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m., 28 Nov. 1706, Frederick-William, elector of Brandenburgh, afterwards king of Prussia. King George I. d. on his journey to Hamover 11 June 1727, and was there interred: he was succeeded by his only son,

GEORGE II., born 30 Oct. 1683; crowned 11 Oct. 1727; married, 2 Sept. 1705, WilHELMINA-CARolina, da. of John-Frederick, Margrave of Brandenburgh Anspach, by whom (who d. 20 Nov. 1737) he had issue, 1. FREDERick-Lewis, prince of Wales, b. 20 Jan. 1707, m., 27 April 1736, Augusta, youngest da. of Frederick, 2d duke of Saxe Gotha, and d. 20 March 1751, leaving issue by the princess, (who survived him and d. 8 Feb. 1772,) 1. GEORGE - WILLIAM - FREDERICK, afterwards King George III. 2. Edward-Augustus, b. 14 March 1738, a rear-admiral and K.G., created, 1 April 1760, duke of York and Albany, and earl of Ulst ER, d. in Italy, unm., 17 Sept. 1767. 3. William-Henry, b. 14 Nov. 1743, duke of Gloucester and Edinburgh, in Great Britain, and earl of Connat'ght, in Ireland, so created, 17 Nov. 1764; K.G., field marshal of his Majesty's forces, col. 1st regiment of foot-guards, chancellor of the university of Dublin, ranger and keeper of Cranborne Chase, ranger of Hampton-Court Park, lord warden and keeper of the New Forest, Hants; m., 6 Sept. 1766, Maria, countess dowager of Waldegrave, relict of James, 2d earl of Waldegrave, da. of the hon. sir Edward Walpole, K.B., 2d son of Robert, 1st earl of Orford, and d. 25 Aug. 1805, having had issue by her, (who d. 23 Aug. 1807,) 1. Sophia-Matilda, b. 29 May 1773, ranger of Greenwich Park; 2. Caroline-AugustaMaria, b. 24 June 1774, d. 14 March 1775; 3. William-Frederick, duke of Gloucester, &c., K.G., G.C.B., G.C.H., F.R.S., and D.C.L., field marshal in the army, chancellor of the university of Cambridge, col. 3d foot-guards, ranger of Bagshot Park and Walk, and governor of Portsmouth; b. at Rome, 15 Jan. 1776, m., at the queen's palace, Buckingham House, 22 July 1816, his cousin, her royal highness, princess Mary, 4th da. of King George III., but dying without issue, 30 Nov. 1834, the titles of duke of Gloucester and Edinburgh, and earl of Connaught, became extinct. 4. Henry-Frederick, b. Oct. 1745, created, 18 Oct. 1766, duke of CUMBERLAND, m., 2 Oct. 1771, lady Anne Lutterell, eldest da. of Simon, 1st earl of Carhampton, and widow of Christopher Horton, of Catton Hall, co. Derby, esq. His royal highness d. without issue, 18 Sept. 1790, and the duchess in 1803. 5. Frederick-William, b. May 1750, d. 29

Dec. 1765. 6. Augusta, b. 31 July 1737; m., 16 Jan. 1764, Charles-William-Ferdinand, duke of Brunswick-Wolfenbuttle, and d. 23 March 1813, having had issue by him, who was killed at the battle of Jena, 10 Nov. 1806, 1. Charles-George-Augustus, hereditary prince, m. Frederica-Louisa-Wilhelmina, da. of William, prince of Orange, but d. without issue; 2. Frederick-William, duke of Brunswick, and prince of Oels, b. 9 Oct. 1771, m. Mary-ElizabethWilhelmina, da. of Charles-Louis, hereditary prince of Padua, and was slain at Quatre-Bras, 16 June 1815, leaving issue 2 sons, Charles-Frederick, duke of Bruns. wick and Lunenburgh, h. 30 Oct. 1804, and Charles-Maximilian-Frederick - William, who succeeded on the expulsion of his brother from his dominions, b. 25 April 1806; 3. Charlotte, b. 1764, m., 11 Oct. 1780, Charles-Frederick-William, king of Wirtemburg, and d. 1788; 4. Caroline-AmeliaElizabeth, b. 27 May 1768, m., 8 April 1795, to his late Majesty, George IV., then prince of Wales, and d. 7 Aug. 1821. 7. Elizabeth-Caroline, b. 30 Dec. 1740, d. unm. 4 Sept. 1759. 8. Louisa-Anne, b. 8 March 1749, d. unm. 13 March 1768. 9. Caroline-Matilda, (a posthumous da.,) b. 11 July 1751, m., 1 Oct. 1766, Christian VII., king of Denmark, and d. at Zelle, 10 May 1775, leaving issue, Frederick VI., present king of Denmark. 2. GeoRGE-William, b. 2 Nov. 1717, d. 6 Feb. 1718. 3. William-Augustus, b. 15 April 1721,

