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Siege of Saguntum by Hannibal

Livy, xxi. 78, 11-14.
* Siege of Syracuse by Marcellus and its defence by

xxiv. 33, 34.

xxy. 23-31. Hannibal takes Tarentum by treachery

xxy. 8-11. The Romans in like manner retake Tarentum

xxvii. 15, 16. New Carthage assaulted by sea and land

xxvi. 44-46. Siege and desperate defence of Abydus

xxxi. 18. Obstinate defence of the city of Atrax

xxxii. 17, 18.
[Site and] Siege of Leucas

xxxiii. 17.
*[Site and] Siege of Ambracia : mines, stinkpot, fc.: xxxviii. 4-7.
Storming of Oringis .

xxviii. 3.
Storming of Astapa : desperate resolution of the

xxviii. 22, 23
Night attack upon Locri .

xxix. 6. Night attack upon Arpi

xxiv. 46, 47, Siege of Casilinum

xxiv. 19. Siege of the Capitol by the Garis

v. 39, sqq. Capture of Veii

v. 7-21.
Destruction of Alba .

i. 29.
Attack of the Gauls on the Roman station of
Aduataca : its brave defence :

CÆSAR, Bell. Gall. vi. 35-41.
Attack and defence of Q. Cicero's camp

V. 42-52. Cesar takes Genabum.

vii. 11. *Cæsar takes Avaricum

vii. 22-25. * Alesia beleaguered by Cæsar

vii. 69-73. Cæsar takes Uxellodunum

viii. 40-43. * Trebonius besieges Marseilles

Beli. Civil. ii. 8-15. Storming of Camalodunum by the Britons

Tacitus, Annals, xiv. 31,

32; Cp. Agric. 16. Storming and sack of Cremona by Antonius

Hist. iii. 30-34. The Capitol burnt by Vitellianists

iii. 71-73. Siege and blockade of Vetera by Civilis

iv. 21-30. * Siege of Amida by the Persians


xix. 1-9. Siege of Singara by the Persians


XX. 6. These descriptions contain many details of engineering operations and the ancient artillery.


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SIEGES, ASSAULTS, Etc., Continued. * Siege of Aquileia by Jovinus

AMMIANUS MARCELLINUS, xxi. 11, 12. Siege of Perisabora by Julian

xxiv. 2. Siege of Maogamalcha by Julian

xxiv. 4.

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Alia-Gauls against Romans

Livy, v. 37-39. Romans against Samnites

ix. 40. Sentinum Romans against Samnites, Etruscans, fc. .

x. 27-29. TrebiaHannibal against Romans

xxi. 53-56. Lake TrasimeneHannibal against Romans

xxii. 4-7. Canna-Hannibal against Romans

xxii. 44-52. Silva LitanaGauls against Romans

xxiii. 24-25. Hibera— Scipio against Hasdrubal

xxiii. 29. Beneventum-Sempronius against Hanno

xxiv. 14-16 Hanno against Romans

xxv. 13, 14. Antorgis-Hasdrubal against Scipios

xxv. 33-36. Marcellus against Hannibal

xxvii. 13-15 MetaurusRomans against Hasdrubal .

xxvii. 46, 899. Baecula--Scipio against Carthaginians.

xxviii. 13-16. ZamaScipio against Hannibal

xxx. 32-35. Cynoscephala - Flamininus against Philip

xxxiii. 7-11. MagnesiaScipio against Antiochus

xxxvii. 39-44. PydnaPaullus against Perseus .

xliv. 41, 42. Romans against Germans

TACITUS, Annals, ii. 16, 899. Maroboduus ainst Arminius

ii. 44-46. Dolabella defeats Tacfarinas

iv. 24, 25. Ostorius defeats Caractacus

xii. 33-36. Suetonius defeats Boadicea

xiv. 34-37. Romans against Sarmatæ

Hist. i. 79. Defeat of Vitellianists near Cremona

ii. 23-26. Defeat of Othonianists on the Padus

ii. 34, 35. Defeat of Otho at Bedriacum

ii. 40-43. Antonius defeats Vitellianists

iii. 15-18; 22, 23. Civilis defeats the Romans

iv. 18. Cerialis defeats Civilis .

iv. 77-78. Defeat of Germans by Cerialis

v. 15-18. Cæsar defeats the Helvetii

CÆSAR, Bell. Gall. i. 24, 899.
Cæsar defeats the Germans
Battle with Nervii

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ii. 18-27. Combats with the Britons Sabinus and Cotta cut off by Ambiorix

v. 32, 899. Repulse of Sicambri by Romans Vereingetorix defeated by Cæsar Cæsar defeats Afrandus in Spain .

Bell. Civil. i. 77, 899. Curio defeated by Sabura Cæsar defeats Pompey at Pharsalia

iii. 85-97. Battle of Mutina, Consuls against M. Antony CICERO, Epist. ad Fam. x. 30 Battle between Jugurtha and Metellus SALLUST, Jugurtha, c. 49, 899 Defeat and death of Catiline

Catiline, c. 59, 899.

i. 50, 899

iv. 26, 899.


vi. 37, 899 vii. 80, 899.

ii. 39, 899.



