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THE descent of this illustrious family is variously deduced. Sir James Ware and William Roberts, esq., Ulster king of arms in the reign of Charles I., affirm one Herveius, a companion of William the Conqueror, to have been its original ancestor; others derive it from a younger son of the house of Clare, earls of Gloucester and Hertford; and others, again, assert that a Walter Fitz-Gilbert, son of Gilbert Becket, a wealthy citizen of London, and brother of Thomas à Becket, archbishop of Canterbury, was its founder. It is certain, however, that the family name was derived from the office of chief butler of Ireland. We commence our account, therefore, with THEoBALD LE Botel ER, on whom that office was conferred by King Henry II., 1177, and he and his successors were bound to attend the kings of England at their coronation, and that day present them with the first cup of wine, for which they were to have certain pieces of the king's plate. Some time after, that king granted him the §. and butlerage of wines, to enable im and his heirs the better to support the dignity of their office”. rom this Theobald the office descended, through four generations, all of the same Christian name, to THEoPALD, 5th butler, who d. unm. 1290, and was succeeded by his brother, EDMon D LE Botel ER, who sat in parliament as a baron 1302, and in 1315 was created earl of Carrick. He d. 1321, leaving, besides other issue, 2 sons, l. JAMEs, his successor; and 2. John, ancestor of the present earl of Carrick-(see that title). JAMEs, 2d earl of Carrick, was created, 2 Nov. 1328, earl of Ormonde; m. Eleanor, da. of Humphry de Bohun, earl of Hereford and Essex, and constable of England, (by the princess Elizabeth, da. of king Edward I.,) and dying 1337, was succeeded by his SOn, JAMES, 2d earl of Ormonde, and 3d earl of Carrick, d. 1383, leaving a son, JAMEs, 3d earl of Ormonde, who d. 1405, leaving 2 sons, 1. JAMEs, 4th earl of Ormonde; and 2. sir Richard, ancestor of the present earl. JAMEs, 4th earl of Ormonde, d. 1452, !...; 3 sons, 1. JAMEs, 5th earl, who was created earl of Wiltshire, 1440, taken prisoner at the battle of Towton 1461, and beheaded, without issue; 2. John, 6th earl, d. unm. 1478; and 3. Thomas, 8th earl, who d. 1515, leaving 2 das., his co-hh., of whom Margaret m. sir William Boleyn, and was grandmother of queen Anne Boleyn. On the death of the 8th earl, the title was assumed by sir PIERCE BUTLER, greatgrandson of sir Richard, 2d son of the 3d earl; but he was created by king Hen VIII., 1527, earl of Ossory, and the title of Ormonde, by the same king, conferred on his queen's father, Thomas Boleyn, viscount Rochfort, son of Margaret above named. He d. 1539, leaving, besides other issue, 2 sons, 1. JAMEs, 2d earl of Ossory; and 2. Richard, ancestor of the earl of Kilkenny (see that title). JAMEs, 2d earl of Ossory, was created viscount Thurles in his father's lifetime, 1535; and in the last parliament of Henry

VIII. obtained an act of restitution of the earldom of Ormonde. He d. 1585, leaving issue, THoMAs, earl of Ormonde and Os. sory, who d. without male issue 1614; and John, of Kilcash, whose son, WALTER, succeeded his uncle, Thomas, and became 11th earl of Ormonde, and 3d earl of Ossory; m. Eleanor, da. of Edmond, 2d viscount Mountgarret, and had issue, Thomas, viscount Thurles, who d. in his father's lifetime, leaving issue, by Elizabeth, da. of John Poyntz, of Acton, co. Gloucester, esq., 2 sons, JAMEs, 12th earl; and Richard of Kilcash, of whom hereafter. The earl d. 1632, and was succeeded by his grandson, JAMEs, 12th earl, K.G., created marquess of Ormonde, 1642; and on the restoration of Charles II. advanced, in reward of his unshaken loyalty to that king and his father, to the dignity of duke of Ormonde, in Ireland, and created baron Butler, of Llanthony, and earl of Brecknock, in England. His grace m. , his cousin, Elizabeth, onl child and h, of Richard, viscount Dingwals, and earl of Desmond, by Elizabeth, only da. and h. of Thomas, 10th earl of Ormonde; and by her had, besides other issue, 3 sons, 1. Thomas, who d. in his father's lifetime, leaving issue 2 sons, JAMEs, 2d duke; and Charles, created earl of Arran, but d. without issue 1758; and two das., Elizabeth, m. William-Richard-George, earl of Derby; and Henrietta, m. Henry D'Auverquerque, earl of Grantham; 2. Richard, created earl of Arran 1662, d.1685, leaving an only da., Charlotte, m. Charles, lord Cornwallis, ancestor of the present earl; 3. John, created, 1676, earl of Gowran, and d. 1677, without issue. The duke d. 21 July 1688, and was succeeded by his grandson, JAMEs, 2d duke and 13th earl, K.G., who, on the removal of the duke of Marlborough from the councils of queen Anne, was appointed commander in chief of the forces, warden of the cinque ports, and constable of Dover Castle. On the accession of king George I. he was impeached, and retiring into France, was attainted by acts both of the British and Irish parliaments. He died in exile, and without survivin issue, 1746, and his titles being considere as forfeited under the acts of attainder, remained dormant till they were claimed in 1791 by the father of the * marquess, on the ground that the Irish act of attainder affected the estates only, and not the titles, in which the Irish house of lords concurred. According to this decision the duke's younger brother, Charles, earl of Arran, became of right 3d duke of Ormonde, and on his death without issue in 1758, the dukedom and marquessate became extinct, but the earldom devolved on John Butler, of Kilcash, esq., below named, and on his death without issue in 1766, upon his cousin John, who claimed and was allowed the titles in 1791, and whose descent we now proceed to trace. Richard BUTLER, of Kilcash, esq., 2d son of Thomas, lord. Thurles, and brother of the 1st duke, m. Frances, da. of Mervin Tuchet, 2d earl of Castlehaven, and d. 1701, having had, besides other issue, a son, Wal

