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" I ask, therefore,

us to dedicate this child to Thee; 0 you, in presenting this and we humbly pray that Thy

child, desire and intend, graèe may enable us to bring him by God's help, to train him in the up in the nurture and admonition knowledge of God, to whom he is of the Lord; through Jesus how to be dedicated; bringing Christ, Thy Son, our Saviour. him up in the nurture and ad Amen. monition of the Lord, instruct.

Then shall be said: ing kim in the Holy Scriptures, as the only Rule of faith and

UR Father, Who art in practice, and encouraging him to

heaven, Hallowed be Thy seek the guidance of the Holy Name. Thy kingdom come. Thy Spirit; that he may be led to will be done in earth, as it is in

repentance toward God, and heaven. Give us this day our faith in our Lord Jesus Christ," daily bread. And forgive us our through Whom alone he can in.

trespasses, as we forgive them hcrit eternal life. ak " that trespass against us. And Answer. We do.

lead us not into temptation ; but Then the Minister shalt, where con

deliver us from evil ; For Thine venient, take the Child into his arms,

is the kingdom, The power, and and shall say:

the glory, Forever and ever. Name this Child, H JA Amen And then he shall say :

General Thanksgiving, to be said by

the whole congregations after the SINTO God the Father, God 1

Minister : 1 U the Son, and God the Holy Spirit. We do now isolemnily and I ALMIGHTY God, our Heahumbly dedicate this child (here

A venly Father, we give Thee naming him), that in spirit, soul,

humble and hearty thanks for and body, he may belong wholly

Thy goodness and loying kindness unto the Lord, and evermore live

in thus permitting these Thy unto Him and serve Him." May

servants to dedicate to Thee the the Lord bless him, and keep him,

child which Thou hast given to and be gracious unto him: may

them, and earnestly do we pray

that through the Lord make His face to shine

Thy grace, and tipon him : may the Lord lift up

mercy, and the power of the Holy the light of His countenance upon

Spirit, this Infant may grow up him, and give him peace. Amen.

into the Lord Jesus Christ in all

things, and be fully conformed to Then the Minister, giving back the

His image and likeness. We also child, shall say i t .

pray that Thy heavenly grace and T E have now dedicated this benediction may rest upon the VV. child unto the Lord, and parents, that they, through Thy have asked for His blessing, Who help, may be enabled to maintain alone can make the teaching of à consistent and godly life, and His Holy Word effectual iinto us. thus, by example as well as by Let us continue to ask in faith precept, lead their child to a full that to him may be given the and saving knowledge of the Lord spirit of wisdom, and of the fear Jesus Christ, to the praise and of the Lord, that he may give heed glory of His Name, to Whom with to the counsels and exhortation's Thee, and the Holy Spirit be all of God, and accept the invitation honour and glory, world without of Jesus Christ to come unto Him end. Amen. that he may have eternal life.

Then shall the Minister addressing .

Let us pray, 1951 the Witnesses say: ". . Then, all kneeling, the Minister DORASMUCH as this child shall offer this prayer, the parents T has been thus solemnly repealing with him: *

dedicated to the Lord in your TTE yield Thee humble presence, ye are to remember

V. thanks, 0 Heavenly that it will henceforth be your Father, that Thou hast inclined privilege and duty to pray earnestly for him that he may may himself voluntarily come become a true child of God, and forward to make opeu profession a humble follower of Christ in of his Faith in Christ in the this present world, and also for Ordinance of Baptism, for which his parents, that they may be this Service of Dedication is in enabled to train him aright in no wise to be regarded as a subthe knowledge of God and of the stitute.. Lord Jesus Christ. And it, in the providence of God, this child

THE grace of our Lord Jesus should be deprived of his parents

1 Christ, and the love of God, before he be come to years of dig.

and the fellowship of the Holy cretion, it will become your duty

Spirit be with us all evermore. yourselves to endeavour that he

Amen. may be rightly instructed in NOTE.-A Register and Record God's Holy Word, and in the way shall be kept in every Church of of Life and Salvation as it is in the Children who are thus dedicated Christ Jesus, that in due time he I to the Lord.




| Whose Righteousness we are acW HAT is the Christian Re

counted righteous before God.

Question. What is Regeneraligion?

tion? Answer. The Religion in which

Answer. It is a birth from the Lord Jesus Christ, the Son of

Above, by the power of the Holy God, is worshipped as our Blessed

Spirit, whereby we become a new Redeemer, the one and all suffici.

creation in Christ, and receive a ent Sacrifice for sin, the Saviour

new heart and a right spirit of the world, and the one Media.

(John iii. 3; 2 Cor, v, 17). tor between God and man. Question. What is required of

THE CREED. every one in order to be a Chris.

Catechist. tian indeed ? Answer. Repentance towards

Rehearse the Articles of thy Beliet. God, Faith towards our Lord T BELIEVE in God the Father Jesus Christ, and Regeneration 1 Almighty, Maker of heaven by the Holy Spirit; and, as a con:

and earth; sequence, holiness of life.

