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his o dying 12 March 1764, was succeeded by his . son, GEoRGE, 1st marquess and 4th viscount, b. 28 Feb. 1724, who was advanced to the dignity of a marquess, 27 Oct. 1786, a fieldmarshal, colonel 2d regiment of dragoon guards, governor of Jersey, lord-lieut., viceadmiral, custos rotulorum of Norfolk, high steward of Tamworth, Yarmouth, and Nor. folk, D.C.L. . His lordship was godson to George I., and served under George II. at the battle of Dettingen ; he served also in the battles of Fontenoy, Culloden, and Lafeldt ; also at the memorable siege of Quebec, which town surrendered into his hands as commander-in-chief, after the death of neral Wolfe. His lordship was also at the attle of Fellinghausen, and served a camign in Portugal, under the count La Lippe; e served the offices of lieut.-gen. and master-general of the ordnance, and filled the station of viceroy of Ireland for five years; b. 28 Feb. 1724, m., 1st, Dec. 1751, Charlotte, only surviving child of James Compton, 5th earl of Northampton, who inherited in her own right the baronies of Compton and Ferrars of Chartley, and by her (who d. 14 Sept. 1770) had issue, besides three das., who d. infants, 1. GEORGE, 2d marquess. 2. John, P.C., b. 18 Jan. 1757, and d. 25 Feb. 1833, m., 10 April 1787, GeorgianaAnne, da. of William Poyntz, of Midghamhouse, co. Berks, esq., (whose 1st marriage with William Fawkener, esq., had been dissolved by act of parliament in April 1787,) and had issue by her, 1. Audrey-Harriett, b. 1 Feb. 1788, m., 10 Oct. 1826, the rev. Robert Ridsdale, M.A., prebendary of Chichester, and rector of Knockyn, co. Salop. 2. Elizabeth-Frances, b. 2 Aug. 1789, m., 20 Oct. 1813, sir Augustus-William-James Clifford, capt. R.N. and C.B., gent. usher of the black rod. 3. Isabella-Georgiana, b. 1 Feb. 1791, d. 17 so 1811. 4. Jane, b. 28 Sept. 1792, m., 6 Nov. 1824, John Hildyard, esq. 5. Charles-Fox, b. 28 June 1795, d. 2 April 1817. 6. Anne, b. 31 Aug. 1796, d. 30 July 1822. 7. John, captain R.N., b. 28 March 1798, m., 18 Aug. 1825, Jane, eldest da. of lord George Stuart, and has 1. Anne-Maria, b. 6 Dec. 1826; 2. John-Williers Stuart, b. 10 April 1831; 3. James-Dudley-Brownlow Stuart, b. 14 Dec. 1832; 4. Elizabeth-Clementina, b. 26 July 1834. 8. George-Osborne, in holy orders. 3. FRANCEs, d. young. 4. Elizabeth, b. Aug. 1766, m., 7 May 1790, general William Loftus, lieutenant of the Tower of London, colonel 24th regiment dragoons, and d. 21 March 1811. 5. FREDERick, in holy orders, b. 30 Dec. 1767, rector of Stiffkey with Morston, co. Norfolk, d. 18 Jan. 1836. lso CHARLEs, b. 6 Jan. 1769, d. 27 May 96. The marquess m, 2dly, 19 May 1776, Anne, da. of the late sir William Montgomery, bart., and by her (who d. 29 March 1819,

