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crown to the house of York, by marriage with Richard, earl of Cambridge, as hereafter stated; 3. Eleanor, who m. Edward Courtenay, earl of Devon, but d. S.p. Lionel of Antwerp m., 2dly, 1368, Violanta, da. of Galeaseus, prince of Milan, but d. in Piedmont, 17 Oct. the same year, without issue by her. 4. John, (of Gaunt,) duke of Lancaster, earl of Richmond, Derby, Lincoln, and Leicester, and steward of England, also king of Castile and Leon in right of his 2d wife, b. 1340, m., 1st, 18 May 1359, Blanch, youngest da. and co-h. of Henry, duke of Lancaster, by whom (who d. 1369) he had issue 1 son, afterwards king HENRY IV., and 2 das., Philippa, m., 1387, John 1st, king of Portugal, and d. 1415, and Elizabeth, m., 1st, John Holland, duke of Exeter; and, 2dly, sir John Cornewall, K.G., created baron Fanhope. The duke m., 2dly, 1372, Constance, eldest da, and co-h. of Peter, (the Cruel,) king of Castile and Leon, (who d. 1394,) and thereupon assumed the title of those kingdoms, but resigned his pretensions on the marriage of his only child, Katherine, with Henry, prince of Asturias, afterwards king of Castile and Leon. The duke m., 3dly, Catherine, da. of sir Payn Roet, knt., and widow of sir Hugh Swynford, knt. By this lady he had, before marriage, 3 sons and 1 da., who were afterwards, by act of parliament, 20 Richard II., rendered legitimate, with power to possess all dignities; but a reservation of the royal dignity was afterwards inserted by Henry IV. They were, 1. John, created marquess of Dorset and Somerset, m. Margaret, da. of Thomas Holland, earl of Kent, (who re-m. Thomas, duke of Clarence,) and had issue, John, duke of Somerset, whose only da, and h., Margaret, was mother to king Henry VII.; 2. Henry, bishop of Winchester, cardinal of St. Eusebius; 3. Thomas, created duke of Exeter, d. s.p. 1424; 4. Joan, m., 1st, Robert Ferrers, son of lord Ferrers, of Wem, and, 2dly, Ralph Nevill, 1st earl of Westmorland. John of Gaunt, d. 1399. 5. Ed Mon D, (of Langley,) duke of York and earl of Cambridge, b. 1341, m., 1st, 1372, Isabel, youngest of the 2 das. and co-hh. of Peter, (the Cruel,) king of Castile and Leon; and, 2dly, Joan, da. of Thomas, and sister and co-h. of Edmond Holland, earls of Kent. By his 2d wife (who survived him, and m. 3 other husbands, viz. 2. William, lord Willoughby, of Eresby; 3. Henry, lord Scrope; and 4. Henry Bromflete, lord Vesey) he had no issue; but by his 1st duchess he had a da., Constance, m. Thomas le Despencer, earl of Gloucester; and 2 sons, 1. Edward, duke of York and Albemarle, who was slain at the battle of Agincourt, 25 Oct. 1415, without issue; and 2. Richard, (of Coningsburgh,) earl of Cambridge, who m. to his 1st wife, Anne Mortimer, great-grandchild, and eventually h. of the body of his uncle, Lionel, duke of Clarence, through which lady the house of

