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and Statute Law in Ireland for Magis-
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and of Conveyancing of such Property.
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M. M. Mackensie, T. W. Chitty, S. G.
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PAGE Roscommon County Court Bar

373 County Sessions

384 Russo-Japanese war, international aspects of the 100

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s Sale of Goods Act, 1893, recent cases on the

342 leaseholds by personal representatives

135 Satisfaction

245 Scottish church case

346 Magistrates' cases. See Magistrates'

Sea-bathing, the law on

128 Seashore, public rights in the

22A Seaweed as an element in fixing a fair rent

75 Second marriage and life insurance

269 Seduction, action for

268 Service out of the jurisdiction on Irish and Scotch defendants

231 Settled Land Acts, tho

300 leaseholds

263 Settlement of child under sixteen

22 Sewers and drains

149 Shooting dogs when trespassing

184 Shop Hours Act, the

393 Slander, limits of liability for

221 Sleeping on the bench

395 Smyly, the late Sir P.

149 Solicitors, admission of. See “ Admission.'

in reign of George IV.... 440 Apprentices' Debating Society. See

Law Students' Journal."
Benevolent Association

61, 68, 104, 151, 383, 420, 430

201, 345, 384,421 duty to an improvident client

401 to his client in case of fraud

14 personal liability of, for costs

305 qualifying fees

228 Stamping deeds, facilities for

366 Statutos, an error in the revised

131, 145 Succession duty on transferred successions 314 Sullivan v. Creed

267 Sweepstakes


Vice-Chancellor, retirement of the

30 the Irish Bar

and the 34, 147 Voluntary settlements becoming bankrupt 168

9 232 242 227 168 357


W Waiver" as applicable to summary proceedings Warranty of seaworthiness Warren, Samuel, Queen's Counsel and Novelist Wig and gown in Irish County Courts, the “Wilful default” Witchcraft, trials for Workmen's Compensation Act and claims under

the Employers'

Liability Act in Ireland, the calculation of in practice seamen, undertakers,"


70 346 143 308


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(For Cases in the 38 Irish Law Times Reports, see separate Table before Reports.)

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