aged 65) had issue, 7. ANNE, b. 1 Feb. 1775, m., 26 Oct. 1795, Harrington Hudson, esq., d. his widow, I April 1818. 8. Ch.AR Lotte, b. 17 March 1776, m. Fo William-Frederick, present duke of retls. 9. Honors A-MARIA, b. 6 July 1777, d. unm. 6 May 1826. 10. Willi A.M., b. 5 Sept. 1778, d. unm. 11. HENRIETTA, b. 20 April 1782, m., 16 Sept. 1811, the hon, lieut.-gen. William Blaquiere, 2d son of John, 1st lord de Blaquiere. 12. JAMEs-Nug ENT-Bow LE-B on NAR po, K.C. H., capt. R.N., and extra naval aidede-camp to the queen, b. 11 Sept. 1785, m. at Halifax, Nova Scotia, 8 May 1813, Elizabeth, da. of P. Wallis, esq. The marquess deceasing 14 Sept. 1807, was succeeded by his eldest son, George, 2d marquess, b. 18 April 1755; summoned to parliament on his mother's death, as baron Ferrars of Chartley, and took his seat 24 April 1774; created earl of Leicester, 18 May 1784; m., 24 Dec. 1777, Charlotte, 2d da. and co-h. of Eaton Mainwaring Eilerker, of Risby Park, co. York esq., and by her (who d. 2 Feb. 1802) hai issue, 1. GEORGE, present marquess. 2. Thomas-CoM Ptox, d. 7 Jan. 1787. 3. CHARLES:V on E-FERRARs, b. 16 Sept. 1785, m., 24 March 1812, Charlotte, da. of general William Loftus, lieut. of the Tower (by Elizabeth, da. of George, 1st marquess Townshend). 4. CHA R Lott E-BARBARA, b. 22 June 1781, d. 3 Oct. 1807, having m., 6 April 1805, the hon. Cecil Bisshopp, eldest son of Cecil, lord Zouche. 5. HENRIETTA-ANNE, b. 23 May 1782, m., 11 March 1813, Edward Ferrars, of Baddesley Clinton, co. Warwick, esq., who d. 11 Aug. 1830. 6. Elizabeth-MARg ARFT, b. 16 Aug. 1784, m., Aug. 1815, Joseph-Moore Boultbee, of Springfield-house, co. Warwick, esq. 7. ARABELLA, b. 2 April 1787, d. 1 July 1817. The marquess d. 27 July 1811, and was succeeded by his son, GEoRGE-FERRARs, present and 3d marquess. Heir Presumptire—Lord CHARLEs-VERs Townsh END, only brother of the marquess. Creations—Lord de Ferrars, of Chartley, by writ of summons, 6 Feb. 1298; Baron Compton, of Compton, co. Warwick, by writ of summons, 8 No. 1572; Baronet, 1617; Baron Townshend, 20 April 1661; Viscount, 11 Dec. 1682; Earl of Leicester, 18 May 1784; Mo.; 27 Oct. 1786. Arms—Azure, a chevron ermine, between three escallops argent. Crest—A stag statant proper, attired and unguled or. Supporters—Derter, a stag sable, attired and unguled or. Sinister, a greyhound argent. Motto—Haec generi incrementa fides. Faith obtained these honours for our race.

JAMES-BROWNLOW-WILLIAM GASCOIGNE-CECIL., MARQUESs and EARL of SALISBURY, Viscount Cranborne, and Baron Cecil, of Essendon, High Steward of Hertford, D.C. L. ; born 17 April 1791; succeeded his father, James, late marquess, 13 June 1823; married, 2 Feb. 1821, Frances-Mary, da. and sole heiress of Bamber Gascoigne, esq., and niece to general Isaac Gascoigne, M.P. for Liverpool; on which occasion he obtained a royal sign manual, authorizing him to take the name of Gascoigne before that of Cecil, and to sign it before all titles of honour; and has issue, – 1. JAMES - EMILIUS - WILLIAM - EVELYN, viscount Cranborne, b. 29 Oct. 1821 ; –2. ARTHUR-GEong E-VILLIERs, b. 15 Dec. 1823, d. 25 April 1825; --—3. RoBERT-ARTHUR-TALBoT, b. 3 Feb. 1830; –4. Mi LD RED-ARABELLA-CHARLoTTE-HENRIETTA, b. 24 Oct. 1822; —5. BLAN che-MARY-HARRIETT, b. 5 March 1825; —6. Eve LYN GEorg IANA-GERALDINE, b. 1 Sept. 1827, d. July 1828;-7. Euston-BRow NLow-WILLIAM, b. 24 April 1834.