| created, 15 July 1726, baron of Alderney,

viscount Trematon, co. Cornwall, earl of Kennington, co. Surrey, marquess of Berkhampstead, co. Herts, and duke of CumbraLAND, elected K. G., 1730. His R. H. was also field-marshal and commander-in-chief

of the forces, and commanded the English

army at Fontenoy and Culloden, d. unm. 31 Oct. 1765. 4. ANNE, (Princess Royal,) b. 22 Oct. 1700, m., 14 March 1734, William-Charles-Henry, prince of Orange, and Stadtholder of the United Provinces, and d. 12 Jan. 1759. 5. AMElia - Sophia - El EANorA, b. 30 May 1711, d. unm. 31 Oct. 1786. 6. Elizabeth - CA Rolin E, b. 30 1713, d. unm. 28 Dec. 1757. 7. MARy, b. 22 Feb. 1723, m., 8 May 1740, Frederick, landgrave of Hesse-Cassel, and d. 14 June 1771, leaving issue. 8. Louis A, b. 7 Dec. 1724, m., 30 Oct. 1743, Frederick V., king of Denmark, and d. 8 Dec. 1751, leaving issue. King George II. d. 25 Oct. 1760, and was buried at Westminster: he was succeeded by his grandson,


GEORGE III., born 24 May 1738, O.S., (4 June N.S.,) crowned 22 Sept. 1761 ; married, 8 Sept. 1761, Sophia-CHARLotte, da, of Charles-Frederick-Lewis, prince of

Mecklenburgh-Strelitz, and by her (who was b. 19 May 1744, and d. 17 Nov. 1818) had 1SSue, 1. GEORGE - AUGUSTUS - FREDERICK, Prince of Wales, afterwards King George IV. 2. FREDERIck, b. 16 Aug. 1763, appointed bishop of Osnaburgh, in Germany; and created 27 Nov. 1784, duke of York and ALBANY, in Great Britain, and earl of UlstER, in Ireland, K.G., first and principal knight grand cross of the Bath, and also knight of St. Esprit, and several other foreign orders. H. R. H. was also a fieldmarshal, colonel of the 1st guards, and colonel-in-chief of the 60th foot; lord warden of Windsor and the New Forests, and high steward of New Windsor. H. R. H. was appointed, in 1795, commander-in-chief of the army, which office he resigned in 1809, but was re-appointed by his late Majesty, George IV., (then Prince Regent,) in 1811. H. R. H. m., 29 Sept. 1791, Frederica-Charlotte- Ulrica-Catherine, princess royal of Prussia, eldest da. of the late king of Prussia, by whom (who d. 6 Aug. 1820) he had no issue. H.R.H. d. 5 Jan. 1827, without issue, when his titles became extinct. 3. WILLIAM-HENRY, Duke of CLARENCE, afterwards king William IV. 4. Edward, b. 2 Nov. 1767, created, 23 April 1799, duke of KENT and STRATHERN, in Great Britain; and earl of Dublin, in Ireland. H. R. H. was also K.G., fieldmarshal in the army, colonel of the 1st regt. of foot, and governor of Gibraltar; m., 1st, at Cobourgh, 29 May, and 2dly, at the palace of Kew, 11 July 1818, her serene highness, Victoria-Maria-Louisa, da. of H. S. H. Francis-Frederick-Anthony, duke of Saxe Cobourg Saalfield, sister of H. S. H. Ernest - Charles-Louis-Anthony, present reigning duke of Saxe Cobourg Saalfield, and of H. R. H. prince Leopold of Saxe Cobourg, K.G., king of the Belgians, &c., and widow of H. S. H. Charles-Louis, prince of Leinengen. The duke of Kent d. 23 Jan. 1820, leaving an only da., ALEXANDRINA - VICTORIA, PRESENT MAJESTY. 5. ERNEST-Augustus, king of Hanover, and duke of CUMBERLAND. (See that title.) 6. AUGUSTUs-FREDERIck, duke of SUSsEx. (See that title.) 7. ADolph US-FREDERick, duke of CAMBRIDGE. (See that title.) 8. Octavius, b. 23 Feb. 1779, d. 3 May 1783. 9. ALFRED, b. 22 Sept. 1780, d. 26 Aug. 1782. 10. CHARLoTTE - AUGUSTA - MATILDA, (princess royal,) b. 29 Sept. 1766, m., 18 May 1797, Frederick-Charles-William, late king of Wirtemburg, to whom she was 2d wife,


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and by whom (who d. 30 Oct. 1816) her majesty had no issue. She d. 6 Oct. 1828. 11. AUGUSTA-Sophia, b. 8 Nov. 1768, living unm. 12. Elizabeth, b. 22 May 1770, m., 7 April 1818, H. S. H. Frederick-JosephLewis - Charles - Augustus, landgrave and hereditary prince of Hesse-Hombourg, who d. 2 April 1829. 13. MARY, b. 25 April 1776, m., 22 July 1816, H. R. H. William-Frederick, duke of Gloucester, K.G., G.C.B., &c., who d. 30 Nov. 1834. 14. Sophia, b. 3 Nov. 1777, living unm. 15. AMELIA, b. 7 Aug. 1783, d. unm. 2 Nov. 1810. King George III., after a reign of 59 years, 3 months, and 7 days, (being 3 years longer than that of Henry III., and 8 years longer than Edward III.,) departed this life at Windsor, 29 Jan. 1820, and was buried at Windsor; he was succeeded by his eldest Sons