And in Jesus Christ His only Question. What is meant by Son our Lord, Who was conceived Repentance ?

by the Holy Ghost, Born of the Answer. Repentance is a change Virgin Mary, Suffered under Ponof mind and heart, through Divine tius Pilate, Was crucified, dead, grace, whereby we turn from sin, and buried, He descended into to love and serve God.

hell; The third day He rose again Question. » What is meant by from the dead, He ascended into Faith towards our Lord Jesus heaven, And sitteth on the right Christ?

! hand of God the Father Almighty; Answer. It is the believing and From thence He shall come to trusting in our Lord Jesus Christ, | judge the quick and the dead. in Whom we have redemption T I believe in the Holy Ghost; through His Blood, even the for- The Holy Universal Church ; The giveness of sins, and through Communion of Saints; The For

giveness of sins; The Resurrection III, Thou shalt not take the of the body, And the life everlast. | Name of the Lord thy God in ing. Amen.

vain : for the Lord will not hold NOTE. By hell is meant Hades, him guiltless that taketh His or the place of departed spirits.

Name in vain. By the Communion of Saints is

IV. Remember that thou keep meant the Fellowship of all true holy the Sabbath-day. Six days Christians in Faith, Worship, Love, shalt thou labour, and do all that and Service.

thou hast to do; but the seventh

day is the Sabbath of the Lord Question. What dost thou

thy God. In it thou shalt do no chiefly learn from these Articles

manner of work, thou, and thy of thy Belief?

son, and thy daughter, thy man. Answer. First, I learn to be.

servant, and thy maid-servant, lieve in God the Father, Who hath

thy cattle, and the stranger that made me, and all the world ; and

is within thy gates. For in six Who so loved the world, that He gave His only-begotten Son, that

days the Lord made heaven and

earth, the sea, and all that in whosoever believeth in Him

them is, and rested the seventh should not perish, but have ever

day; wherefore the Lord blessed Jasting life.

the Sabbath day, and hallowed it. Secondly, In God the Son, the

V. Honour thy father and thy Redeemer of mankind, and their

mother, that thy days may be future Judge.

long in the land which the Lord Thirdly, in God the Holy Spirit,

| thy God giveth thee. the giver of life and of sanctifica

VI. Thou shalt do no murder. tion to all the elect people of God.

VII. Thou shalt not commit Questinn. On what ground do we receive and hold these Articles

VIII. Thou shalt not steal. of our Belief?

1.IX. Thou shalt not bear false Answer. Because they may be

ve witness against thy neighbour. proved from Holy Scripture.

I X. Thou shalt not covet thy THE TEN COMMANDMENTS.

neighbour's house, thou shalt not

covet thy neighbour's wife, nor Question, What are the Ten Command:

his servant, nor his maid, nor his

ox, nor his ass, nor any thing that ments ? Answer,

Question. M HE same which God spake in What dost thou chiefly learn by

the twentieth chapter of these commandments! Exodus, saying, I AM the LORD Answer. I learn two things : thy GOD, Who brought thee out my duty towards God, and my of the land of Egypt, out of the duty towards my Neighborr. house of bondage.

Question. What is thy duty to1. Thou shalt have none other wards God? gods but ME.

Answer. My duty towards God, II. Thou shalt not make to is to believe in Him, to fear Him, thyself any graven image, nor the and to love Him with all my likeness of any thing that is in heart, with all my mind, with all heaven above, or in the earth be- my soul, and with all my strength; neath, or in the water under the to worship Him,' to give Him earth. Thou shalt not bow down thanks, to put my whole trust in to them, nor worship them: for I | Him, to call upon Him, to honour the Lord thy God am a jealous | His Holy Name, His Day, and His God, and visit the sins of the Word, and to serve Him truly all fathers upon the children unto the the days of my life. third and fourth generation of Question. What is thy duty tothem that hate Me, and shew wards thy Neighbour ? mercy unto thousands in them A 118wer. My duty towards my that love Me, and keep My com. Neighbour, is to love him as my. mandments.

self, and to do to all men, as I

is his.


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would they should do unto me: Answer. I desire my Lord God To love, honour, and succour my our heavenly Father, Who is the father and mother: To honour I giver of all goodness, to cause His and obey the Queen, and all that | Holy Name to be everywhere are put in authority under her: To glorified, and His kingdom to be order myself reverently i toward established over all the earth, the aged, and to render honour to and to send His grace unto me, those to whom honour is due: To and to all people, that we may hurt nobody by word or deed. I worship Him, serve Him, and To be true and just in all my deal- i obey. Him, as we ought to do. ing: To bear no inalice or hatred And I pray unto God, that He in iny heart: To keep my hands will send us all things that be from picking and stealing, and needful both for our souls and my tongue froin evil-speaking, bodies; and that He will be lying, and slandering: To keep merciful unto us, and forgive us my body in temperance, sober our sins; and that it may please ness, and chastity: Not to covet Him to save and defend us in all or desire other men's goods ; but dangers to soul and body; and to learn and labour truly to get that He will keep us from all sin inine own living, and to do my duty and wickedness, and from the in that state of life, unto which enemy of our souls, and from it shall please God to call me. everlasting death. And this I

Questiont. How can we do what trust He will do of His mercy and God commands?

goodness, through our Lord Jesus Answer. Only by the grace and Christ. And therefore I ascribe help of the Holy Spirit.

to Him the kingdom, the power Question. To whom does God and the glory, for eyer and ever. give His Holy Spirit?