THE marquess is descended from the ce- | His lordship d. Sept. 1780, and was suelebrated lord high treasurer Burleigh, whose ceeded by his eldest son, eldest son, Thomas CECIL, lord Burleigh, JAMEs, 7th earl and 1st marquess, K.G., was created earl of Exeter, 1605.-Robert b. 14 Sept. 1748, created, 10 Aug. 1789, marCECIL, the youngest son, was on the same quess j Salisbury, m., 2 Dec. 1773, Mary| Amelia, da. of Wills Hill, 1st marquess of r Robert C. Ecil, 1st earl of Salisbury; Downshire, and by her (who was unfortum. Elizabeth, da., of William Brook, lord nately burnt to death 27 Nov. 1835,) he had Cobham, and had WILLIAM, 2d earl; and issue, Frances, m. Henry, lord Clifford, the last 1. JAMES - BROWNLOW - WILLIAM, earl of Cumberland. He d. 1612, and was 2d and present marquess. succeeded by his son WILLIAM, 2d earl; 2. GEORGIANA-CHARLott E-AUGUSTA, b. m. Catherine Howard, da. of Thomas, 1st 20 March 1786, m., 27 Feb. 1816, sir Henry earl of Suffolk; and had Charles, who d. Wellesley, G.C.B., since created baron Cowbefore his father, in 1659, leaving JAMEs, ey. who, 1668, succeeded his grandfather, and 3. EMILY-ANNE-BENNET-ELizABETH, b. became 3d earl, K.G., dying in 1683, was 13 July 1789, m. George, marquess of Westsucceeded by his son, JAMES, 4th earl, m. meath.

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Frances, da. and co-heiress of Simon Ben- 4. CARolin E, b. 13 Aug. 1793, d. 23 May net, of Bechampton, co., Bucks, esq., and 1797. dying in 1694, was succeeded by his som, The marquess d. 13 June 1823, and was

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2. WILLIAM, who d. 1740. son of the marquess.

3. ANNE, m. William Strode, esq., and d. Creations—Baron Cecil, of Essendon, co. July 1752. Rutland, 13 May 1603; Wiscount Cranborne, 4. CATHERINE, m. John, 2d earl of Eg- || co. Dorset, 20 Aug. 1604; Earl of Salisbury, mont. 4 May 1605; and Marquess of Salisbury, 5. MARGARET, d. March 1752. 10 Aug. 1789. His lordship dying 9 Oct. 1728, was suc- Arms—Barry of ten argent and azure, six ceeded by his son, escocheons, 3, 2, and 1, sable, each charged

JAMEs, 6th earl of Salisbury, b. 20 Oct. with a lion rampant of the first; a crescent 1713, m., 1743, Elizabeth, eldest da. of mr. for difference. Edward Keet, of Canterbury, sister to the Crest—Eight arrows in saltire, points rev. John Keet, rector of Hatfield, co. Herts, downwards or, barbed and flighted argent, by whom (who d. 3 Feb. 1776) he had issue, encircled by a belt gules, buckled gold, and

1. JAMES, 7th earl and 1st marquess. surmounted by a morion or steel cap, pro2. BENNET, b. 22 June 1747, and d. 18 per. Nov. 1769

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JOHN-ALEXANDER THYNNE, MARquess of BATH, Viscount Weymouth, Baron Thynne, of Warminster, and a Baronet ; born 1 March 1831, succeeded his father, Henry-Frederick, late marquess, 24 June 1837.

