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8. The Invocation of saints and we ever be with the Lord " a angels.

Thess. iv. 16, 17). 9. Auricular Confessioni, and Priestly Absolution and Penances.

10. The Immaculate Concep THE JUDGMENT. tion, or the Birth of the Virgin

17 12Question.
Mary without original sinfulness.
First taught authoritatively in W HAT saith the Scripturo
A.D. 1854

concerning the, Judg.
11. The Infallibility of the ment?
Pope. First taught authorita Answer. "The Father judgeth
tively in A.D, 1870.

no man, but hath committed all 12. The Use in Public Worship judgment unto the Son; and bath of a language not understood by given Him authority to execute the people.

judgment also, becanse He is the 13. The system of Monasteries Son of man. and Nunneries.

Marvel not at this : for the Question: What mean you by hour is coming, in the which all a Protestanti

that are in the graves shall hear Answer. I mean one who bears His voice, and shall come forth; witness for God and for His truth they that have done good, to against Satan and all his false- the resurrection of life ; and they hoods, and more particularly that have done evil, to the reagainst the anti-Christian system surrection of judgment" (John of Rome. In


"God shall bring every work THE COMING OF CHRIST. into judgment, with every secret

thing, whether it be good, or 1.4 : Question s

whether it be evil" (Eccl. xii. 14). THAT is the great hope of "And I saw a great white V the Church o

throne, and Him that sat upon it, Answer. The return of the from Whose Face the earth and the Lord Jesus Christ in glory, as heaven fled away; and there was saith the Scripture, "Looking found no place for them. And I for that blessed hope and the saw the dead, small and great, glorious appearing of the great stand before God; and the books God and our Saviour Jesus were opened and another book Christ" (Tit. ii. 13). !

was opened, whieh is the Book of Christ was once for all offered Life: and the dead were judged to bear the sins of many; and out of those things which were unto them that look for Him written in the book, according to shall He appear a second time their works. And the sea gave without sin unto salvation" (Heb. up the dead which were in it; ix. 28).

and death and Hades gave up the The Lord Himself 'shall de- dead which were in them and scend from heaven with a shout, they were judged every man with the voice of the archangel, according to their works. And and with the trump of God, and death and Hades were cast into the the dead in Christ shall rise first: lake of fire. This is the second Then we which are alive and re death. "And whosoever was not main shall be caught up together found-written in the Book of with thein in the clouds, to meet Life was east into the lake of the Lord in the air : and so shall fire" (Rev. xx. 21-15) din

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When Persons are to be baptized, timely notice shall be given to the Minister ; that so due care may be taken for their examinition, whether they be sufficiently instructed in the Principles of the Christian Religion, and prepared to come in Repentanco and Faith to this holy Ordinance. And if they shall be found fit, then may they present themselves, with their Witnesses, inemediately after the second Lesson at any nated service or at such time as the Minister in his discretion shall appoint Then shall the Minister say: TT EAR the words of the Gospel | God shall call. So, in reply to

u L written by Matthew the the inquiry of the jailor, Sirs, Evangelist in the twenty-eighth what must I do to be saved? Chapter, beginning at the six. Paul and Silas answered and teenth verse.

said, Believe on the Lord Jesus

Christ, and thou shalt be saved, M HEN the eleven disciples

and thy house. And after they went away into Galilee,

had spoken unto him the word of into a mountain where Jesus had appointed them.' And when they

the Lord, and to all that were in

his house, they baptized him and saw Him, they worshipped Hini:

all his straightway (Acts xvi. but some doubted. And Jesus

3). Furthermore, in the tenth came and spake unto them, say

Chapter of the Epistle to the ing, All power is given unto Me

Romans, Paul the Apostle conin heaven and in earth. Go ye

trasts the righteousness which is therefore, and teach all nations,

of the law with the righteousness baptizing them into the name of

which is of faith, and makes the the Father, and of the Son, and

latter speak on this wise : If thou of the Holy Spirit: teaching them

shalt confess with thy mouth the to observe all things whatsoever I have commanded you: and, lo,

Lord Jesus, and shalt believe in

thine heart that God hath raised I am with you alway, even unto

Hiin from the dead, thou shalt be the end of the world. Amen.

saved. For with the heart man D ELOVED, ye hear in this believeth unto righteousness; and

Gospel the express com with the mouth confession is mand which our Saviour Christ made unto salvation (Rom, X. gave to His disciples; saying,

6-10) Go ye and teach all tations, baptizing them into the name T EARN therefore, beloved, of the Father, and of the Son, U from these Scriptures that and of the Holy Spirit ; whereby Repentance and Faith, the work yé perceive the obligation of this of the Holy Spirit, must be acDivine Ordinance, where it may companied with the confession of be had. For which cause Peter the mouth in Baptism. And be the Apostle, when upon his first ye assured that God doth gracipreaching of the Gospel many ously receive all who truly repent were pricked at the heart, and and come unto Him by faith; said to him and the rest of the that He doth grant them the reapostles, Men and brethren, what | mission of their sins, and doth shall we do? said unto them, I strengthen them by His indwellRepent, and be baptized, every / ing Spirit, and that He will carry one of you, for the remission of on the good work which He has sins, and ye shall receive the gift begun in them into the day of of the Holy Spirit. For the pro Jesus Christ. ! mise is unto you, and to your Wherefore, we being thus perchildren, and to all that are afar suaded of the good will of our off, even as many as the Lord our heavenly Father towards these

