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The Minister, meeting the Bearers of the corpse at the entrance of the Church or Church-yard, and going before them, either into the Church, or towards the grave, shall say one or more of the following sentences : TAM the resurrection, and the I may be certified how long I

| life, saith the Lord: he that have to live. believeth in Me, though he were Behold Thou hast made my dead, yet shall he live; and who | days as it were a span long : and soever liveth and believeth in mino age is even as nothing in Me shall never die. John xi. respect of Thee; and verily every 25-26. ,

man living is altogether vanity. T KNOW that my Redeemer For man 'walketa in a vain i liveth and that He shall shadow, and disquieteth himself stand up at the last upon the in vain : he heapeth up riches. earth; and after my skin hath and cannot tell who shall gather been thus destroyed, yet from my them, Aesh shall I see God : Whom I And now, Lord, what is my shall see for myself, and mine i hope : truly my hope is even in eyes shall behold, and not another. Tbee. Job xix. 25, 26, 27.

Deliver me from all mine

offences : and make me not a TTE brought nothing into

rebuke unto the foolish, V this world, and it is cer

I became dumb, and opened tain we can carry nothing out.

not my mouth : for it was Thy The Lord gave, and the Lord hath doing. taken away ; blessed be the Name

Take Thy plague away from of the Lord. 1 Tim. vi. 7 ; Job

me : I am even consumed by i. 21.

means of Thy heavy hand. M HÉ hour is coming when all When Thou with rebukes dost

that are in the graves shall chasten man for sin, Thou inakest hear His voice, and shall coine his beauty to consume away, like forth; they that have done good, as it were a moth fretting a garto the resurrection of life ; and ment : every man therefore is but they that have done evil, unto vanity. the resurrection of judgment. Hear my prayer, O Lord, and John v. 28, 29.

with Thine ears consider my call

ing : hold not Thy peace at my After they are come into the Church,

tears. shall be read one or both of these

For I am a stranger with Thee : Psalms following,

and a sojourner, as all my fathers Dixi, Custodiam. Psalm xxxix.

were. T SAID, I will take heed to my O spare me a little, that I may I ways : that I offend not in recover my strength : before I go iny tongue.

hence, and be no more seen. I will keep my mouth as it were Glory be to the Father, and to with a bridle : while the ungodly the Son : and to the Holy Ghost; is in my sight.

As it was in the beginning, is I held my tongue, and spake now, and ever shall be : world nothing : I kept silence, yea, even without end. Amen. from good words; but it was pain and grief to me.

Domine, refugium. Psalm xc. My heart was hot within me, T ORD, Thou hast been our and while I was thus musing the U refuge : from one generafire kindled : and at the last I tion to another. spake with my tongue;

Before the mountains were Lord, let me know mine end, brought forth, or ever the earth and the number of my days : that and the world were made : Thou


art God from everlasting, and As it was in the beginning, is world without end.

now, and ever shall be : world Thou turnest man to destruc without end. Amen. tion : again Thou sayest, Come again, ye children of men.

Then shall follow the Lesson taken For a thousand years in Thy

out of the fifteenth Chapter of the sight are but as yesterday : seeing

first Epistle of Paul to the Corinthat is past as a watch in the night.

1 Cor. xv. 20. , As soon as Thou scatterest N OW is Christ risen from the them, they are even as a sleep : V dead, and become the firstand fade away suddenly like the fruits of them that slept. For grass.

since by man came death, by In the morning it is green, and

man came also the resurrection groweth up : but in the evening of the dead. For as in Adam all it is cut down, dried up, and die, even so in Christ shall all be withered,

made alive. But every man in For we consume away in Thy his own order : Christ the firstdispleasure : and are afraid at fruits; afterward they that are Thy wrathful indignation.