York derived its claim to the crown of England in preference to that of Lancaster, which, though descended in an unbroken male line from king Edward III., was derived from a younger son. The earl m., 2dly, Maud, da. of Thomas, lord Clifford, (who re-m. John, lord Latimer,) but by her had no issue; he was beheaded for a plot against the life of king Henry V., 1415, leaving issue by Anne Mortimer, a da-, Isabel, m. Henry Bourchier, earl of Essex, and an only son, Rich ARD, duke of York, sometime regent of France, and protector of England, m. Cecily, da. of Ralph Nevill, earl of Westmorland, (by Joan Beaufort,) and was slain at Wakefield, 1460, having had issue, 1. Henry, d. an infant; 2. EDWARD, afterwards king Edward IV.; 3. Edmond, earl of Rutland, slain at Wakefield, aged only 12 years; 4. 5. William and John, d. infants; 6. George, duke of Clarence, murdered by order of his brother, king Edward IV., 1477, m. Isabel, da. of Richard Nevill, earl of Warwick, and had issue, Edward, earl of Warwick and Salisbury, the last male of the house of York, beheaded 1499, unm.; and Margaret, countess of Salisbury, m. sir Richard Pole, knt., and was beheaded 1541, leaving issue: 7. Thomas, d. an infant; 8. RICHARD, afterwards king Richard III.; 9. Anne, m., 1st, Henry Holland, duke of Exeter; and, 2dly, sir Thomas St. Leger, knt., by whom she left issue; 10. Elizabeth, m. John Delapole, duke of Suffolk; 11. Margaret, m. Charles the Bold, duke of Burgundy; 12. Ursula. 6. WILLIAM, (of Windsor,) d. an infant. 7. THoMAs, (of Woodstock,) duke of Gloucester, earl of Buckingham, Essex, and Northampton, and constable of England, b. 1355, m. Eleanor, eldest da. and co-h. of Humphry de Bohun, earl of Hereford, Essex, and Northampton, and constable of England, and was murdered at Calais, 8 Sept. 1397, leaving issue by his said wife, who survived him, and d. 3 Oct. 1399, one son, HUMPHRY, d. unm. 1399, and 4 das. ; 1. Anne, m., 1st, Thomas, earl Stafford; 2dly, Edmond, earl Stafford, brother of Thomas; and 3dly, William Bourchier, earl of Ewe, by the last two of whom she had issue; 2. Joan, m. Gilbert, lord Talbot, but d, without surviving issue; 3. Isabel, a nun; 4. Philippa, d. unm. 8. Isabel, m., 1365, Ingleram de Coucy, created earl of Bedford, and had issue. 9. JoAN, contracted in marriage to Alphonso, king of Castile, but d. of the plague before the solemnization, 1348. 10. BLANCH, d. an infant. 11. MARY, m. John Montfort, (the Valiant,) duke of Brittany, and had issue. 12. MARGARET, m. John Hastings, earl of Pembroke, but d. s.p. King Edward III. dying 21 June 1377, was buried at Westminster, and succeeded by his grandson,

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RICHARD II., (surnamed of BourDEAux,) born 1366, crowned 16 July 1377, married, 1st, 22 Jan. 1382, ANNE, da. of the emperor Charles IV. of Germany. By this queen (who d. 1394) he had no issue. King Richard m., 2dly, 1396, Isabel, eldest da. of Charles VI., king of France, by whom also he had no issue. King Richard surrendered his crown, 29 Sept. 1399, to his cousin, Henry of Bolingbroke, and is by some said to have been starved to death; by others, to have been basely murdered at Pomfret, 14 Feb. following; he was first interred at Langley, in Herts, but afterwards removed to Westminster.

HENRY IV., (surnamed Bolingbroke,) born about 1366, crowned 13 Oct. 1399, married, 1st, 1380, Mary, youngest da. and co-h. of Humphrey de Bohun, earl of Hereford, Essex, and Northampton, and constable of England, and by her (who d. 1394) had issue, 1. HENRY, prince of Wales, afterwards king Henry V. 2. Thomas, duke of CLARENce and earl of Albemarle, m. Margaret, 3d da. of Thomas, and sister and co-h. of Edmond Holland, earls of Kent, and widow of John Beaufort, earl of Somerset, but d. without issue, being slain at the battle of Baugy, in France, 1421. 3. John, duke of Bedford, earl of Richmond and Kendal, and constable of England, also regent of France in the reign of his nephew, king Henry VI.; m., 1st, 1423, Anne, da. of John, duke of Burgundy. By this lady, who d. in childbed, 14 Nov. 1432, he had no surviving issue. He m., 2dly, Jaquetta, da. of Peter of Luxemburg, earl of St. Paul, by whom (who survived him, and was re-m. to sir Richard Widville, knt., afterwards earl Rivers, and d. 30 May 1472) he had also no issue. The duke d. at Paris, 14 Sept. 1435. 4. HUMPHREY, duke of Gloucester and earl of Pembroke, and during part of the reign of his nephew, king Henry VI., regent of England, as his brother the duke of Bedford was of France ; m., 1st, Jaqueline, countess of Holland, Zealand, and Hainault, da. and h. of William, duke of Bavaria, but from this lady he was divorced, and m., 2dly, Eleanor, da. of Reginald, lord Cobham. He had no issue by either wife. The duke d., not without great suspicion of violence or poison, 1446. 5. BLANch, m., 1st, Lewis Barbatus, duke of Bavaria; 2dly, the king of Arragon; and, 3dly, the duke of Barr. 6. PHILIPPA, m. Eric, king of Denmark, 1405. King Henry IV. m., 2dly, 1403, Joan, da. of Charles, 2d king of Navarre, and widow of John de Montfort, (the Valiant,) duke of Brittany, but by her (who survived him, and d. 10 July 1437) he had no issue. King Henry IV. dying 20 March 1412,

