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13. In what cases is it more proper to use the subjunctive with "ut," than the infinitive with an accusative?

14. Explain the words, Sacer-Sanctus-Sacrosanctus. 15. Explain the words, Pagus-Paganus.


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16. Distinguish between the words; Urbanitas-VenusSalsum-Facetum-Jocus-Dicacitas-Ridiculum : any instances which may occur to you.


17. Do you find the genius of Virgil more inclined to draw illustrations and figures of speech from works of nature or art; more from animate, or inanimate, nature; more from painting, or sculpture; from architecture, or scenery? Compare him, in any of these points, with the Greek poets; and mention any striking instances which may occur to you.

[Dean Ireland's Scholarship, 1841.]


Subject for Latin Hexameters.

In the style of Virgil's Eclogues.

"In obitum Gualteri Scott, Poetæ, Fabularum Conditoris, Ruris amantissimi.”

[Dean Ireland's Scholarship, 1842.]

Greek Iambic Verse.

"But if thou goest, I follow"-" Peace!" he said,— She looked upon him and was calmed and cheered; The ghastly colour from his lips had fled;

In his deportment, shape, and mien, appeared
Elysian beauty, melancholy grace,

Brought from a pensive though a happy place.

He spake of love, such love as Spirits feel
In worlds whose course is equable and pure;
No fears to beat away—no strife to heal—
The past unsighed for, and the future sure;
Spake of heroic arts in graver mood
Revived, with finer harmony pursued;

Of all that is most beauteous-imaged there
In happier beauty; more pellucid streams,
An ampler ether, a diviner air,

And fields invested with purpureal gleams;

Climes which the sun, who sheds the brightest day Earth knows, is all unworthy to survey.

Yet there the Soul shall enter which hath earned That privilege by virtue.

[Dean Ireland's Scholarship, 1842.]

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