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ULICK-JOHN DE BURGH, MARQUE'ss and EARL of CLANRICARDE, and Baron of Dunkelin in the Peerage of Ireland, and Baron Somerhill, of Somerhill, co. Kent, in the Peerage of the United Kingdom; Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary at the Court of St. Petersburg ; Lord-Lieutenant co. Galway, K.P., P.C.; born 20 Dec. 1802; succeeded his father, John-Thomas, the late earl, 27 July 1808; advanced to the dignity of Marquess of Clanricarde, in the Peerage of Ireland, Oct. 1825, and created Baron Somerhill, aforesaid, 4 July 1826; married, 8 April 1825, Harriett, only da. of the late right hon. George Canning, and

of the late viscountess Canning, and has issue,


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THE family of De Burgh ranks among the most ancient in the united kingdoms. Hubert de Burgh, earl of Kent, was one of the greatest subjects in Europe, in the reigns of kings John, and Henry III., His uncle, Adelm de Burgh, settled in Ireland, and was ancestor of Richard de Burgh, lord of Connaught and Trim, who d. 1243, leaving, two sons, Walter, earl of Ulster, and William, ancestor of the earls of Clanricarde, ULick, 1st earl of Clanricarde, was so created, 1 July 1543. From him the title descended in a direct line to ULick, 5th earl, who was created, 21 Feb. 1644, marquess of Clanricarde, and earl of St. Alban's, in England; but dying without issue, 1657, those titles became extinct, and the earldom of Clanricarde devolved on his first cousin, Rich ARD, 6th earl, who also d. without issue, and was succeeded by his brother, WILLIAM, 7th earl, father of Rich ARD, 8th earl, (who d. without issue,) and of John, 9th earl, who d. 17 Oct. 1722, leaving issue, Michael, 10th earl, m., 19 Sept. 1714, Anne, eldest da. and co-h. of John Smyth, of Tudworth, co. Hants, esq., speaker of the house of commons in England, and afterwards chancellor of the exchequer, and widow of Hugh Parker, esq., eldest son of sir Henry Parker, of Henington, co. Warwick, bart., and had issue by her, (who d. 1 Jan. 1732,) 1. John, d. an infant. 2. John-SMYTH, 11th earl. 3. ANNE, m. Denis Daly, esq., of Raford, co, Galway, and d. 23 Jan. 1794. 4. MARY, m., 1 May 1741, George Jenmings, esq., only son of adm. sir John Jennings, of Newsell's Park, co. Herts, and d. 12 Feb. 1760. The earl d. 29 Nov. 1726, and was succeeded by his eldest son, John-SMYTH, 11th earl, b. 11 Nov. 1720, m. Hester, youngest da. of sir Henry Vincent, of Stoke Dabermon, co. Surrey, bart.,