was interred at Canterbury, and succeeded by his son,

HENRY V., (surnamed of Mox Mouth,) born 1388, crowned 9 April 1413, married, 3 June 1420, KATHER IN E, youngest dal of Charles VI., king of France, by whom (who survived him, and d. 3 Jan. 1437, having re-m. sir Owen ap Meredith ap Tudor, by whom she was mother of Edmund Tudor, earl of Richmond, who, by Margaret, da. and h. of John Beaufort, duke of Somerset, grandson of John of Gaunt, was father of Henry, earl of Richmond, afterwards king Henry VII.) he had an only son,

HENRY, prince of Wales, afterwards king Henry VI.

King Henry V. d. in France, 31 Aug. 1422, and was interred at Westminster, being succeeded by his only son,

HENRY WI., (surnamed of WINDson,) born 1421, crowned to Nov. 1429, married, 22 April 1445, MARga RET, da. of Rayner, duke of Anjou, (titular king of Jerusalem,) by whom (who survived him and d. 1482) he had an only child,

Edward, prince of Wales, b. 14 Oct. 1453, m., 1470, Anne Nevill, 2d da. and co-h. of Richard, earl of Warwick, but was murdered at Tewkesbury the same year, by Richard, duke of Gloucester.

King Henry VI. was deposed by Edward duke of York, 1461, and, ten years afterwards, murdered in the Tower, 21 May 1472, and interred in the chapel of Windsor.

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1. EDWARD, prince of Wales, afterwards Edward W. 2. Richard, duke of York, m., in his infancy, to Anne, h. of the house of Mowbray, only child of John Mowbray, duke of Norfolk, earl marshal of England, but was murdered along with his brother, king Edward W., 1483. 3. GEoRGE, duke of Bedford, d. an infant. 4. ElizaBETH, b. 11 Feb. 1466, m. king HENRY VII. 5. Cicely, m., 1st, John, viscount Wells, and 2dly, — Kyme, but d. without surviving issue by either. 6. ANNE, m. Thomas Howard, duke of Norfolk, earl marshal of England, but d. without surviving issue. 7. BRIDGET, a mun, d. 1517. 8. MARY, d. unm. 1482. 9. MARGARET, b. and d. 1472. 3 c

10. KATHERINE, m. William Courtenay, earl of Devon, and had issue.

King Edward IV. d. 9 April 1483, and was interred in the chapel at Windsor, being succeeded by his som,

EDWARD V., born 4 Nov. 1470, proclaimed king on his father's death in 1483, but never crowned; murdered in the Tower, 22 June in the same year. The exact place of burial of this prince and his brother remained unknown till 1674, when their bones were discovered and deposited in an urn in Westminster Abbey.

RICHARD III. ascended the throme 27 June, and crowned 7 July 1483, married ANNE, 2d da. and co-h. of Richard Neville, earl of Warwick, and widow of Edward, prince of Wales, only son of king Henry VI. By this lady (who d. 1485) he had one son,

Edward, born 1473, created prince of Wales, 24 Aug. 1483, but d. in his father's lifetime, 1484.