Answer. To those who ask Him. . 1

THE FIGURATIVE (OR Question. Can we perfectly SYMBOLIC) ORDINANCES keep the Holy Law of God!

APPOINTED BY CHRIST. Answer. No; for all have commonly called Sacramenta). sinned and come short of the glory of God, and by the deeds of

Question, the law shall no flesh be justified. TTOWmany Figurative OrWe must therefore, while taking n dinances has Christ apthis law as the guide of our con- pointed in His Church? duct, look for salvation only to Answer. Two only; that is to Christ and His finished work; • say, Baptism, and the Supper of

the Lord.


Question. What meanest thou
Catechist. . . by a Figurative Ordinance ?
Let me hear if thou canst

Answer. I mean a Service or the Lord's Prayer. ,,,

Rite ordained by Christ Himself,

and consisting of a Sign and a Answer,

Thing Signified. UR Father, Who art in Question. What is the Sign in O heaven, Hallowed be Thy Baptism? Name. Thy kingdom come. Thy | Answer. Water, wherein those will be done in earth, As it is in who desire to make profession heaven. Give us this day our of their Faith are baptized Into

laily bread. And forgive us our the Name of the Father, and of trespasses, As we forgive them the Son, and of the Holy Spirit, that trespass against us. And ! Qucation. What is the Thing lead us not into teinptation, But Siguified deliver us from evil. For Thine is Answer. A Death and Burial the kingdom, The power and the with Christ, and a Resurreetion glory, For ever and ever. Amen. with Him into newness of life

Question. What desirest thou (Rom. vi. 3-11). of God in this Prayer?

Question. Why was the Or

dinance of the Lord's Supper Question. Where alone is all appointed!

saving knowledge to be found ! Answer. As & continual re Answer. In the Bible, the inmembrance or memorial of the spired written Word of God : as Death of Christ, and of the saith the Apostle, “from a child benefits which we receive there thou hast known the Holy Scripby.

tures, which are able to make thee Question. What is the Sign in wise unto salvation, through faith the Lord's Supper ?

which is in Christ Jesus. All Answer. Bread and Wine, scripture is given by inspiration which the Lord ordained to be of God, and is profitable for docreceived.

trine, for reproof, for correction, Question. What is signified by for instruction in righteousness : the Bread and Wine?

that the man of God may be perAnswer. The Death of our | fect, throughly furnis

fect, throughly furnished unto all Blessed Lord upon the Cross good works" (2 Tim. iii. 15-17). whereon His sacred Body was pierced, and His precious Blood THE ROMISÁ APOSTASY. was poured out (once-for-all) for

Question us and for our salvation. Question. What is required of

W HAT is the 80-called us before coming to the Lord's

"Church of Rome"? Supper?

Answer. It is a great predicted Answer. Self - examination,

and foredoomed apostasy from godly sorrow for sin, simple and

God, and from His Truth-a earnest trust in our Blessed Lord,

superstitious and idolatrous and brotherly kindness and good

Church-in which the Lord Jesus

Christ is dishonoured, and the will towards all men.

Virgin Mary is exalted as the OF THE PRIESTHOOD AND

great mediatrix, and adored as BACRIFICE OF CHRIST.

Queen of Heaven. It is a system

of which many doctrines are con. Question.

trary to the Holy Scriptures, and TTTHO is our Great and only many practices are corrupt and

heathenish. . . . Answer. Our Blessed Lord and Question. What are some of Saviour Jesus Christ; for it is | the doctrines of Rome that are written, “This man, because Hel contrary to Holy Scripture, and continueth ever, hath an un practices that are corrupt and changeable 1 priesthood. Where- heathenish ?. fore He is able to save them to

Answer. the uttermost that come unto God by Him, seeing He ever liveth to

1. She teaches that the Holy make intercession for them "

Scriptures alone are not a suffi. (Heb. vii. 24, 25).

cient rule of faith and practice, . Question. What is the great

and therefore adds to them the and only sacrifice for sin ?

traditions of men. Answer. The sacrifice of our

2. That Justification is not by Lord Jesus Christ upon the Cross,

Faith only. as the Apostle saith, “This man,

3. She teaches also Human after He had offered one Sacrifice

Merit and Works of supererogafor sins for ever, sat down on the

tion. right hand of God, from hence

4. Mariolatry or the worship forth expecting till His enemies of the Virgin Mary. be made His footstool; for by one

1 5. Transubstantiation, the ser offering He hath perfected for

crifice of the Mass, and the offer ever them that are sanctified "

** |ing of Masses for the living and (Heb. x. 12-14).

the dead, and the denial of the Cup to the laity.

6. Purgatory. 1 That is intransferable, or that 7. The Worship of images and doth not pass unto another.




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