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While her sportive Poissardes with light footsteps are seen To dance in a ring round the gay Guillotine. Il

To London, “ the rich, the defenceless," $ she comes---
Hark! my boys, to the sound of the Jacobin drums!
See Corruption, Prescription, and Privilege fly,
Pierc'd thro' by the glance of her blood-darting eye.
While Patriots, from Prison and Prejudice freed,
In soft accents shall lisp the Republican Creed,
And with Tri-colour'd Fillets, and Cravats of Green,
Shall crowd round the Altar of Saint Guillotine.


See the Level of Freedom sweep over the land-
The vile Aristocracy's doom is at hand!
Not a seat shall be left in a House tbat we know,
But for Earl Buonaparte and Baron Moreau.
But the Rights of the Commons shall still be respected
Buonaparte himself shall approve the Elected;
And the Speaker shall march with majestical mien,
And make his three bows to the grave Guillotine.

IV. Two Heads, says our Proverb, are better than One, But the Jacobin choice is for Five Heads, or none. By Directories only can Liberty thrive, Then down with the One, Boys ! and up with the Five!

|| The Guillotine at Arras was (as is well known to every Jacobin) painted “ Couleur de Rose.$ See Weekly Examiner, No. II. Extract from The Courier, .


How our Bishops and Judges will stare with amazement, When their Heads are thrust out at the National Casement! I When the National Razor | has shav'd them quite clean, What a handsome oblation to Saint Guillotine !


Berlin, Nov. 19.-Very favourable hopes are entertained by the People of this Country, of the reign of their new Sovereign. His MAJESTY's time, since his Accession, has been principally employed in internal arrangements; but nothing has yet occurred which can lead to any decisive judgment of his sentiments on Foreign Poo litics. The arrest of the Countess de LICHTENAU, formerly Madame de Rietz (and Mistress to the late King) gives rise to various conjectures.

Venice, Nov. 3. — The Municipality foreseeing their sudden dissolution, have used every endeavour to delude the ignorant populace in seconding their malicious views; and on Saturday last, the 28th ultimo, they summoned a meeting of all the Citizens, in their respective Parish Churches, to signify by ballot whether they chose to live in a state of Democracy, or to submit to the Austrian Government. Being threatened by the Satellites of the Municipality, many through fear, not knowing what they were about, adhered to the first proposition; however, the

I La petite Fenetre, and la Razoire Nationale, fondling expressions applied to the Guillotine by the Jacobins in France, and their Pupils here.

votes in full preponderated against their present Rulers.

The French Garrison in this City were under arms, and patroled through the streets to maintain the tranquility of the Town.

In consequence of this decision, six of the Munici, pality have this week left Venice (of which, four are said to be destined as Ambassadors to the Directory at Paris, and two to BUONAPARTE at Milan) with a view of preventing the City of Venice and its Territory from being given up to the EMPEROR. General SERRURIER refused giving them passports further than to Milan; they, however, I suppose, will not return any more to Venice. Several more of the most hot-headed Democrats are every moment leaving this City.

The French have been very busy in taking away the Cannon and Ammunition from St. George's (which they have converted into a kind of Citadel) for these two last days; and the whole of the Requisition Money, which in six rates would have only terminated in March ensuing, was ordered to be paid in three days.

A Cenotaph which had been erected in St. Mark's Place, to the Manes of the French General Hoche, has been ordered to be taken down.

FRANKFORT, Nov. 15. General ANGEREAU has moved his Head-quarters to Weilbourg, on the Lahn, He is himself gone towards Basle, to meet General BuoNAPARTE, who is coming to Rastadt, to act as the first French Minister at the Congress.

The Swedish Frigate Thetis, and Hussar Brig, having a Transport under Convoy, laden with Presents for Tripoli from the Court of Stockholm, are waiting in the Sound for a change of weather to sail.

General General WALTERSTORFF is to compliment the KING of Sweden on his Nuptials, in the name of His DANISH MAJESTY,, as soon as the Comte d'HAMILTON notifies it in form to this Court; he is on his road hither for that purpose.

The affair which had given occasion to believe a rupture would ensue between the Courts of St. Petersburgh and Stockholm, is said to be nearly amicably settled. - Paris Papers have been received up to the 28th ult. They contain the two Proclamations of BUONAPARTE, which have lately been so much the subject of conversation and surmise at Paris. In these, BUONAPARTE steps forward as the Protector of Nobility, the Advocate of Religion, the Enemy of exaggerated Doctrines and violent Measures. Such contradictions to his former professions and conduct, it is not for us to reconcile. Our Readers, we have no doubt, will be surprised, as we are, at the tone of these Proclamations, which appear to have alarmed the Atheists and Jacobins of France, as they will those of England. “ Be upon your guard,says BuoNAPARTE, in his Proclamation to the Genoese Republic, © against whoever pretends that he and his little Party 46 are the exclusive Friends of their Country. In his language be may affect ta defend the People, but his sc real intention is to exasperate and divide incessantly « arraigning the conduct of others, and boasting the purity of his own." --We particularly recommend this sentence to the perusal of the Chairman of the Whig Club, previously to its meeting on Tuesday next.

The Paris Papers contain also an admirable project for invading this Country by Balloons. The Sea is observed to be dangerous, and some apprehension is expressed


that their Heroes may go to the bottom without striking a blow, if they attempt the passage in that manner.

“ Possidet æquora Minos ; “ Restat iter coêlo : cælo tentabimus ire.” We are not informed whether it be the Expedition of Dedalus that they have chosen for their model, or whether the Directory propose to travel in the easier carriage of the Two Kings of Brentford; in the Rehearsal, who descend in a handsome armed-chair-cloud, to the assistance of the People, and to reform a tyrannical Government with this cheering song

“ So truly resolv'd is your true Brentford King,
“ To aid the distress’d, and help to them bring,
“ That ere a full pot of good ale you can swallow,
“ He's here with a wloop, and gone with a holloa."

It is impossible to suppose that the Government of France shculd entertain hopes of being able to carry into effect their views of ambition towards this Country, by any other means than by the ruin of our Finances. This they conclude must soon be the consequence of the continued expence the War obliges us to sustain. They are aware that our Commerce of every description has increased beyond all former example, but they suppose that we have no way of availing ourselves of these Resources; that the Funded System, by which we have been enabled to prosecute every War in which we have been engaged for the last century, is nearly exhausted ; that it is even impossible to extend it farther, without lowering the value of the Funds to such a degree as to destroy our Credit, to bring the greatest inconvenience on individuals,


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