SIR John THYNNE, of, knt., who built the sumptuous family mansion, d. there 1589; he was great grandfather of sir HENRY THYNNE, who was created a bart. 1641, m. Mary, da. of Thomas, lord Coventry, and had issue 2 sons, ThoMAs, 1st viscount, and Henry. Thomas, the eldest son, was created, 11 Dec. 1682, baron Thynne, of Warminster, co. Wilts, and viscount Weymouth, with remainder, on failure of issue male of his body to his brother Henry ; m. Frances, da. of Heneage Finch, earl of Winchilsea, b whom he had an only son, Henry, who in his father's lifetime, 1708, of issue, 2 das. his co-heiresses, Frances, m. Algernon Seymour, earl of Hertford, and Mary, m. William Greville, lord Brooke. The viscount d. 28 July 1714, without surviving male issue, and was succeeded by his great nephew, Thomas, only son of Thomas, who §. only son of Henry, the viscount's brother. Thomas, 2d viscount, m., 6 Dec. 1726, Elizabeth, eldest da. of Lionel, duke of Dorset, who dying 29 June 1729, he m., 2dly, in July, 1733, Louisa, da. of John, earl Granville, by whom (who d. 25 Dec. 1736) he had THOMAS, 1st marquess; and HenryFrederick, who was heir, by will, to his grandfather, the late earl Granville, took the name of Carteret, and was created baron Carteret, 29 Jan. 1784 (see lord CARTERET). His lordship d. 12 Jan. 1751, and was succeeded by his son, Thom As, 1st marquess of Bath, and 3d viscount, K.G., who was on 18 Aug. 1789, advanced to the dignity of a marquess, b. 13 Sept. 1734; m., 22 May 1759, ElizabethCavendish Bentinck, eldest da. of William, 2d duke of Portland, by whom (who d. 12 Dec. 1825, aged 91) he had issue, 1. Louis A, b. 25 March 1760; m. Heneage, 4th earl of Aylesford. 2. CHARLott E., b. 7 Nov. 1761, and d. 19 May 1765. 3. HENRIETTA, b. 17 Nov. 1762; m. Philip, 5th earl of Chesterfield. 4. Sophia, b. 18 Dec. 1763; m. George, 3d earl of Ashburnham. 5. ThoMAS, 2d marquess. 6. IsabelLA, b. 11 Oct. 1768, lady of the bedchamber to the Duchess of Gloucester, d. unm. 7 April 1835. 7. GEorg E, b. 23 Jan. 1770, now baron CARTER Et (see that title). 8. John, F.S.A., b. 23 Dec. 1772, P.C., some time vice-chamberlain of the household, m., 18 June 1801, Harriet, da. of Thomas Master, of the Abbey, co. Gloucester, esq., lady of the bedchamber to the princess

Sophia. 9. MARy, b. 17 May 1778, m., 10 May 1806, Osborn Markham, esq., son of the |. archbishop of York, and d. 24 Feb. 814. 10. CARoline, b. 31 Aug. 1781. The marquess d. 19 Nov. 1796, and was succeeded by his eldest son, Thomas, 2d marquess, K.G., lord lieut. co. Somerset, D.C.L. and F.S.A., b. 15 Jan. 1765, m., 24 April 1794, Isabella Byng, da. of George, 4th viscount Torrington, and by her (who d. 1 May 1830) had issue, 1. Elizabeth, b. 27 Feb. 1795, m., 30 July 1816, John-Frederick, present earl Cawdor. 2. Thomas, viscount Weymouth, b. 9 April 1796, m., 11 May 1820, Harriet-Matilda, da. of mr. Thomas #.i. and d.s.p. 16 Jan. 1837. 3. HENRY-FREDERick, 3d o: 4. John, b. 7 Nov. 1798, in holy orders, prebendary of Westminster, rector of Kingston Deverill, co. Wilts, and Street, co. Somerset, m., 2 March 1824, Anne-Constantia, 3d da. of rev. Charles-Cobb Beresford, and has issue, 1. George-Emilius, b. 6 Dec. 1824. 2. Frederick-Charles, b. 25 April 1826, d. 11 Jan. 1827. 3. Augustus-William, b. 11 April 1827, d. 23 Jan. 1833. 4. Harriet-Selina, b. 19 Jan. 1829, d. 1 April 1830. 5. Francis-John, b. 17 June 1830. 6. Arthur-Christopher, b. 9 Nov. 1832. 7. William-Frederick, b. 8 Aug. 1834. 8. Alfred-Walter, b. 15 June 1836. 5. Louis A, b. 25 March 1801, m., 5 July 1823, the hon. Henry Lascelles, 2d son of the earl of Harewood. lo, WILLIAM, major 7th foot, b. 17 Oct. ić FRANcis, b. 20 Jan. 1805, d. 29 May 8. Edward, b. 23 Jan. 1807, m., 8 July 1830, Elizabeth, da. of William Mellish, of Woodford, Essex, #. 9. GEongr, b. 25 Dec. 1808, in the army, d. unm. 19 June 1832. 10. CHA R Lott E-ANNE, b. 10 April 1811, m. Walter Francis, duke of Buccleuch. 11. CHARLEs, b. 9 Feb. 1813, in holy orders, m., 18 July 1837, Harriet-Frances, da., of the right rev. Richard Bagot, lord bishop of Oxford. 12. A son, still-born, 26 Dec. 1814. The marquess d. 27 March 1837, and was succeeded by his eldest surviving son, HENRY-FREDERick, 3d marquess, a captain R.N., b. 24 May 1797, m., 194pril 1830, Harriet, da. of Alexander, lord Ashburton, and had issue, 1. JOHN-ALEXANDER, present marquess. 2. HENRY-FREDERick, b. 2 Aug. 1832. 3. Louis A-IsABELLA-HARRIET, b. 9 June 1834. 4. A DA., b. Nov. 1836. The marquess d. 24 June 1837, and was succeeded by his eldest son, John-ALExANDER, present and 4th marquess. Heir Presumptive—Lord HENRY-FREDERick THYNNE, his lordship's brother.