King Richard III. was slain at Bosworth, 22 Aug. 1485, and interred at Leicester, being succeeded by

HENRY VII., born 26 July 1455, crowned 30 Oct. 1485, married, 18 Jan. 1486, ELIZABETH, eldest da. of king Edward IV., and h. of the house of York, by whom (who was crowned 25 Nov. 1487, and d. 11 Feb. 1502) he had issue,

1. ARTHUR, prince of Wales, b. 20 Sept. 1486, m., 14 Nov. 1501, Catherine, da, of Ferdinand, king of Spain, but d, without issue, 2 April 1502.

2. HENRY, prince of Wales, afterwards king Henry VIII.

3. EDMond, duke of Somerset, b. and d. 1499.

4. MARGARET, b. 29 Nov. 1489, m., 1502, James IV., king of Scotland; 2dly, 1514, Arehibald Douglas, earl of Angus (from whom she was divorced); and, 3dly, in March 1526, Henry Stewart, earl of Methuen, and d. 1541. By her lst husband she had only one child, James V., king of Scotland, grandfather of James VI. of Scotland, and 1st of England; by her 2d husband she had an only da.; and by her 3d also an only child, who d. an infant. This queen's da. by her 2d husband, Margaret, m. Matthew Stewart, earl of Lennox, and had issue 4 sons and 4das., who all d. S.p. except Henry, lord Darnley, who was husband of Mary, queen of Scots, and father of king James I.; and Charles, earl of Lennox, who left an only da., the lady Arabella Stewart, who m. William Seymour, earl of Hertford, but d. S.p., so that all issue of the body of Margaret, queen of Scots, except through king James VI. of Scotland, and I. of England, is extinct.

5. ELIZABETH, b. 2 July 1492, d. 14 Sept. 1495.

6. MARY, b. 1498, m., 9 Oct. 1514, 1ewis XII, king of France, but by him, who d. 1 Jan. following, had no issue. She m., 2dly, 1517, Charles Brandon, duke of Suffolk, K.G. This is the last instance of the marriage of a princess of England with a subject, from which there is any issue remaining, and the descendants of this match consequently claim the nearest consanguinity, of any subjects, to the royal family. The issue of the duke of Suffolk by the princess was one son, Henry, earl of Lincoln, who d. unm., and 2 das.; Frances, m. Henry Grey, duke of Suffolk, and Eleanor, m. Henry Clifford, earl of Cumberland. Frances, duchess of Sufolk, left 3 das, her co-hh.; 1. Jane, (usually called lady Jane Grey,) who m. Guildford Dudley, 4th son of John, duke of Northumberland, and was unfortunately placed by her father-in-law in a competition with queen Mary for the crown of England, which cost her and her husband their lives; lady Jane d. S.p.; 2. Catharine, m. Edward Seymour, earl of Hertford, and left issue; 3. Mary, m. Martin Keyes, esq., but d. without issue. Eleanor, countess of Cumberland, left an only child and h., Margaret, who m. Henry Stanley, earl of Derby. Among the most eminent descendants from the 2 das, of the princess Mary, may be enumerated from the duchess of Suffolk, the duke and duchess of Buckingham and Chandos, the dukes of Buccleuch, Devonshire, Northumberland, Portland, Rutland, and Sutherland; the marquesses of Ailesbury and Bath; the earls of Cardigan, Carnarvon, Carrick, Dartmouth, Egremont, Carlisle, Galloway, Romney, Shannon, &c.; viscounts Sydney and Lake : lord Braybrooke, &c.; from the countess of Cumberland the dukes of Atholl, Richmond, and Hamilton; the marquesses of Eveter and Hastings; the earls of Dunmore, Jersey, Granville, Galloway, Portsmouth, and Aberdeen; the late duke of Gordon, countess of Powys, &c.

