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d States

forma Saviour

protection of Kings and States for the sake of our blessed Lord professing Thy holy and eternal and Saviour. Amen. Truth, from the conspiracies and malicious practices of the enemies

In the end of the Litany (of it be

read on this day), immediately before thereof: We yield Thee our

the Collect (We humbly beseech un feigned thanks and praises

Thee, O Father), shall this be said for the wonderful and mighty

which followeth : deliverance of our Sovereign King James the First, the Queen,

ALMIGHTY God and Heavenly the Prince, and the Royal

A Father, we most humbly Branches, with other Estates of

praise and magnify Thy most the Realm, then assembled in

glorious Name for Thy unspeakParliament, by Popish treachery

able goodness toward us, expressed appointed unto death. From this

in both the acts of Thy mercy unnatural conspiracy, not our

which we this day commemorate. merit, but Thy mercy, not our

We confess that it has been of foresight but Thy Providence de

Thy mercy alone that we are not livered us. And therefore, not

consumed : for our sins have cried unto us, O Lord, not unto us, but

to heaven against us, and our

iniquities justly call for vengeance unto Thy Name be ascribed all

upon us. But Thon hast not honour and glory, in all Churches

dealt with us after our sins, nor of the saints from generation to

rewarded us according to our generation; through Jesus Christ

iniquities; nor given us over, as our Lord. Amen.

we deserve, to be a prey to our ACCEPT also, most gracious

enemies; but hast in mercy God, of our unfeigned

delivered us from their malice, thanks for filling our hearts again

and preserved us from death and with joy and gladness, after the

destruction. Let the consideratime when Thou hadst afflicted us,

tion of this Thy repeated goodness,

O Lord, work in us true repentand putting a new song into our

ance, that iniquity may not be mouths, by bringing William, Prince of Orange, upon this day,

our ruin. And increase in us for the deliverance of our Church

more and more a lively faith and and Nation from Popish tyranny

love, fruitful in all holy obedience; and arbitrary power. We adore the

that Thou mnayest still continue wisdom and justice of Thy Provi

Thy favour, with the light of Thy dence, which so timely interposed

Gospel, to us and our posterity in our extreme danger, and dis

for evermore ; and that for Thy appointed all the designs of our

dear Son's sake, Jesus Christ, enemies. We beseech Thee, give

our only Mediator and Advocate. us such a lively and lasting sense

Amen. of what Thou didst then, and hast In the Communion Service, instead since that time done for us, that of the Collect for the day shall this we may not grow secure and which followeth be used : careless in our obedience, by pre O TERNAL God and our most suming upon Thy great and un W mighty Protector, we Thy deserved goodness; but that it

unworthy servants do humbly may lead us to repentance, and present ourselves before Thy move us to be the more diligent Divine Majesty, acknowledging and zealous in all the duties of Thy power, wisdom, and goodness our Religion, which Thou hast in in preserving the King, and the a marvellous manner preserved Three Estates of the Realm of to us. Let truth and justice, England assembled in Parliament, brotherly kindness and charity, from the destruction this day indevotion and piety, concord and tended against them. Make us, unity, with all other virtues, so we beseech Thee, truly thankful flourish among us, that they may for this, and for all other Thy be the stability of our times, and great mercies toward us. We make this Church a praise in the bless Thee for sending to this earth. All which we humbly beg l our country William, Prince

of Orange, and for making all dreds, and the captains, and the opposition fall before him, till he guard, and all the people of the became our King and Governor : | land ; and they brought down the And we beseech Thee to protect king from the house of the Lord, and defend our present Sovereign and came by the way of the gate Queen Victoria, and all the Royal of the guard to the king's house. Family, from all Popish treasons And he sat on the throne of the and conspiracies; preserve her in kings. And all the people of the Thy faith, fear, and love ; prosper land rejoiced, and the city was in her reign with long happiness here quiet. on earth, and crown her with everlasting glory hereafter; through

The Gospel. John xvi. 1. Jesus Christ, our only Saviour THESE things have I spoken and Redeemer. Amen.

unto you that ye should not For the Epistle. 2 Kings xi. 17.

be offended. They shall put you AND Jehoiada made a covenant

out of the synagogues; yea, the A between the Lord and the

time cometh that whosoever king and the people, that they

killeth you will think that he

doeth God service. And these should be the Lord's people; be

things will they do unto you between the king also and the people. And all the people of the

cause they have not known the land went into the house of Baal,

Father nor Me. But these things

have I told you, that when the and brake it down; his altars and his images brake they in pieces

time shall come ye may remember thoroughly, and slew Mattan the

that I told you of them. priest of Baal before the altars. After an appropriate Hymn there And Jehoiada the priest appointed

should follow a Sermon, and the officers over the house of the Lord. Service shall then be concluded in the And he took the rulers over hun.' accustomed manner.