Creations—Baronet, 15 July 1641; Baron and Viscount, 11 Dec. 1682; Marquess, 18 Aug. 1789. Arms—Quarterly, 1st and 4th. Barry of ten or and sable—THYNN E. 2d and 3d. Argent, a lion rampant, tail nowed and erected gules—BouTEvi L.L.E. Crest—A reindeer, statant or, collared sable. Supporters—Derter, a reindeer or, collared

sable. Sinister, a lion, tail nowed and erected gules.

Motto—J'ay bonne cause. I have good reason.

JAMES HAMILTON, MARQUEss of ABERCORN, Wiscount Hamilton, of Hamilton, co. Leicester, in England, Earl of Abercorn, Baron of Paisley, Abercorn, Hamilton, Mountcastle, and Kilpatrick, in Scotland; Wiscount Strabane, Baron of Strabane, and Mountcastle, in Ireland; and a

Bart. of Ireland *; born 21 Jan. 181 l ; succeeded his

grandfather, John

James, 1st marquess, 27 Jan. 1818; married, 26 Oct. 1832, lady Louisa

Russell, 2d da. of the duke of Bedford, and has issue,

1. HARRIET, b.

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THE ol. is the chief representative in the male line of the illustrious house of Hamilton. His ancestors have frequently intermarried into the royal family of Scotland, and have been acknowledged by the parliament of that country as the presumptive heirs to the crown, in the person of James Hamilton, earl of Arran, who was chosen, in 1542, protector to queen Mary, during her minority, and ... 2d persom of the realm; and, in failure of issue in the queen, her successor to the throne of Scotland. JAMEs, 3d lord Hamilton, was created earl of Arran in 1503, whose son, JAMEs, 2d earl, presumptive heir to the crown of Scotland, was created duke of Chatelherault, in 1549, by Henry II. of France. He left issue 4 sons, viz. 1. James, 3d earl, d. S.p.; 2. John, ancestor of the dukes of Hamilton (see that title); 3. CLAUDE, ancestor of the present marquess of Abercorn; 4. David, d. young.

Lord CLAUDE HAMILtoN, 3d son of James, 2d earl of Arran and duke of Chatelherault, in France, was created baron of Paisley, in 1535. He had issue four sons, of whom, sir Frederick, the youngest, was father of Gustavus Hamilton, created viscount Boyne in 1717; and sir Claude, the 2d, was ancestor of sir John Hamilton, bart. JAMEs, the eldest son, was created baron of Abercorn in 1604, in his father's lifetime, and was advanced to the dignities of earl of Abercorn, baron of Hamilton, Mountcastbe, and Kilpatrick, 10 o 1606. He m. Mariana, da of Thomas, lord Boyd, and had 1SSue, 1. JAMEs, 2d earl of Abercorn, in Scotland, who was created a peer of Ireland in 1616, by the title of baron of Strabane, and was father of James, 3d earl of Abercorn. 2. CLAUDE, to whom his eldest brother made over the title of Strabane, with the permission of king Charles I., whose grand