7. CATHERINE, b. and d. 1502.

King Henry VII. dying 21 April 1509, was interred at Westminster, and succeeded by his son,

HENRY VIII., born 28 Jan. 1491; crowned 24 June 1509. The wives of this king were, 1. the princess CATHERINE of Arragon, widow of his brother Arthur, married 3 June 1509, divorced 1533; 2. ANNE, da. of Thomas Bullen, earl of Ormond, married (privately) 14 Nov. 1532, crowned on Whitsunday, 1533, beheaded 19 May 1536; 3. JANE, da. of sir John Seymour, and sister of Edward, duke of Somerset, protector of England, married, 20 May 1536, died in child-bed 14 Oct. 1537; 4. ANNE, da. of John, and sister of William, dukes of Cleves in Germany, married 6 Jan. 1539, divorced the same year, and died at Chelsea, in Middlesex, 1557; 5. CATHERINE, da. of sir Edmund Howard, and niece of Thomas, 2d duke of Norfolk, married 8 Aug. 1542, beheaded 13 Feb. following; 6. CATHER IN E, da, of Sir Thomas Parr, of Kendall, sister of

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William Parr, marquess of Northampton, and widow of Edward Borough, (eldest son and heir apparent of Thomas, lord Borough,) and of Edward Neville, lord Latimer, married to the king, 12 July 1543; survived him, and married, 4thly, Thomas, lord Seymour, of Sudely, K.G., and died in childbed, 5 Sept. 1548. The issue of king Henry VIII. were, by his first wife, 1. HENRY, b. 1.Jan., and d. 22 Feb. 1509–10. 2. A SoN, not named, b. and d. Nov. 1514, 3. MARY, afterwards queen Mary I. By queen Anne Bullen, his 2d wife, 4. ELIZABETH, afterwards queen. 5. A SoN, still-born, Feb. 1535. By queen Jane Seymour, his 3d wife, 6. EDWARD, duke of Cornwall, afterwards king Edward VI. King Henry VIII. d. 28Jan. 1547, and was buried at Windsor; he was succeeded by his only son,

EDWARD VI., born 12 Oct. 1537, crowned 25 Feb. 1547, died unmarried, 6 July 1553, and was buried at Westminster; he was succeeded by his sister,

MARY, born 8 Feb. 1515, crowned 30 Nov. 1553, married, 25 July 1554, Philip, prince of Spain, (afterwards king Philip II.,) son of the Emperor Charles V., but died without issue, 17 Nov. 1558, and was buried at Westminster; she was succeeded by her halfsister,

ELIZABETH, born 7 Sept. 1533, crowned 15 Jan. 1558, died unmarried, 24 March 1603, and was buried at Westminster; whereupon the issue of king Henry VIII. became extinct, and she was succeeded by the greatgrandson and heir of that king's eldest sister, Margaret, queen of Scotland, viz.,

JAMES I., (and VI. of Scotland,) born 19 June 1566, crowned king of Scotland when only 13 months old, and king of England, 25 July 1603; married, 20 Aug. 1590, ANNE, da. of Frederick II., king of Denmark and Norway, and by her (who d. 2 March 1618) had issue, 1. HENRY-FREDERick, prince of Wales, b. 19 Feb. 1593, d. unm. 6 Nov. 1612. 2. Robert, d. an infant. 3. CHARLES, prince of Wales, afterwards king Charles I. 4. ElizaBETH, b. 19 Aug. 1596, m., 14 Feb. 1612-13, Frederick V., duke of Bavaria, count palatine of the Rhine, (afterwards elected king of Bohemia,) and d. 13 Feb. 1661, having had issue by him, (who d. 29 Nov. 1632,) 1. Frederick-Henry, b. 1 July 1614, d. 7 Jan. 1629. 2. Charles-Lewis, succeeded his father as duke of Bavaria, m. and had issue two

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sons, who both d, without issue; and a da, Charlotte, m. to the duke of Orleans. 3. Rupert, K.G., duke of Cumberland and earl of Holderness, and vice-admiral of England, (commonly distinguished in English history by the name of Prince Rupert,) d. unm. 19 Nov. 1682. 4. Maurice, (called in English history Prince Maurice, K.G., perished in shipwreck, unm., 1654. 5. Edward, duke of Bavaria, count pa. latine of the Rhine, K.G., m. Anne de Gonzaga, of Mantua, and d. 10 March 1663, leaving three das.; Anne, m. HenryJulius, Prince de Condé; Benedicta-Henrietta-Philippa, m. John-Frederick, duke of Brunswick Lunenburgh; and LouisaMaria, m. Charles-Theodore, prince of Salms. 6. Philip, slain unm. in battle, 1650. 7. Gustavus, d. young. 8. Elizabeth, abbess of Hervorden, in Westphalia, d. 1690.