Morning Prayer shall begin with

Proper Lessons. these Sentences :

The First, Josh. i. to the end of T EXHORT that first of all,8up

the ninth Verse, plications, Prayers, Interces

Te Deum. sions, and giving of Thanks, be

The Second, Rom. xiii. made for all men ; for Kings, and

Jubilate Deo. for all that are in Authority; that we may lead a quiet and peaceable

The Suffrages next after the Creed life, in all godliness and honesty :

shall stand thus : For this is good and acceptable Minister. O Lord, shew Thy unto God our Saviour. 1 l'im. ii. mercy upon us. 1, 2, 3.

Answer. And grant up Thy salIf we say that we have no sin, vation. we deceive ourselves, and the truth Minister. OLord, save the Queen. is not in us; but, if we confess our Answer. Who putteth her trust sins, He is faithful and just to for in Thee. give us our sins, and to cleanse us | Minister. Send her help from from all unrighteousness. 1 John Thy holy place. 1, 8, 9,

Answer. And evermore mightily Proper Psalms, xx., ci., cxxi, 1 defend her.

Minister. Let her enemies have mit yourselves to every ordinance no advantage against her.

of man for the Lord's sake: Answer. Let not the wicked ap- whether it be to the King. as proach to hurt her.

supreme ; or unto governors, as Minister. Endue Thy Ministers unto them that are sent by him with righteousness.

for the punishment of evil-doers, Answer. And make Thy chosen and for the praise of them that do people joyful.

well. For so is the will of God, Minister. O Lord, save Thy that with well-doing ye may put people.

to silence the ignorance of foolish Answer. And bless Thine in men: as free, and not using your heritance.

liberty for a cloke of maliciousMinister. Be unto us, O Lord, a ness, but as the servants of God. strong tower;

Honour all men. Love the brother. Answer. From the face of our hood. Fear God. Honour the enemies.

Minister. O Lord, hear our

The Gospel. Matth. xxii, 16.
Answer. And let our cry come

AND they sent out unto Him unto Thee.

their disciples with the

Herodians, saying, Master, we In the Communion Service, imme- know that Thou art true, and diately before the reading of the

teachest the way of God in truth, Epistle, after the Collect of the Day,

neither carest Thou for any man : shall be used this Prayer for the

for Thou regardest not the person Queen:

of men. Tell us therefore, What M OST gracious God, who hast

thinkest Thou? Is it lawful to L set Thy Servant VICTORIA give tribute unto Cæsar, or not? our Queen upon the Throne of her

But Jesus perceived their wickedAncestors, we most humbly be ness, and said, Why tempt ye seech Thee to protect her on the Me, ye hypocrites ? shew Me the same from all the dangers to which tribute-money. And they brought she may be exposed; Hide her

unto Him a penny. And He saith from the gathering together of the unto them, Whose is this image froward, and from the insurrec

and superscription? They say tion of wicked doers; Do Thou unto Him, Cæsar's. Then saith He weaken the hands, baffle the de unto them, Render therefore unto signs, and defeat the enterprises Cæsar the things which are of all her enemies, that no secret Cæsar's; and unto God the things conspiracies, nor open violences, 1 that are God's. When they had may disquiet her Reign; but that, heard these words, they marvelledi. being safely kept under the and left Him, and went their shadow of Thy wing, and supported way. by Thy power, she may triumph over all opposition ; that so the In the Offertory shall this Sentence be world may acknowledge Thee to be

read: her defender and mighty deliverer

T ET your light so shine before in all difficnlties and adversities;

men, that they may Bee through Jesus Christ our Lord.

your good works, and glorify 4 men.

your Father which is in heaven. The Epistle. 1 Pet. ii. 11. Matth. v. 16. T EARLY beloved, I beseechyou D as strangers and pilgrims,

Immediately before the Blessing this abstain from fleshly lusts, which

Collect may be used : war against the soul; having your RANT, O Lord, we beseech conversation honest among the r Thee, that the course of this Gentiles: that, whereas they world may be so peaceably ordered speak against you as evil-doers, by Thy governance, that Thy they may, by your good works, Church may joyfully serve Thee which they shall behold, glorify in all godly quietness; through God in the day of visitation. Sub- Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.


The Morning and Evening Service to be used daily at Sea may be the same

which is appointed in this Book. These three following Prayers may our works begun, continued and also be used every day.

ended in Thee, we may glorify ETERNAL Lord God, Who Thy holy Name, and finally, by

alone spreadest out the Thy mercy,obtain everlasting life ; heavens, and rulest the raging of through Jesus Christ our Lord. the sea ; Who hast com passed the A men. waters with bounds until day and

Prayer to be used in Storms a' Sea. night come to an end ; Be pleased to receive into Thy Almighty and

MOST glorious and gracious most gracious protection the per

Lord God, Who dwellest in sons of us Thy servants and the heaven, but beholdest all things ship in which we sail (or, the below: Look down, we beseech Fleet in which we serve). Preserve Thee, and hear us, calling out of us from the dangers of the sea, and the depth of misery, and out of from the violence of the enemy : the jaws of this death, which is that we may be a safeguard unto i ready now to swallow us up: our Sovereign Lady Queen Vic Save, Lord, or else we perish. O toria, and her Dominions, and a send Thy word of command to resecurity for such as pass on the buke the raging winds, and the seas upon their lawful occasions : roaring sea ; that we, being dethat the inhabitants of our Islands livered from this distress, may may in peace and quietness serve live to serve Thee, and to glorify Thee our God, and that we may Thy Name all the days of our reach our destination in safety to life. Hear, Lord, and save us. enjoy the blessings of the land, for the infinite merits of our with the fruits of our labours, and blessed Saviour, Thy Son, our with a thankful remembrance of Lord Jesus Christ. Amen. Thy mercies to praise and glorify Thy holy Name; through Jesus

The Prayer to be said before a Fight Christ our Lord. Amen.

at Sea against any Enemy.