* The marquess asserts his right to the French title of duke of Chatelherault, borne by the duke of Hamilton, upon the ground that, on failure of heirs male in the elder branch of the house of Hamilton, by the death of William, 2d duke of Hamilton, at the battle of Worcester, in 1651, the earls of Abercorn became the heirs male and representatives of the family, and that by

the law of France, titles of honour were strictly descendible to heirs male to the exclusion of females; the claim to this dignity was accordingly brought forward by James, 6th earl, in 1712, at the peace of Utrecht, and it is inscribed on the monument erected in the family burying ground at the abbey of Paisley, among the #. and titles of James, 8th earl of Abercorn.


son, Claude, 5th baron of Strabane, in Ireland, succeeded as 4th earl of Abercorn, on the death of his cousin, George, 3d earl. 3. Sir WILLIAM Hamilton, knt., d without issue. 4. Sir GEorge, ancestor of the marquess of Abercorn. GeoRGE HAMILTon, 4th and youngest son of James, 1st earl of Abercorn, was seated at Donalong, co. Tyrone, in Ireland. During the civil wars he was a captain of horse, colonel of foot, and governor of the castle of Nenah, in Tipperary, and was very active in the service of Charles I. and Charles II. In 1651, he retired to France with the exiled monarch, by whom he was created a bart. of Ireland, after the Restoration. He m. Mary, 3d da. of Thomas, viscount Thurles, son of Walter, 11th earl of Ormond, and sister of James, duke of Ormond, and had issue, 1. JAMEs. 2. Sir GeoRGE, created count Hamilton in France, and a mareschal du camp; m. Frances, eldest da. and co-h. of Richard Jennings, of Sandridge, co. Herts, esq., sister of Sarah, duchess of Marlborough, and had issue by her, (who m., 2dly, Richard Talbot, duke of Tyrconnel, and d. in Dublin, 7th March 173),) 1. Elizabeth, m., in 1685, Richard Parsons, viscount Rosse. 2. Frances, m. Henry, 8th viscount Dillon. 3. Mary, m. Nicholas Barnewall, 3d viscount Kingsland. 3. ANThony, a lieut.-gen. in the French service. 4. Thomas, R.N., commanded the ship which took the duke of A for, in the West Indies, d. in New England. 5. Rich A Rd, a brigadier-gen., and colonel of a regiment of horse in the army of James II., with whom he retired to France upon king William's accession, and was there made a lieut.-gen. 6. John, a colonel in king James's army, killed at the battle of Aghrim. 7. Eliza BETH, m. Philibert, count de Gramont, younger brother of Anthony, duke de Gramont, peer and mareschal of France. 8. LucIA, m. sir Donough O'Brien, bart. 9. MARGARET, m. Matthew Ford, esq., of Coolgreny, in Wexford. JAMEs, the eldest son, d. before his father, sir George; he was groom of the bedchamber to Charles II., and colonel in his army, and m. Elizabeth, eldest da. of John, lord Culpeper, of Throsway, and d. of a wound in 1673, received commanding a regiment of foot, on board the navy, with the duke of York in one of his sea expeditions against the Dutch. He had issue, 1. JAMEs. 2. GEoRGE, a colonel in the foot-guards, killed at thc battle of Steinkirk in 1692. 3. WILLIAM, seated at Chilston Place, Kent, m. Margaret, 2d da. of sir Thomas Culpeper, of Hollingbourne, knt., and was ancestor of sir Charles and sir Edward Hamilton, created baromets 1776 and 1818. JAMEs, the eldest son, succeeded as bart. on the death of his grandfather, sir George, but declined to use the title; at the age of 17 he was groom of the bedchamber to Charles II., and afterwards a privy counsellor and colonel of a regiment of horse to James II.; but perceiving that prince's intention to introduce popery, he fought on the side of king William, and was particularly assisting at the celebrated siege of Londonderry. In 1700, he succeeded to the title of earl of Abercorn, (on the decease of