9. Louisa-Hollandina, abbess of Maubisson, near Paris, d. 1709.

10. Henrietta, m. Sigismund, prince of Transylvania, but d.s.p. 1651. 11. Charlotte, d. young. 12. Sophia, on whose descendants the crown of England was settled by the Act of Settlement, b. 13 Oct. 1630, m., 1658, Ernest-Augustus, duke of Brunswick-Lunenburgh, afterwards elector of Hanover, and d. 8 June 1714, having had issue by him, (who d. 23 Jan. 1618,) 1. GEORGELEWIS, afterwards king George I.: 2. Frederick-Augustus, b. 3 Oct. 1661, slain in battle against the Turks, unm., 30 Dec. 1690; 3. Maximilian-William, b. 13 Dec. 1666, d. unm. 16 July 1726 ; 4. CharlesPhilip, b. 3 Oct. 1669, slain in battle 1690; 5. Christian, b. 19 Sept. 1671, drowned in the Danube, 31 July 1703, unm., in an engagement with the French; 6. ErnestAugustus, bishop of Osnaburgh, b. 7 Sept. 1674, created, 29 June 1716, duke of York and Albany, and earl of Ulster, K.G., d. unm. 4. Aug. 1728; 7. Sophia-Charlotte, b. 20 Oct. 1668, m. Frederick-William, elector of Brandenburgh, and king of Prussia, and had issue. 5. MARGARET, b. 24 Dec. 1598, d. young. 6. MARY, b. 8 March 1605, d. 16 Dec. 1607. 7. Sophia, b. and d. 21 June 1606. King James I. d. 27 March 1625, and was buried at Westminster, being succeeded by his eldest surviving son,

CHARLES I., born 19 Nov. 1600, crowned 2 Feb. 1625, married, 1 May 1625, HENRIETTA-MARIA, da. of Henry IV., king of France, and by her (who survived him, and d. 10 Aug. 1669) had issue,

1. CHARLEs, b. and d. 18 March 1628.

2. CHARLES, prince of WALEs, afterwards king Charles II.

3. JAMES, duke of York, afterwards king James II.

4. HENRY, duke of GLoucester, b. 8 July 1640, d. unm. 13 Sept. 1660. 5. MARY, b. 4 Nov. 1631, m., 2 May 1648, William of Nassau, prince of Orange, and d. 23 Sept. 1660, having had issue by him (who d. 6 Nov. 1650) one posthumous son, WILLIAM, afterwards king William III. 6. Elizabeth, b. 28 Dec. 1635, d. unm. 8 Sept. 1650. 7. ANNE, b. 17 March 1636, d. 8 Dec. 1640. 8. HENRIETTA-MARIA, b. 16 June 1644, m., 31 March 1661, Philip, duke of Anjou, (afterwards duke of Orleans,) only brother of Lewis XIV., king of France, and d. 30 June 1670, having had issue one son, PhilipCharles, duke de Valois, b. 26 July 1664, d. 8 Dec. 1666; and two das., l. Maria-Aloisia, b, 27 March 1662, m., 17 Nov. 1679, Charles II., king of Spain, but d, without issue, 12 Feb. 1689; 2. Anna-Maria, b. 27 Aug. 1669, m., 9 April 1684, Victor Amadeus II., duke of Savoy and king of Sardinia, and from her the present royal house of Sardinia is descended. King Charles I. was beheaded 30 Jan. 1648, and interred at Windsor; he was succeeded by his eldest surviving son,

CHARLES II., born 29 May 1630, crowned 23 April 1661, married, May 1662, CAtheRINA, Infanta of Portugal, but died without issue, 6 Feb. 1685, and was buried at Westminster; he was succeeded by his brother,