Christ's at His coming. Then Thou hast set our misdeeds cometh the end, when He shall before Thee : and our secret sins have delivered up the kingdom to in the light of Thy countenance. God, even the Father ; when He For when Thou art angry all

shall have put down all rule and our days are gone : we bring our all authority and power. For years to an end, as it were a tale

He must reign, till He hath put that is told.

all enemies under His feet. The days of our age are three

Death, the last enemy, shall be score years and ten; and though destroyed. For He hath put all men be so strong, that they come things under His feet. But when to fourscore years : yet is their

He saith, all things are put under strength then but labour and

Him, it is manifest that He is sorrow; so soon passeth it away, excepted, which did put all things and we are gone.

under Him. And when all things Who knoweth the power of

shall be subdued unto Him, then Thine anger, and Thy wrath :

shall the Son also Himself be according to the fear that is due

subject unto Him that put all unto Thee?

things under Him, that God may So teach us to number our days : be all in all. Else what shall that we may apply our hearts they do which are baptized for unto wisdom.

the dead, if the dead rise not at Turn Thee again, O Lord, at

all? Why are they then baptized the last ; and be gracious. unto for the dead? and why stand we Thy servants.

in jeopardy every hour? I pro0 satisfy us with Thy mercy,

test by your rejoicing, which I and that soon : 80 shall we rejoice

have in Christ Jest18 our Lord, I and be glad all the days of our die daily." If after the manner of life.

men I have fought with beasts Comfort us again now after the

at Ephesus, what advantageth it time that Thou hast plagued us :

me, if the dead rise not! Let us and for the years wherein we

eat and drink, for to-morrow we have suffered adversity.

die. Be not deceived: evil com. Shew Thy servants Thy work ;

munications corrupt good manand their children Thy glory.

ners. Awake to righteousness, And the glorious Majesty of the and sin not: for some have not Lord our God be upon us : prosper the knowledge of God. I speak Thou the work of our hands upon

this to your shame. But some us, o prosper Thou our bandy man will say, How are the dead work.

raised up? and with what body do Glory be to the Father, and to they come! Thou foolish one, that the Son : and to the Holy Ghost ;' which thou sowest is not quickened, except it die. And that tality. So when this corruptible which thou sowest, thou sowest shall have put on incorruption, not that body that shall be, but and this mortal shall have put bare grain, it may chanco of on immortality; then shall be wheat, or of some other grain : brought to pass the saying that But God giveth it a body, as it is written, Death is swallowed up hath pleased Him, and to every in victory. O death, where is seed its own body. All flesh is thy sting? O grave, where is thy not the same flesh; but there is victory? The sting of death is one kind of flesh of men, another sin, and the strength of sin is the flesh of beasts, another of fishes, law. But thanks be to God. and another of birds. There are Who giveth cus the victory also celestial bodies, and bodies through our Lord Jesus Christ. terrestrial; but the glory of the Therefore, my beloved brethren, celestial is one, and the glory of be ye sted fast, unmovable, ale the terrestrial is another. There ways abounding in the work of is one glory of the sun, and the Lord, forasmuch as ye know another glory of the moon, and that your labour is not in vain another glory of the stars; for in the Lord, one star differeth froin another star in glory. So also is the resurrection of the dead. It is

