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Recently Adopted for Virginia Schools.

HESE books constitute the most attractive collection of fascinating reading for children that

has ever been published. They are not only interesting and instructive, but they are good literature as well. They cultivate the taste of the pupil and are thus invaluable as supplementary reading. The books are in unitorm binding, and in illustration and typography are unrivaled.

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$ .25

$ .60


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Lane's Stories for Children,
Baldwin's Fairy Stories and Fables,

Old Stories of the East,
Fifty Famous Stories Retold,

Old Greek Stories,
Eggleston's Stories of Great Americans for Little


Stories of American Life and Adventure,
Defoe's Robinson Crusoe,
Dana's Plants and Their Children,
Kelly's Short Stories of Our Shy Neighbors,

Clarke's Arabian Nights,

Story of Troy, .
Story of Aeneas,

Story of Cæsar,
Needham's Outdoor Studies,
Guerber's Story of the Greeks,

Story of the Romans,
Story of the Thirteen Colonies,
Story of the Chosen People, .

Story of the English,
Smithey's Civil Government of Virginia,

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Literary Notes.

The Vi al Question of Pure Food” is the subject of an The New Lippincott for January, 1900, begins the year

article by Mr. Harry B. Mason in the American Monthly Rewith a complete novel, full of fresh sensations and amusing

view of Rerieus for January. Mr. Mason shows that many episodes, called “ The Bread Line,”' by Albert Bigelow

of the food adulterations now common in this country have

been practically abolished by legislation in England and Paine. Of timely papers there are many “Art and the

elsewhere. Camera,'' by F. Holland Day, is illustrated by an example of this master in a new field of art. Mrs. Crowinshield's de- We cannot all be elocutioniets or public readers—most of scription of the progress of the great Paris Exposition, un- us are not aiming to--but we can all appreciate sound, helpder the title of "The Paris Fair in Outline," must attract ful advice on how to cultivate our voice, our every-day, nonboth those who are to visit it and those who are not.

professional voice, so that it shall express just what we want Thirty two authors, ten illustrators and eight photo- it to express -- that it shall be our servant, not our master. graphic artists contribute to the excellent January issue of It is just along these lines that Emma V. Sheridan, herself The Ladies' Home Journal. Among the special features are an actress and elocutionist, writes in Werner's Magazine for "The Home-Coming of the Nakannies,” by W. A Fraser ; December, under the title, “The Every day Voice.' “The Boer Girl of South Africa," by Howard C. Hillegas; The December magazine number of The Outlook, dated “Where the New Century Will Really Begin,” by John December 2d. is the eleventh annual book number, filled Ritchie. Jr.; “ A National Crime at the Feet of American largely with illustrated special articles on new and recent Parents,” by Eriward Bok; "The Minister and the Organ, books, and on interesting literary topics. The scores of adby Ian Maclaren ; “ The Autobiography of a Girl," etc. vertising pages in themselves furnish a valuable and comBy The Curtis Publishing Company, l'hiladelphia. $1 a plete guide to holiday books. $3 a year. The Outlook year; 10 cents a copy.

Company, New York.

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To know it is to prefer it.The BLICKENSDERFER.

Virginia Normal and... Prices. ....Collegiate Institute ,


Petersburg, Virginia.




This is a State institution for colored youth, male
Weight 6 Pounds.

and female, prepared to give a first-class normal and MERITS: Every feature to be found in all other machines, higher education. and a few possessed by none. A sweeping statement,

Its rapid increase in numbers and uniform efficibut true nevertheless. Send for catalogue.

ency, as attested by many county and city superin

tendents, and its patrons generally, are a guarantee of NATIONAL SEAL WORKS, Agents, its future success. Manufacturers of all kinds of Rubber, Brass, Terms for session of eight months, $60.00. and Steel Stamps, Seals, Stencils, Check

Further particulars can be had on application. Punches, Ink Pads and Supplies of all kinds. Stock Certificates and Bonds.

