be under the sole direction of the General of Division who commands it.

VI. General BUONAPARTE will take the Command of the Army of England, as soon as his Diplomatic Mission relative to the execution of the Treaty of Campo Formio shall be completed. In the mean time General DESSAIX



shall command this Army, agreeably to the Article of the 5th Brumaire.

The Debates in the Assemblies turn chiefly on the degree of Toleration to be extended to the Christian Religion.

The attention of the Directory is occupied in re-organizing their Marine, particularly at Cherbourg, where we are told that the greatest activity prevails.

Switzerland appears to be on the brink of a Revolution.


CAPE OF Good Hope, AUG. 23, 1797. -" Since s Lord MACARTNEY's arrival, the Dutch have ceased to « consider themselves as a Conquered People - Their « confidence in Government, and their attachment to « Great Britain, increases every day.

“ The climate is so temporate and healthy, that the « General Hospital is nearly unoccupied; there being at « this moment only fifty-eight sick, out of a Garrison of « near six thousand men. We felt for a few days a scar“ city of Provisions, but they are now to be had in their « usual abundance, notwithstanding the ample Supplies u we have afforded to the Fleet of Indiamen now in « Simon's Bay.

« This Fleet will sail in a few days under a strong « Convoy; it is by far the richest that ever left India. The « Cargoes alone are estimated, upon a moderate computa« tion, at Six Millions Sterling."

Note. - This valuable Fleet is just arrived in the Downs.



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