Persons, truly, repenting and be | Question. Wilt thou then lieving in His Son Jesus Christ: obediently keep God's holy will let us faithfully and devoutly and commandments, and walk in give thanks to Him, and say : the same all the days of thy

life? ALMIGHTY and everlasting God, Heavenly Father, we

Answer. I will, by God's help. give Thee humble thanks, for that Then shall the Minister say: Thou hast vouchsafed to call us

LMIGHTY, everliving God, to the knowledge of Thy grace,

A Whose most dearly-beloved and faith in Thee. Increase this

Son. Jesus Christ, gave commandknowledge, and confirm this faith

ment to His disciples, that they in us evermore. Bless these Thy

should go and teach all nations, servants, now about to make open

and baptize them into the name profession of their Faith, and

of the Father, and of the Son, grant that, being kept by Thy

and of the Holy Spirit ; Regard, perpetual mercy, they may con

we beseech Thee, our supplicatinue steadfast in the confession

tions, and grant that the Persons of Thy Holy Name, through Jesus

now to be baptized may ever conChrist our Lord, Amen. . .

tinue among the number of Thy Then the Minister shall say to the faithful children: and may walk Persons to be baptized :

worthy of the vocation wherewith TELL-BELOVED, who are they have been called; through

come hither desiring to Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen. be baptized, ye have heard how

Then shall the Minister take each the congregation hath prayed, that our merciful Father would

person to de baptized by the right

hand : and shall ask the Witnesses vouchsafe to bless you, and to

the Name: and then shall immerse keep you by His grace. Ye know

him in the water, or potr toater also the assurance given us by

upon him, having first said: Christ Himself, that, He that

T believeth and is baptized shall be

1 BAPTIZE thee Into saved; which promise, He, for

N. the Name of the Father, His part, will most surely keep

and of the Son, and of the Holy and perform.

Spirit. Amen. Wherefore, after this promise

Then shall the Minister say: made by our gracious Lord Himself, ye must also faithfully, for

We receive this person into the your part, in the presence of these congregation of Christ's Flock, your Witnesses, and this whole

and pray that hereafter he may congregation, make answer to the

not be ashamed to confess the following Questions.

faith of Christ crucified, but may Question. Hast thou renounced

manfully fight under His banner, the devil and all his works, the against sin, the world, and the vain pomp and glory of the world,

devil; and continue Christ's faithwith all covetous desires of the

ful soldier and servant unto his same, and the sinful desires of

life's end. Amen. the flesh, so that thou wilt not Then shall be said: follow, nor be led by them

OUR Father, Who art in Answer. I have renounced them all : and by God's help, will

heaven, Hallowed be Thy

Name. endeavour not to follow nor be

Thy Kingdom come. led by them.

Thy will be done in earth, As ! Question. Dost thou believe all

it is in beaven. Give us this day the Articles of the Christian

our daily bread. And forgive us Faith, as contained in

our trespasses, as we forgive them

the Apostles' Creed ? !

that trespass against us. And Answer. I do. . .

lead us not into temptation ; but Question. Wilt thou be bap

deliver us from evil. Amen. tized in this Faith!

T Then the Minister speaking to the Answer. That is my desire. Witnesses, may say:

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DORASMUCH as these persons is to follow the example of our

I have, in your presence, put Saviour Christ, and to be made on Christ by Baptism, it is your like unto Him, that as He died part and duty to remind them, as and rose again for us, so should opportunity may be afforded, or we who are baptized, as having need shall require, of the solemn | died unto sin and risen again unto profession of their faith in Christ, | righteousness, continually mortify which they have made before this all our evil and corrupt affections, congregation, and specially be- and daily proceed in all virtue and fore you their chosen Witnesses. I godliness of living. And ye are also to call upon them Here may be said the following to use all diligence to be rightly Benediction : instructed in God's Holy Word;

N OW the God of peace, that that so they may grow in grace,

I brought again from the and in the knowledge of our Lord

dead our Lord Jesus, that great Jesus Christ; and live soberly,

Shepherd of the sheep, through righteously, and godly, in this

the Blood of the everlasting present world.