GEORGE IV., born 12 Aug. 1762, appointed Regent of the United Kingdom by Act of Parliament, 1811; crowned, 19 July 1821; married, 8 April 1795, CAROLINEELIzABETH, 2d da. of his serene highness Charles-William, duke of Brunswick, and by her (who d. 7 Aug. 1821) had an only daughter,

CHARLoTTE-AUGUSTA, b. 7 Jan. 1796, m., 2 May 1816, H.R.H. prince Leopold-GeorgeFrederick, of Saxe Cobourg Saalfield, (since 1831, king of the Belgians,) and d. in childbed of a still-born son, 6 Nov. 1817.

King George IV. departed this life at Windsor, 26 June 1830, and was there interred; he was succeeded by his next surviving brother,

WILLIAM IV. born 21 Aug. 1765; crowned, 8 Sept. 1831; married, 11 July 1818, AMELLA - ADELAIDE-Louis E-THERESE-CARoLINE-WILHELMINA, eldest da. of GeorgeFrederick-Charles, duke of Saxe Meiningen, born 13 Aug. 1792, and by her, now QUEEN DowAGER, and ranger of Bushy Park, had 1ssue

1. Charlotte-Augusta-Louisa, b. and d. 27 March 1819.

2. ElizaBETH-GEORGIANA-ADELAIDE, b. 10 Dec. 1820, d. 4 March 1821.

King William IV. departed this life at Windsor, 20 June 1837, and was there interred; he was succeeded by his niece, ALExANDRINA-Victor.I.A, only child of his brother, Edward, duke of Kent, now



VICTORIA, of THE UNITED KINGDoM of GREAT BRITAIN AND IRELAND, QUEEN, Defender of the Faith, Sovereign of the Orders

of the Garter, Thistle, Bath, St. Patrick, St. Michael, and St. George.

HER MAJESTY was born at Kensington Palace, 24 May 1819, and succeeded to the throne on the death of her uncle, King William the Fourth, 20 June 1837.

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PRINCE ERNEST - AUGUSTUS, DUKE of CUMBERLAND and TIVIOTDALE, in Great Britain : Earl of Armagh in Ireland, and KING of HANOVER ; Sovereign of the Royal Hanoverian Guelphic Order; Heir Presumptive to the Throne of Great Britain; Knight of the Garter, Knight Grand Cross of the Bath, and Knight of St. Patrick; K.B.E., K.R.E., and F.S.A., Chancellor of the University of Dublin, Field-Marshal in the Army; born 5 June 1771; created earl of Armagh and duke of Cumberland and Tiviotdale, 23 April 1799; married, 1st, 29 May 1815, and 2dly, 29 Aug. at Carlton-House, Frederica-Sophia-Charlotte, da. of Frederick V., grand duke of Mecklenburgh-Strelitz, b. 20 March 1778, and widow, 1st, of FrederickLouis-Charles, prince of Prussia, and 2dly, of Frederick-William, prince of Solms-Braunfels; and by her royal highness had

1. A DA., still-born, 27 Jan. 1817.

2. Prince GEORGE-FREDERICK-ALEXANDER-CHARLES-ERNESTAUGUSTUS, K.G., G.C.H., Prince Royal of Hanover, b. at Berlin, 27 May 1819.

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PRINCE AUGUSTUS - FREDERICK, Duke of SUSSEX, Earl of * Inverness, and Baron Arklow, (so created 7 Nov. 1801,) Knight of the Orders o, of the Garter, Thistle, and First and principal Knight Grand Cross of the Bath, *and Acting Grand Master of the Order; G.C.H., D.C.L., and Captain General, and Colonel of the Honourable Artillery Company, Ranger of St. James's and - Hyde Parks; born 27 Jan. 1773. H.R.H. married, at Rome, 4 April, and a a second time at St. George's, Hanover Square, 5 Dec. 1793, lady Augusta Murray, da of John, 5th earl of Dunmore, by whom he had issue, sir Augustuso, Frederick D'Este, K.C.H., col. in the army, b. 13 Jan. 1794, and Augusta, b. a 1 1 Aug. 1801. This marriage was declared null and void, being in violation of , , stat. 12 Geo. III. c. 11, which enacts that no descendant of the body of king *George II. (other than the issue of princesses married into foreign countries) is capable of contracting matrimony without the previous consent of the king 5 signified under the great seal; and any marriage contracted without such cona sent is void. All persons solemnizing, assisting, or being present at, any such prohibited marriage, incur the penalties of a pramunire; and the marriage was accordingly dissolved in August 1794.

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