John xi. 21-45. sown in corruption; it is raised M ARTHA then said unto in incorruption : It is sown in IV Jesus, Lord, it Thon hadst dishonour; it is raised in glory: been here, my brother had not It is sown in weakness; it is died. But I know, that even now, raised in power : It is sown a whatsoever Thou wilt ask of God, natural body; it is raised a spirit God will give it Thee. Jesus saith ual body. There is a natural unto her, Thy brother shall rise body, and there is a spiritual again, Martha saith unto Him, body. And so it is written, The I know that he shall rise again first man Adam was made a liv in the resurrection at the last day. ing soul; the last Adam was | Jesus said unto her, I am the made a quickening spirit. How. Resurrection, and the Life: he beit, that was not first which is that believeth in Me, though he spiritual, but that which is nat-were dead, yet shall he live: And ural; and afterward that which whosoever liveth and believeth in is spiritual. The first man is of Me shall never die. Believest the earth, earthy; the second thou this! She saith unto Him, man is the Lord from heaven. Yea, Lord : I believe that Thou As is the earthy, such are they art the Christ, the Son of God, Talso that are earthy; and as is the Who should come into the heavenly, such are they also that world. And when she had 80 are heavenly. And as we have said, she went her way, and called borne the image of the earthy, Mary her sister secretly, saying, we shall also bear the image of The Master is come, and calleth the heavenly. Now this I say, tor thee. As soon as she heard brethren, that flesh and blood that, she arose quickly, and came cannot inherit the kingdom of unto Him. Now Jesus was not God; neither doth, corruption yet come into the town, but was inherit incorruption. Behold, I in that place where Martha met shew you a mystery : We shall | Him. The Jews then which were not all sleep, but we shall all be with her in the house, and comchanged, in a moment, in the forted her, when they saw Mary, twinkling of an eye, at the last that she rose up hastily and went truinp, for the trumpet shall out, followed her, saying, she sound, and the dead, shall be goeth unto the grave to weep raised incorruptible, and we shall there. Then when Mary was cotne be changed. For this corruptible where Jesus was, and saw Him, must put on incorruption, and she fell down at His feet, saying this mortal must put on inmor- l unto Him Lard, it Thou hadst

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been here, my brother had not prevent them which are asleep. died. When Jesus therefore saw | For the Lord Himself shall deher weeping, and the Jews also scend from heaven with a shout, weeping which came with her, with the voice of the archangel, He groaned in the spirit, and was and with the trump of God: and troubled, And said, Where have the dead in Christ shall rise first: ve laid him? They said unto Then we who are alive and Hiin, Lord, come and see. Jesus remain shall be caught up towept. Then said the Jews, Be-gether, with them in the clouds, hold how He loved him! And l to meet the Lord in the air: and some of them said, Could not this so shall we ever be with the Lord. man, which opened the eyes of Wherefore comfort one another the blind, have caused that even with these words. But of the this man should not have died ? times and the seasons, brethren, Jesus therefore again groaning in ye have no need that I write unto Himself cometh to the grave. It you. For yourselves know perwas a cave, and a stone lay upon fectly that the day of the Lord it. Jesus said, Take ye away the so cometh as a thief in the night. stone. Martha, the sister of him For when they shall say, Peace that was dead, saith unto Him, and safety ; then sudden destrucLord, by this time he stinketh : | tion cometh upon them, as travail for he hath been dead four days. | upon a woman with child; and Jesus saith unto her, Said I not they shall not escape. But ye, unto thee, that, if thou wouldest brethren, are not in darkness, believe, thou shouldest see the that that day should overtake you glory of God! Then they took as a thief. Ye are all the children away the stone from the place of light, and the children of the where the dead was laid. And day; we are not of the night, nor Jesus lifted up His eyes, and said, I of darkness. Therefore let us Father, I thank Thee that Thou not sleep, as do others, but let us hast heard Me. And I knew that wateh and be sober. For they Thou hearest Me always : but be that sleep sleep in the night; and cause of the people which stand they that be drunken are drunkby I said it, that they may be-hen in the might. But let us, who lieve that thou hast sent Me. I are of the day, be 'sober, putting And when He thus had spoken, on the breast plate of faith and He cried with a loud voice, l, love, and for a helmet, the hope Lazarus, come forth.11 And he of salvation. For God hath not that was dead came forth, bound I appointed us to wrath, but to obhand and foot with grave-clothes: tain salvation by our Lord Jesus and his face was bound about with Christ. Who died for us. that, a napkin. Jesus saith unto them, whether we wake or sleep, we Loose him, and let him go. Then should live together with Him. many of the Jews which came to l Wherefore comfort yourselves to- Mary, and bad seen the things gether, and edify one another, which Jesus dia, believed on Him. even as also ye do.

more on ! When they come to the Grave, while i Thess. iv. 13 to y. 11.

preparation is being made for com

mitting the Body to the earth, shall DYUT I would not have you be said,

D ignorant;brethren, "con- T AN that is born of a woman, 1 cerning them, who are asleep, W hath but a short time to

that ye sorrow not, even as others live, and is full of misery! He which have no hope, For if we cometh up and is cut down, like believe that Jesus died and rose a flower ; he fleeth as it were a again, even so them also which shadow, and never continueth in sleep in Jesus will God bring with one stay. Him. For this we say unto you . In the midst of life, we are in by the word of the Lord, that we 1 death. Of whom may we seek for who are alive and remain unto succour', but of Thee, O Lord, Who the coming of the Lord'shall not for our sins art justly displeased.