J. H. JOHNSTON, President. 907 BANK STREET, P. 0. Box 60,

C. J. DANIEL, Secretary.

H. B. HUCLES, Treasurer and Business Manager.

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Williamsburg, Virginia.



@ Historic surroundings, healthy climate, forty-eight miles from Richmond on the Chesapeake and Ohio Railway.

TERMS CHEAP. Expenses für students willing to teach two years in the Public Schools of Virginia-board, fuel, light and washing—$10 per month; other students, from $12 to $14 per month. Tuition fee, chargeable against such students only as are not willing to take a pledge to teach, $17.50 per half session; medical fee, $3.

LYON G. TYLER, President.

When corresponding with advertisers, please mention THE VIRGINIA SCHOUL JOURNAL.

Gildersleeve-Lodge Latin Books

Cicero's Orations.

Prepared for the GILDERSLEEVE-LODGE LATIN SERIES by ROBERT W. TUNSTALL, the long-time Principal of Norfolk Academy, Norfolk, Va. The work of a teacher of long experience includes only what is essential to its scope as a college-preparatory text-book. It is a teacher’s and pupil's book, possessing the qualities necessary to make it thoroughly teachable.

The text of each speech has been broken into paragraphs, and a running argument showing the trend of the Latin inserted at the breaks. This will enable the average pupil of fifteen or sixteen to translate the text with intelligence and interest.

The book is graded. The speeches against Catiline, for example, are treated in a more elementary manner than any of the others. In the commentary on these speeches, occasional hints are given on the difficult art of translation. The Ninth Philippic has been added as material for practice in sighttranslation.

The copious vocabulary is especially helpful in the use of English synonyms. xxxiv + 585 pages. Price, $1.20.

Selections From Ovid with Introduction, Notes and Vocabulary, is designed primarily to serve as an introduction to Latin poetry, for which Ovid seems to be peculiarly well adapted because his style is comparatively easy and his subject matter interesting.

This edition is the work of an able scholar and experienced teacher, JAMES N. ANDERSON, M. A., author of “On the Sources of Ovid's Heroides.” In the Commentary the editor has endeavored to give all the information necessary to an intelligent reading of the text, without the addition of extraneous matter unsuitable for those students for whom the book is intended.

The Proverbs and Short Selections at the close of the text have been added, not only for their own intrinsic merit, but also to afford material for sight translation where the teacher may tind it desirable.

The vocabulary is full. x + 258 pages. Price, 75 cents.

Gildersleeve's Latin Grammar.

Edition of 1894. Revised and enlarged by Prof. Basil L. Gildersleeve, of Johns Hopkins University, and Prof. Gonzalez Lodge, of Bryn Mawr College. x + 550 pages. Price $1.20.

This edition of the Grammar has been received with warmest approval and highest appreciation of leading classical educators of this country and of Europe.

“I am confident that, as a whole, it is a marked advance “Indispensable to every Latinist who teaches in America." one very predecessor, and the best guide, now accessible to -Chas. EDWARD Bishop, College of William and Mary, students, to a sound acquaintance with the language.”- Va. CHARLTON T. Lewis, New York, author of Latin Lexicons.

“For school and college use, the new Gildersleeve's Latin “I regard it as the most scholarly, and in many respects, Grammar, in point of fulness, accuracy and convenience, the most satisfactory Latin Grammar that has ever appeared rivals, if it does not surpass, all Latin Grammars with which in the English language.”-HARRY THURSTON PECK, Ph. D., I am acquainted.”—J. P. POSTGATE, Fellow of Trinity ColL. H. D., Prof. of Latin, Columbia University, New York. lege, Cambridge, England.

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Gildersleeve's Latin Grammar (School Edition). By Prof. Basil L. Gildersleeve and Professor Gonzalez Lodge. This manual has been prepared in response to the demand for a briefer Latin Grammar based on the Gildersleeve-Lodge work of 1891. Historical detail and grammatical exposition intended for advanced students have been mainly omitted, and the phraseology has been simplified whenever it was possible without a sacrifice of scientific exactness.