Covenant, make you perfect in And then, if occasion offer, speaking

every good work to do His will, to the Baptized he may say:

working in you that which is well

pleasing in His sight, through AND as for you, who have

Jesus Christ; to Whom be glory now by baptism openly

for ever and ever. Amen.
confessed your faith in Christ, it
is your part and duty also, as

TI it be necessary to baptize persons children of God and of the light,

in private on account of extreme

sickness, this Service may be used, or by faith in Jesus Christ, to walk

any portion of it, as the Minister answerably to your Christian

may think best, provided there shall calling, and as becometh the be a Confession of Faith and the u86 children of light; remembering of the Formula, I baptize thee Into always that baptism doth repre- | the Name of the Father, and of the sent unto us our profession; which Son, and of the Holy Spirit."

baptizadores ng the powder hildren, and the roastian

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காப்புகள்: BAPTIZE they

Yame at the Son, and at the


of Christ's M therasa ter in Jed to anno

crucibed under His be world in inue Christi serrat a

First the Banns of all that are to be married together must be published in the
Church three several Sundays, after the second Lesson ; by the Minister as
folloroeth :

PUBLISH the Banns of Mar- before the Lord's Table with their
T riage between M. of - and friends and neighbours : and there
N. of - If any of you know standing together, the Man on the
cause, or just impediment, why

right hand, and the Woman on the these two persons should not be

left, the Minister shall say : 1 joined together in holy Matri EARLY beloved, we are mony, ye are to declare it. This

gathered here in the sight is the first second or third] time of God, and in the face of this of asking.

congregation, to join together this T In all cases, and especially if the

Man and this Woman in holy persons that are to be married dwell

Matrimony; which is an honour. in divers Parishes, care should be estate, instituted of God in taken to conform to the Acts of Par

the time of man's innocency, sig. liament relating to Marriage, for nifying unto us the mystical information respecting which per union that is betwixt Christ and sons should apply to the Minister. His Church; which holy estate At the day and time appointed for Christ adorned and beautified with solemnization of Matrimony, the His presence, and first miracle persons to be married shall come that He wrought, in Cana of Gali

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lee; and is commended of Paul | N. W ILT thou have this the Apostle to be honourable VV Man to thy wedded among all men. Into which holy husband, to live together after estate these two persons present | God's ordinance in the holy estate come now to be joined. There of Matrimony t Wilt thou obey fore it any man can shew any just him, and serve him, love, honour, cause, why they may not lawfully and keep him in sickness and in be joined together, let him now health ; and, forsaking all other, speak, or else hereafter for ever keep thee only unto him, so long hold his peace.

as ye both shall live! And also, speaking unto the per

The Woman shall answer :sons that shall be married, he shall say:

art. I will. T REQUIRE and charge you 1 bath, as ye will answer at

Then shall the Minister say: the dreadful day of judgment Who giveth this Woman to be when the secrets of all hearts married to this Mant shall be disclosed, that if either then shall they give their toord to of you know any impediment, L"

each other in this manner. why ye may not be lawfully joined

The Minister, receiving the Woman at together in Matrimony, ye do now

her father's or friend's hands, shall confess it. For be ye well as

cause the Man with his right hand to sured, that so many, as are coup

take the Woman by her right hand, and led together otherwise than God's

to say after him as folloroeth. Word doth allow are not joined

(Declaration No. 2, required by together by God; neither is their Matrimony lawful.

Aet of Parliament... : (Declaration No. 1, required by

Then shall the Man say : Act of Parliament to be made by 'T CALL upon these persons the Man and the Woman.)

I here present to witness that I do solemnly declare that I I, A. B., do take thee, C. D., to be know not of any lawful impedi mny lawful wedded wife," - to have ment why I, A, B., may not be and to hold from this day forward, joined in Matrimony to C. D." for better for worse, for richer for Cat which day of Marriage, ir any poorer, in sickness and in health, man do allege and declare any im. to love and to cherish, till death pediment, why they may not be us do partaccording to God's coupled together in lawful Matri holy ordinance; and thereto I mony; and will be bound, and

plight thee my word. sufficient sureties toith him, to the parties, to prove his allegation : 1 Then shall they loose their hande: then the solemnization must be de and the Woman, with her right hand ferred, until such time as the truth t aking the Man by his right hand, be tried

shall likewise say after the Minister If no impediment be alleged, then “T CALL upon these persons shall the Minister say unto the Man : Lhere present to witness that M. W ILT thou have this I, A. B., do take thee, c.D., to be W Woman to thy wed

my lawful wedded husband,'-to ded wife, to live together after

have and to hold from this day for God's ordinance in the holy

ward, for better for worse, for estate of Matrimony? Wilt thou

richer for poorer, in sickness and love her, comfort her, honour,

in health, to love, cherish, and to and keep her in sickness and in

obey, till death us do part, accord. health; and, forsaking all other,

ing to God's holy ordinance; and keep thee only unto her, so long

thereto I plight thee my word. as ye both shall live!

Then shalt they again loose their The Man shall answer :

hands; and the Mom shall lay a ring I win.

upon the Minister's book. And the

Minister taking the ring. shall de Then shall the Minister say unto the liver it unto the Man, to put it upon Woman: ..

the fourth finger of the Woman's

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