JAMES II., born 14 Oct. 1633, crowned 23 April 1685, married, 1st, ANNE, eldest da. of Edward Hyde, earl of Clarendon, lordhigh-chancellor of England, by which lady (who lived not to be queen, but d. 31 March 1671) he had issue, 1. CHARLEs, duke of CAMBRIDGR, b. 22 Oct. 1660, d. 5 May 1661. 2. JAMEs, duke of CAMBRIDGE, b. 12 July 1663, d. 20 June 1667. 3. CHARLEs, duke of KENDALL, b. 4 July 1666, d. 22 May 1667. 4. EDGAR, duke of CAMBRIDGE, b. 14 Sept. 1667, d. 8 June 1671. 5. MARY, afterwards queen Mary II. 6. ANNE, afterwards queen Anne. 7. HENRIETTA, b. 13 Jan. 1668, d. 15 Nov. 1669. 8. KATHERINE, b. 9 Feb. 1670, d. 5 Dec. 1671. King James II. m., 2dly, 21 Nov. 1673, MARY-BEATRIx-ELEANorA D'EstE, da. of Alphonso, 2d duke of Modena, by whom (who survived him, and d. 8 May 1718) he had issue, 9. CHARLEs, duke of Cambridge, b. 7 and d. 12 Nov. 1677. 10. KATHERINA-LAURA, b. 10 Jan. 1674, d. 3 Oct. 1675. 11. IsabelLA, b. 28 Aug. 1676, d. 2 March 1680. 12. CHARLoTTE-MARIA, b. 15 Aug., and d. 6 Oct. 1682.

13. JAMES-FRANcts-Edward, b. 10 June 1688. After his father's death he was proclaimed at Paris king of England, and was designated in England by the name of “The Pretender;” m., 1719, Mary-Clementina, da. of prince James Sobieski, and grandda. of John Sobieski, king of Poland, and d. 1 Jan. 1766, leaving issue two sons; 1. Charles-Edward-Louis-Cassimer, (commonly called the Chevalier St. George, or, in England, “The Young Pretender,”) b. 30 Nov. 1720, m. the princess Stohlberg of Germany, but d. without issue, 31 Jan. 1788; 2. Henry-Benedict, (called the Cardinal York,) b. 24 March 1725, elevated to the purple by Pope Benedict the XIVth. 1747, d. 1807, when the whole issue of king James II. became extinct.

14. Louis A-MARIA-TEREsi A, b. 1692, d. unm. about 1712.

King James I.1. abdicated the throne of England 1688, but survived till 6 Sept. 1701, when he d. at Paris. He was succeeded in 1688 by his son-in-law and daughter,

WILLIAM III. and MARY II., the former, son of William of Nassau, prince of Orange, by Mary, eldest da. of king Charles I., and born 14 Nov. 1650; the latter, eldest surviving child of the abdicating monarch, and born 30 April 1662; they were married, 4 Nov. 1677, and crowned king and queen of England, 11 April 1689. The queen died 28 Dec. 1694, without issue; and king William, 8 March 1702, both being interred at Westminster. King William was succeeded by his sister-in-law,

ANNE, (2d surviving child of king James II.,) born 6 Feb. 1665, crowned 23 April 1702; married, 28 July 1683, GEoRGE, Prince of Denmark, Duke of Cumberland in England, and Lord High Admiral of England and Ireland, by whom (who died 28 Oct. 1708) she had issue, 1. A DAUGHTER, still-born, 12 May 1634. 2. MARY, b. 9 June 1685, d. 8 Feb. 1686. 3. ANNE-SOPHIA, b. 12 May 1686, d. 2 Feb. 1687. 4. WILLIAM, duke of Gloucester, b. 24 July 1639, d. 30 July 1700. 5. MARY, b. and d. Nov. 1600. 6. GEORGE, b. and d. 17 April 1692. Queen Anne d. 1 Aug. 1714, and was buried at Westminster; she was succeeded, pursuant to the provisions of the Act of Settlement, by

GEORGE I., born 28 May 1660, crowned 20 Oct. 1714; married, 1682, Sophia-DoRothy, da. and sole heiress of George-William, duke of Zelle, and by her (from whom he was divorced, and who died 13 Nov. 1726) had issue,

1. GEORGE - AUGUSTUS, prince of WALEs, afterwards king George II.

2. Sophia-Dorothy, b. 16 March 1685,

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