The book has about three-fifths as many pages as the larger Grammar, but it has not been abridged to a skeleton. It is still suited to serve the average student throughout his course in school and college. Much attention has been paid to the typography. The section numbers are the same as in the Irager grammar. This facilitates reference to either grammar. vi + 330 pages. Price 80 cents.

Also, just issued, LATIN COMPOSITION, by Professors Gildersleeve and Lodge, designed for the use of Freshmen at College, or the highest classes of preparatory schools. 192 pages. Price, 75 cents.

Other books in preparation. Correspondence invited.

University Publishing Company,

714-716 Canal Street, New Orleans.

43-47 East Tenth Street, New York.

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Department of Superintendence, N. E. A.--

ton-A School Postoffice-Teaching Little Ones School Law Commission-Southern Educational

to Read-Suggestions for the Recitation in Association--Dr. Jordan's Address—Dr. Harris's

Arithmetic-Nature Study as a Basis for Geography-History Stories–Bird Talks

44-50 Address—Ruffner School, No. 1-Bill for the Education of Women -- Presidency of State EDUCATIONAL WORLD : League.


The Teacher's Equipment—What the Editors Talks on School LAW AND SCHOOL MANAGEMENT........ 37-38

Say-Items of Interest....



53 Letter From Dr. Wm. H. Ruffner-Lynchburg's

NEw Books.....

.49 and 63 Art Loan Exhibition...


...61 and 63 CORRESPONDENCE:

OFFICIAL DEPARTMENT: The Kuffner Celebration-Rockingham Teachers' Association.........


Examinations for State and Professional Certifi

cates—Uniform Examinations—The School CenSCHOOLROOM:

sus-Extracts from Virginia School Report for Prepositions-Blackboard Decorations—Wash

1898 and 1899-Examination for State Certifiington's Birthday—Quotations from Washing.



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In corresponding with advertisers, please mention the Virginia School Journal.

Entered at the Postoffice at Richmond, Va., as second-class matter.

Educational Evolution.

Are you Interested in the Proper Intellectual, Moral, and Physical

Training of the Rising Generation ? JOHNSON'S READERS are based on the right principles. SOUTHERN LITERATURE, LITTLE LESSONS IN PLANT A carefully graded series prepared with the co-operation and LIFE, MANUAL OF BIBLE MORALITY, JOHNSON'S PHYSICAL aid of the ablest and best teachers in the country. Beautifully illustrated and substantially bound, meeting in every

CULTURE, WILLIAMSON'S LIVE; OF LEE, JACKSON, AND respect the requirements of a first-class series of readers. WASHINHTON, and other text-books along this line, form an LEE'S SERIES OF HISTORIES make the study of history series of books that have provel eminently satisfactory.

admirable combination, the whole combining a remarkable one of the most attractive and popular in the school-room, the only histories that fully and fairly present the facts in

HART'S GRMAMARS combine in two books carefully and connection with the history of the whole country, by Mrs. SUSAN PENDLETON LEE, of Lexington, Va.

locically arranged plans for the thorough mastery of the

English language. These books are wonderful in strong, SMITHDEAL'S SLANT-WRITING BOOKS are prepared by a teachable points and striking features that rivet the attenman who has given the best energies of his life to the teach- tion of the pupil. ing of writing. These books from every standpoint fully meet the requirements of the hour; high in quality—low in CARR'S ARITHMETICS are the most carefully graded series price.

of arithmetics that have ever been published They possess THE THOMAS WRITTEN SPELLING BLANKS possess the the happy combination of features that will insure their highest elements of success, and greatly aid in enabling general use as the standard arithmetics of the rising generapupils to learn to spell correctly. They are very important tion. adjunct to every school room.

PARENTS especially enjoy and appreciate the advantages of their children studying these books. They are so arranged as to prove interesting to the parents, thus bringing them in close and sympathetic touch with the work done in the school-room.

Many other new and valuable text-books in course of preparation. A postal card will give you a wealth of information on the text-book question. Never mind about sending stamp for reply. Address

B. F. JOHNSON PUBLISHING CO., 901-903-905 East Main Street,

Richmond, Virginia.

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