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Romans and Carthaginians at Lilybæum Livy, xxi. 49, 50.

near mouth of Ebro xxii. 19, 20. Tarentines and Romans at Tarentum

xxvi. 39. Rhodians and Romans against Syrians and Carthaginians of Corycus.

xxxvi. 43-45. Rhodians and Hannibal at Phaselis

xxxvii. 22-24. Romans and Rhodians against Syrians at Myonnesus

xxxvii. 29, 30. Romans against Carthaginians at Carteia

xxviii. 30. Veneti against Romans (coast of Brittany). CÆSAR, Bell. Gall. iii. 13-15. Cæsarians against Massilians

Bell. Civil. ii. 4-7. Attack by sea upon Syracuse

Livy, xxiv. 33, 34. Battle of Actium.

VIRGIL, Æneid, viii. 675, 899.

FLORUS, iv. 11. Assault of New Carthage by land and sea LIVY, xxvi. 44-46.

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Scævola assassinates Porsenna's secretary
Murder of Tarquinius Priscus
Hieronymus assassinated
Execution of Brutus' sons

Assassination of Datames
A murder described

and its discovery Execution of Trebonius by Dolabella Murder of Galba.

L. Piso

P. Clodius, a" chance medley
Attempt to assassinate Eumenes
Massacre at Leontini

LIvy, ii. 12.

i. 40.
xxiv. 7.
ii. 5.

xl. 24.
CORNELIUS NEPOS, Datames, c. x. xi.
PLINY, Epist. iii. 14.
CICERO, pro Cluent. § 179-181.

Philipp. xi. Š 5-10.
TACITUS, Hist. i. 40, 41.

iii. 84, 85.

iv. 49, 50. CICERO, pro Milone, 27-30. Livy, xlii. 15, 16.

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xxiv. 30. xxiv. 39.


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Secession of Plebs to Mons Sacer
The infantry refuse to fight .
Appius' army mutiny and run away
Decemviral troops seize the Aventine Hill
Mutiny against Postumius
Sedition in the First Samnite War
Mutiny of Scipio's troops in Spain
Mutiny of the legions in Pannonia and on the

Mutiny of Pretorians against Galba
Revolt in Germany : murder of Vocula

LIVY, ii. 32.

ii. 43.
ii. 58, 59.
iii. 50.
iv. 49, 50.
vii. 38-42.

xxviii. 24, 899. TACITUS, Annals, i. 16, 899.; i. 39,899.

Hist. i. 36, 899.

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New Carthage
Croton, and Temple of Juno Lacinia
Mount Hamus: its passage by Philip
Capsa .
Greek Cities, Athens, Corinth, etc.
Sanctuary of Apollo at Delos
Byzantium ·
A Formian Villa'
The Alps

iv. 55, 899.

CICERO, in Verrem, Act. ii. lib. iv.

§ 117, 8993 LIVY, xxvi. 42.

xxiv. 3, cp. xlii. 3.

xxxvii, 27. CICERO, in Verrem, Act ii. lib. iv. § 48. Livy, xl. 21, 22. SALLUST, Jugurtha, 89. Livy, xlv. 27, 28.

xxxv. 51. Tacitus, Annals, xii. 63. CATULLUS, xxxi. MARTIAL, X. 30. SILIUS ITALICUS, Punic iii. 479, 899. xli. 19, 20.

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xiv. 51, cp.

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Contradictions in his nature TACITUS, Hist. i. 10. Vinius Laco Energetic minister

i. 48. Galba His mediocrity

i. 49. Otho His death redeemed his life

ii. 47, 50. Antonius Primus A turbulent soldier of fortune

ü. 86. Flavius Sabinus His indecision at the last .

iii. 75. Vitellius Indolent and generous

iii. 86. Helvidius Priscus An upright statesman and philosopher

iv. 5, 6. Domitian His hypocrisy

iv. 86. Germanicus A virtuous and lamented prince

Anom! ii. 72, 73. C. Sallustius A courtier, hiding vigour under the mask of sloth

iii. 30. Scianus .

Ambitious and unscrupulous

iv. 1, 2.
Tiberius . Gradual development of his

vi. 51. Poppea Sabina Accomplished but immoral

xiii. 45. Burrus

The good minister of a bad

xiii. 2.

xiv. 52 ; cp.

xiii. 2 ; xv. 65. C. Petronius “Elegantiarum arbiter.”

xvi. 18, 19. Hannibal

His military skill in handling

troops: great vices and virtues Livy, xxviii. 12; xxi. 4. Hasdrubal

A cautious and clever governor
of barbarians

xxi. 2. Sempronius A rash and impetuous general . xxi. 53. Flaminius

A politician, becomes an incap-
able general.

xxi. 63. Minucius

A rash, insubordinate lieu-

xxii. 12, ad fin. 27. Fabius Maximus His cautious policy as a general.

xxii. 25-30. His great qualities as a general xxiv. 9. L. Papirius Cursor. His grim humour

ix. 16. Terentius Varro A demagogue; brave though bad general

xxii. 25, 26, 44. Pacuvius Calavius . An artful, successful, political leader

xxiii. 2-4. L. Bantius A dashing dragoon (ep. Murat)

xxxiii. 15. Hieronymus A young tyrant

xxiv. 5, 6. Dasius Altinius A traitor

xxiv. 45. Philippus A cruel king

xl. 3, 4. Antiochus Epiphanes A magnificent monarch

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