CHARLEs, 5th earl of Abercorn, and 6th lord Strabane, who was the grandson and last male descendant of Claude, lord Strabane, 2d son of James, 1st earl of Abercorn, ) being the grandson and heir male of sir George Hamilton, bart., 4th son of the 1st earl of Abercorn. His lordship took his seat in the Scots parliament in 17 is, as 6th earl of Abercorn, but generally resided in Ireland, of which realm he was a peer, as baron Strabane, and was called into the privy council, and created viscount Strabane, and baron of Mountrastle, 2 Dec. 1701. The earl m., 1646, Elizabeth, da. and h. of sir Robert Reading, bart., of Dublin, by Jane, widow of Charles, earl of Mountrath,) and had issue by her (who d. 19 March 1754) 9 sons and 5 das., of whom 4 sons and 1 da. d. young; those who survived were, 1. JAMEs, 7th earl. 2. Groho, E, member for Johnstown, in Ireland, and for Wells, in England; m., Oct. 1719, Bridget, da. and h. of col. William Coward, of Wells, co. Somerset, a Virginia merchant, and had issue, four sons, who all d. s.p., and seven das.; he d. 1775, aged to. 3. FRANC is, in holy orders, rector of Dunleer, co. Armagh; m., 20 Oct. 1733, Dorothy, 2d da. and co-h. of James Forth, esq., of Redwood, King's co., and d. 20 May 1746. 4. Willi AM, lost in his passage to Barbadoes, with lord Belhaven, so Nov. 1721. 5. Chahlks, member for Truro, in the English parliament, and for Strabane, in Ireland; he was comptroller of the green cloth to the prince of Wales, and receivergen. of his majesty's revenues for the island of Minorca; he d. 1 Sept. 1787, without issue. 6. Elizabeth, m., 1st, 8 Jan. 1711, William Brownlow, of Lurgan, esq., member for the co. Armagh , and 2dly, Martin, count de Kearney. 7. MARy, m., 1719, Henry Colley, of Castle Carbery, in Kildare, esq., elder brother of Richard, 1st lord Mornington. 8. Philip A, m., 1st, Benjamin Pratt, dean of Down, provost of the university of Dublin; and 2dly, Michael Connell, Mob. and d. 27 Jan. 1767. 9. JANE, m., 26 Sept. 1719, lord Archibald Hamilton, brother of James, duke of Hamilton, and d. 13 Nov. 1770; she was 1st lady of the bedchamber, mistress of the robes, and privy purse to Augusta, princess of Wales. The earl d. 28 Nov. 1734, and was succeeded by his eldest son, * JAMEs, 7th earl of Abercorn, F.R.S., and a privy counsellor in England and Ireland, m., 1711, Ann, eldest da. of John Plumer, esq., of Blakesware, co. Herts, and by her (who d. 7 Aug. 1776) had issue, 1. JAMEs, 8th earl. 2. Joh N, capt. R.N., drowned at Portsmouth, 18 Dec. 1765: m. Harriot, natural da, of James Craggs, esq., secretary of state to king George I., (widow of Richard Eliot, of Port Eliot, co. Cornwall, and mother of the 1st lord Eliot,) by whom (who d. 1 Feb. 1769) he had issue, 1. JOHN-JAMES, 9th earl and 1st marquess. 2. Ann, d. unm. 3. W LLIAM, d. young. 4. Georg E, canon of Windsor, and rector of Taplow, m. Elizabeth, only da. of gen. Richard Onslow, uncle of George, earl Onslow, and d. 26 Nov. 1787, having had issue, 1. George, d. in the West Indies, 11 Oct. 1782. 2. Anne, b. 6 Oct. 1755, m. Folliott-Herbert-Walker Cornewall, D.D., bishop of Worcester, and d. 18 Dec. 1795. 3. Mary, b. 26 Nov. 1756.

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