MOST powerful and glorious ( Prayer on behalf of those employed

Lord God, the Lord of hosts, in Lighthouses and in Lightships.

| Who rulest and commandest all LORD our God, we commend

things; Stir up Thy strength, o to Thy Fatherly goodness

Lord, and come and help us ; for the persons of those engaged in

Thou girest not alway the battle Lighthouses and in Lightships:

to the strong, but canst save by Be Thou a lamp to their feet, and

many or by few. Olet not our a light into their path ; and in

sins now cry against us for venthe solitude of their life and their geance; but hear us Thy poor serdeprivation of the privilege of

vants begging mercy, and implorworshipping in the congregation,

ing Thy help, and that Thou be Thou to them as a little sanc

wouldest be a defence unto us tuary ; through Jesus Christ our

against the face of the enemy. Saviour. Amen.

Make it appear that Thou art our

Saviour and mighty Deliverer ; The Collect.

through Jesus Christ our Lord.

А теп. D IRECT us, O Lord, in all our

doings, with Thy most gra Short Prayers for those that cannot cious favour, and further us with meet to join in Prayer with others, Thy continual help ; that in all by reason of the Fight, or Storm

General Prayers.

When there shall be imminent dan T ORD, be merciful to us sin ger, as many as can be spared from

necessary service in the Ship shall be U ners, and save us for Thy

called together, and make an humble mercy's sake.

Confession of their sin to God: In Thou art the great God, Who

which every one ought seriously to hast made and rulest all things :

reflect upon those particular sins of o deliver us for Thy Name's which his conscience shall accute sake.

him; saying as followeth : Thou art the great God to be feared above all : 0 save us, that

The Confession. we inay praise Thee.

LMIGHTY God, Father of

our Lord Jesus Christ, Special Prayers with respect to the Maker of all things, Judge of all Eremy.

men ; We acknowledge and bewail HOU, O Lord, art just and our manifold bins and wickedness, 1 powerful : 0 defend our Which we, from time to time, cause against the face of the ene most grievously have committed, my.

By thought, word, and deed, O God, Thou art a strong tower Against Thy Divine Majesty, of defence to all that flee unto Provoking most justly Thy wrath Thee : 0 save us from the violence and indignation against us. We of the enemy.

do earnestly repent, And are hearO Lord of hosts, fight for us, tily sorry for these our misdoings; that we may glorify Thee.

The remembrance of them is grieo suffer us not to sink under vous unto us; The burden of them the weight of our sins, or the vio is intolerable. Have mercy upon lence of the enemy.

us, Have mercy upon us, most O Lord, arise, help us, and de- merciful Father; For Thy Son our lirer us for Thy Name's sake. Lord Jesus Christ's sake, Forgive

118 all that is past; And grant Short Prayers in respect of a Storm.

that we may ever hereafter Serve HOU, O Lord, that stillest

and please Thee In newness of life, L the raging of the sea, hear, To the honour and glory of Thy hear us, and save is, that we Name; Through Jesus Christ our perish not.

Lord. Amen. O blessed Saviour, that didst save Thy disciples ready to perish

Then shall the Minister or other in a storm, hear us, and save us,

person conducting the Service say: we beseech Thee.

Hear what comfortable words Lord, have mercy upon us.

our Saviour Christ saith unto all Christ, have mercy upon us.

that truly turn to Him. Lord, have mercy upon us. COME unto Me, all ye that laO Lord, hear us.

bour and are heavy laden, O Christ, hear us.

and I will give you rest. Take God the Father, God the Son,

My yoke upon you, and learn of God the Holy Ghost, have mercy

| Me, for I am meek and lowly in upon us, save us now and ever

heart: and ye shall find rest unto more. Amen.

your souls. For My yoke is easy,

and My burden is light. Matt. UR Father, Whoart in heaven, i xi. 28-30.

Hallowed be Thy Name. Thy God so loved the world, that He kingdom come. Thy will be done gave His only begotten Son, that in earth, As it is in heaven. Give whosoever believeth on Him, us this day our daily bread. And should not perish, but have eter. forgive us our trespasses, As we nal life. John iii. 16. forgive them that trespass against Peace I leave with you, My 18. And lead us not into tempta- | peace I give unto you; not as the tion; But deliver us from evil: world giveth, give I unto yon. For Thine is the kingdom, The Let not your heart be troubled, power, and the glory, Forever neither let it be fearful, John and ever. Amen.

xiv. 27.

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