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Unto Thee, therefore, O Lord

Then the Minister shall say, God Most Holy, O Lord Most

LMIGHTY God, with whom Mighty, O Holy and Most Merci.

do live the spirits of those ful Redeemer, we turn, beseech.

who depart hence in the Lord, and ing Thee, in this our day of Grace,

with whom the souls of the faithto have compassion upon our in.

ful, after they are delivered from firmities, and to set us free from

the burden of the flesh, are in joy all our sins.

and felicity; we give Thee hearty Thou knowest, Lord, the secrets

thanks for the good examples of of our hearts; shut not Thy merci.

all those Thy servants, who, hayful ears to our prayers; but spare

ing finished their course in faith, us, Lord Most Holy, o God Most

do now rest from their labours. Mighty, O Holy and Merciful

And we beseech Thee of Thy goodSaviour, Thou Most Righteous

ness shortly to accomplish the Judge Eternal, grant us so to

number of Thine elect, and to realise our pardon and accept

hasten Thy coming, when all those ance, and our God as our recon.

who depart in the true faith of ciled Father, that we may each

Thy Holy Name, shall have their in turn depart in peace, and fall

perfect consummation in bliss in asleep in Jesus.

Thy eternal and everlasting glory. Then, while the earth shall be cast | through Jesus Christ our Lord. upon the body, the Minister shall say, Amen. TORASMUCH as it hath 1 pleased Almighty God, in

MERCIFUL God, the Father His wise Providence, to take out

of our Lord Jesus Christ, of this world the soul of our dear

Who is the resurrection and the brother here departed, we there.

life, in Whom whosoever believeth fore commit his body to the

shall live, though he die, and whoground; earth to earth, ashes to

soever liveth, and believeth in ashes, dust to dust; in firm be

Him, shall not die eternally, Who lief of the resurrection of the dead,

also hath taught us, by His holy when they who die in the Lord | Apostle Paul, not to be sorry, as shall rise to Eternal Life, through

through men without hope, for those who Jesus Christ our Saviour, at

sleep in Him; we humbly beseech Whose appearing in Power and

Thee, O Father, graciously keep Majesty the corruptible bodies of

Thy servants, that, when we shad those who sleep in Him shall be

depart this life, we may rest in changed, and made like unto His Him; and that at the Resurrec. glorious body, according to the

|tion we may be found acceptable mighty working whereby He is in Thy sight, and receive that able to subdue all things to Him.

blessing which Thy well-beloved Son shall then pronounce to all

who love and serve Thee, saying, Then may be said:

Come, ye blessed children of My T HEARD a voice from heaven Father, receive the kingdom pre

saying unto me, Write, From pared for you from the beginning henceforth blessed are the dead of the world. Grant this, we who die in the Lord : even so beseech Thee, O merciful Father, saith the Spirit: for they rest through Jesus Christ, our Media. from their labours. Rev. xiv, 13. tor and Redeemer. Amen."

UR Father, Who art in hea. M HE grace of our Lord Jesus

ven, Hallowed be Thy Name. 1 Christ, and the love of God, Thy kingdom come. Thy will be

and the fellowship of the Holy done in earth, As it is in heaven. I Spirit, be with us all, evermore. Give us this day our daily bread. A men. * And forgive us our trespasses, As When this service is ved at Sea, for we forgive them that trespass the words, We therefore commit against us. And lead us not into his body to the ground, ete., temptation ; But deliver us from substitute, We commit his body evil. Amen.

to the deep, in firnı belief. etc.


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