and had issue by her, (who d. 29 Dec. 1804,) 1. HENRY, 12th earl. 2. Joh N-THoMAs, 13th earl. 3. HESTER - AMELIA, m., 7 Aug. 1790, William Trenchard, esq., and d. 15 Nov. 1821. 4. MARGARET-AUGUSTA, b. 1757, m., 17 Feb. 1785, Luke Dillon, esq., brother of Robert, lord Clonbrock, and d. 29 Oct. 1837. The earl d. 21 April 1782, and was succeeded by his eldest son, HENRY, 12th earl, b. 8 Jan. 1743, a privy counsellor, K.P., and governor of Galway; advanced to the dignity of marquess of Clanricarde, 18 Aug. 1785. The marquess m., 17 March 1785, Urania-Anne, only da. of George Paulett, 12th marquess of Winchester, and by her (who m., 2dly, col. Peter Kington, who was killed at the attack of Buenos Ayres, 22 May 1807; and, 3dly, 22 May 1813, adm. sir Joseph Sidney Yorke, knt., and K.C.B., half-brother of Philip, earl of Hardwicke, K.G., who d. 4 May 1831) had no issue. The marquess d. 8 Dec. 1797, when the marquessate became extinct, and was succeeded in the earldom by his only brother, John-Thom As, 13th earl, b. 22 Sept. 1744, a gen. in the army, col. 66th foot, governor of Hull, and gov. co. Galway. His majesty was pleased, 29 Dec. 1800, to grant (in default of issue male of the earl) the dignity of countess of Clanricarde, co. Galway, to the first and every other da. of the body of the earl, as they shall be in priority of birth and seniority of age; and the dignity of earl of Clanricarde, to the heirs male of the body of such first and every other da. o in the like succession, according to the priority of birth and seniority of é. The earl m., 17 March 1799, Eliza, da. of sir Thomas Burke, of Marble Hill, co. Galway, bart., and had issue, 1. ULICK-JOHN, present marquess. 2. HESTHER-CATHERINE, b. 16 Jan. 1800; m. Howe-Peter, marquess of Sligo.

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EDMUND BOYLE, EARL of CORK and ORRERY, Wiscount Dungarvan, co. Waterford, and Boyle, of Kinalmeaky, Lord Boyle, Baron of Youghall, co. Cork, Baron of Bandon Bridge, and Lord Boyle, Baron of Broghill, co. Cork, in the Peerage of Ireland, and Baron Boyle of Marston, co. Somerset, in that of Great Britain, K. P.; a General in the army; born 21 Oct. 1767; succeeded his father, Edmund, the late earl, Oct. 1798; married, 9 Oct. 1795, Isabella-Henrietta, 3d da. of the late William Poyntz, esq., of Midgham House, co. Berks, and has issue, –1. Is ABELLA-ELIZABETH, b. 4 Feb. 1797, d. unm. 27 Dec. 1829; — 2. EDMUND-WILLIAM, viscount Dungarvan, b. 2 April 1798, d. 1 Jan. 1826; — 3. GEo RGE-Richard, b. 22 Sept. 1799, d. 9 Sept. 1810; 4. CHARLEs, viscount Dungarvan, b. 6 Dec. 1800, m., 10 March 1828, lady Catherine St. Lawrence, da. of William, 2d earl of Howth, and d. 25 Aug. 1834, leaving issue, 1, EDMUND-ROGER-ROBERT, viscount Dungarvan, b. 19 April 1829; 2. William-George, b. 12 Aug. 1830 ; 3. Edmund-John, b. 25 Nov. 1831 ; 4. Louisa-Carolina-Elizabeth, b. 3 June 1833; 5. Emily-Mary, b. 20 July 1834; – 5. John, b. 13 March 1803, m., 10 Dec. 1835, Cecilia, da. of the late baroness, and sister of lord de Ros, and has issue, a son, b. 4 Feb. 1837; —-6. Lucy-GEORGIANA, b. 19 March 1804, d. 31 Aug. 1827; —7. Louis A, b. 16 Sept. 1806, d. 30 May 1826; —8. Rob ERT-EDwARD, b. March 1809, in the army, aide-decamp to the lord-lieut. of Ireland; – 9. RICHARD-CAven DishTownshen D, b. 28 Feb. 1812, in holy orders.

SIR. Richand Boyls (son of Roger elevated to the peerage, viz., 1. Richard, Boyle, of Preston, co, Kent) was a privy succeeded his father as earl of Cork: was counsellor in Ireland; created, 6 Sept. created, 1644, baron Clifford, of Lanesbo1616, baron Boyle, of Youghall, and, 16 Oct. §: and, 1663, earl of Burlington, in 1620, viscount Dungarwan, and earl of Cork. England; d. 1697, and was succeeded by his He d. 1643, leaving four sons, who were all grandson, CHARLEs, earl of Cork and

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